andrea found myself in a garbage can
bleach blond hair and a bottled tan
hitched a ride to HOLLYWOOD
had to be bad-no use being good
so now i'm gonna be a movie star
if i take some pictures
in the back of his car

copyright 1999
camille the dark night that surrounds 000103
Brad I'm gonna be a big one... Does that mean i'll be a grocery store? 000310
Katie Rose I'll float through a true blue sky and catch a falling star,
I'll dance upon a cloud so high and watch you from afar.
In a dreamy state of lover's grace with a gentle kiss,
I'll keep you in eternity in my dreamer's bliss.
Jenny I once had a friend who stuck a french fry up her nose, her name was star. 000920
Barrett STAR WARS! MAN! STAR WARS! 000926
shiva you wished upon a star
it fell and broke my heart
kx21 LIFE is a concerto of STAR(s) and SHIT(s)... 010205
abms twinkle twinkle little star how i wonder why you let this happen up above my hopes and dreams so high, that you take think i ask me. 010330
stupidpunkgirl a newly carved star is on the side of my leg just below the knee. no one has seen it yet...i am proud of it...i think it's beautiful. 010504
st3fan SIRIUS
Other Names
Canicula; Dog Star; Aschere.
Alpha Canis Majoris
HR 2491
HD 48915

RA 06 45 08.9
Dec -16 42 58
V -1.46
B-V 0.00
Spectral Type A1Vm
Sirius is the brightest star in the sky, after the Sun. Take a look at the list of the Brightest Stars
kx21 Bright , intelligent, cheerful, lively, beautiful,... 010718
YUMMYC! i have a star stud on the back of my pants. Stars are pretty. stars everywhere. 010718
stolen wings jules1246: I'm alone
jules1246: sitting on my roof
jules1246: looking up at the stars
jules1246: and a breeze
jules1246: ruffles the tress
jules1246: *trees
jules1246: and i'm just thinking
jules1246: if only to be a star
jules1246: to be distantly beautiful
jules1246: unlike myself - i;m so ordinary
jules1246: from my fire within
jules1246: peircing blackness
jules1246: like needls
jules1246: holes in felt
jules1246: midnight felt (on the same line)
jules1246: but to be me, am
jules1246: I felt or needle, am
jules1246: i star or am i
jules1246: sitting on my roof alone?
jules1246: tha'ts it
distorted tendencies Take me to Andromeda. 011221
Rayne My shinging star
and my guiding light
place your hand into mine
and watch our souls reunite.
Carry me up to the surface,
out of the pits of drakness.
Save me from myself
and the demons that clutter my head.

Show me your wings,
and I shall give thee my heart.
End Is Forever How I'd fall for a girl with stars in her hair, and a twinkle in her eye... 020106
Something Corporate Im not your starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... 020309
stacey i looked apon a star once, but it didnt give me the wish i wished for. I wished that he'd never go! but im still sitting here alone and not with him. if only he knew how much i care for him, then maybe my wish would have came true!! 020513
End Is Forever ...isn't that what you said, what you thought this song meant...? 020527
Rae I walk among the stars. 020811
wish~ The atoms that make up the earth are formed inside of stars. In that sense, you could say that all of life begins with a star. -kelly easton 021031
blue star stars can be bright, burning from the inside out, giving pleasure and light to the rest of the universe.

or they can implode, destroying themselves and taking a few of those close to them along for the ride.
starry eyed 3 021203
Keys China Star, That's my girlfriends name. No one belives her. Her last boyfreinds name was Dylan War. If they got married her name would be Star War. Now she's stuck with me, my last names Truelove. I suppose that her mother shouldn't have given her such a strange name. It's the first one that you get a choice with, I hope. 030406
Torn This websight is GAY 030509
Websight? How's the phonics working, Mr Homophobe? 030509
minnesota_chris hahaha I find Tom hilarious. I imagine some football player or monster truck driver going "huh? it's just a buncha words!" 030509
alvin all i can do is wish on them. and stare at their infinite beauty. 030509
shorlove ...t again? 030510
learning lifes greatest lessons i wish i could have my own star 030511
End Is Forever The first star I see may not be a star, but there's no star there at all unless there's someone there beside me to wish upon it. 030627
Paranoid_Kiittie ~*I picked out ur star. Turned night to day. A simple whisper from your voice, and i fade away. You wished for love. You push me away. Your love for me was everything I need, the air I breath.*~
I look at the stars and find myself lost deep into though of me and you. I wonder if you see them too. Can you feel my presence in them? Can you feel my love? No matter if im lost. Just the thought of you brings me back to earth to feel the grace of your presence in my body, mind and soul.
jane i want a star tattooed behind my right ear 030630
User24 that would be cool 030630
User24 I want a star of chaos on my arm 030630
jane i want chaos on my body 030702
oldephebe I once knew a quietly tremendous girl with the surname starr from williamsport pa. 030703
oldephebe no i didn't 030703
oldephebeslightlychafing andhumbled okay i did and iguess my comment posted before i was aware 030703
crimson I carved stars into my chest.

Very few will ever see my naked.
shine I want to be your star.
I'm shiny.
I light up your face.
I'm warm.
Stand close and you will be, too.

But careful,
my points are sharp.

I will cut your heart.
I will let you bleed.
I will twinkel bright while you sink.
Sara Emily " you are my shining star " 040206
meg I'm not going anywhere.
You can't get rid of me.
Even your pain won't chase me away.
I dare you to try.

is staying.
pete it haunts me, glowing in the dark. it reminds me of hours of conversations. it reminds me of abrupt dissollutions and the pain those bring. and how the pain those bring tends to last and last and last and last without definite ending.

i feel that you need it, that it would help you. all you have to do is call and ask, but not this weekend.

it would hurt to let it go, it means so much, there are so many emotions inside of it.

and it isn't easy making this blathe.
puredream I can't have it back. 040624
emmi don't get attached, the stars will leave you in the morning 040624
puredream I just want you to know. That you're becoming a star in my eyes. 040628
pete i dont want to give it back either, as i told the star. my bad habit, or perhaps good hbit. i talk to things i possess that have deep sentimental meanings to me, like the star. i told it that i would be unable to give it back, but if forced to the envelope would have to be sealed with tears 040629
love & hate "You are my shooting star" i sang to you as we drove home in the dark that night and i rested my head on your shoulder and looked up at you because i truly believe it. 040629
love & hate I have a star tattoo behind my right ear... Its cute, it reminds me of my shooting star. 040629
spiffy oh won't you be a star in my sky? 040721
nil mind nix nox how the hell did u come up with that andrea??? 040811
pete i havent seen you in so long... 040811
Senor Muerte Star has been named Queen of Romp. In the crowning ceremony, thirty thousand prisoners were put to death by the Ministers. It was a happy and memorable ceremony. 040915
god rats 041017
. i will find a star for you. 041018
kyree i'll admit. i like it. 050620
dotrkf you look like a star, all bursting and running away from something, tell me your troubles 050806
nim Rats 050806
8FtSpider I told her before I was finished with the university, I would make my soul a shining star. She laughed. 060525
past good night, i hope all goes well and that you start doing better soon. believe. 081213
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