maxwell thorne No destination,
No plan.

I glanced over at her. She was lost, deep in thought. I couldn't tell what thoughts by her face, but I assumed they were probably the same that were running through my own head.

A mixture of pure, uncut happiness, with the hazy shadow of an unpleasant reminder forced to the back of her mind. She glanced towards the dashboard clock, that lit her face, yet seemed so dark in its message, and then she looked at me.

Now, I understood exactly. The time was moving too fast. Silently, her eyes screamed against mine, "Dont go."

I had to tear my attention away, towards the street. My eyes scanned and picked up everything they could, and then quickly turned back to her beautiful face. That was all it took; I found myself wanting to stay, I wanted to stay, forever.

I knew I couldn't, though. I had to go back to school. She knew too, and she would never ask me to stay. School was too important.

A new song broke the silence, and, with some visable effort, we both pushed everything to the back of our minds.

We had tonight.
That would work for now.

I squeezed her small hand, as if to remind her that I wasn't gone yet.

No words, just us there.

eklektic through these preserved parks in akron, ohio - at night - with the windows down - the music all the way up - preferably "asleep" by the smiths - with a good friend. 020405
MollyCule i've only had my license for 6 months. it's still weird to be on the other side of the car. 020405
CRO I like the drive to the city.
You can get into a meditative trance on the highways, and think about things you would have done differently, or things you would never have done at all. And some things you would still do - for better or worse - if you had your time again.

It's peaceful driving home at 1:00am on a Monday night.
syringe ...that train.
High on cocaine...
Kate I only have my temps, but my grandma and I drove to church today, by ourselves. It was so nice to drive her and I told her that I loved when I was in elementary school and how she would pick me and Andy up in her little blue car and drive us home. Sometimes if we were lucky, we'd stop at the Convenience store which has long been shut down for chips or go to Dairy Queen for hot fudge sundaes. Now Grandma can't drive anymore but I get to drive her now. I feel honoured. Love you, Grandma. 020519
niska is my favorite time of the day. I miss the long drive that i thought i hated before. I miss the planes. I miss the trees.

I like driving everywhere. I sing in my car.
Eblues Imagine driving a car at night on the freeway alone, with all the windows down. The wind is swirling around through the car, greatly messing up your hair, but you don't care. The music is loud and people are screaming, and it is nice. The night is warm and smells like a summer night and brings back many memories of summers past, good and bad. You think how good it is to be alone with your thoughts for a change and hope that although you have a destination, you never get to it. 040525
Myrrdin The best spot is harford rd. 060920
ladyfrill Myrrdin, are you from Baltimore or Harford county? 060922
Myrrdin Baltimore county. 060922
ladyfrill COOL! 060922
ladyfrill I'm from PA 060922
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