Ruby I wish I could reply honestly to your letter, but that would be disasterous. You included Polaroids of yourself. I look at them all the time. I wish I could tell you that. 991229
Joana. I asked for a photograph of yourself...
I needed to know the cover of your personality...
You haven't replied to me yet...
And now I'm repented of ever having written you such an overly honest letter...
Why can't I just be quiet when I should?
depeche bird "What good is a photograph
of you? /
Every time i look at it/
Makes me feel blue..."
fran Sometimes you smile for cameras, not because you want to but because the photographer tells you to.
Those are the worst photographs, because when you find them three years later, you think "liar".
enriquecito which is best? or most honest? to savor the memory of the beloved through memory alone, wishing for her safe and sound return, or to gaze at a desperate, two-dimensional glaze of her smiling visage? one that she, at the time, didn't take all that seriously in the first place? there's always the danger, we hear, of forgetting what someone looks like, thus those hooks into the heart loose their moorings and the soul tears loose like a windward sail on the drunken seas. but i know, for one, that her face is far more radiant than the smile she makes in the pizza shop, the chortle she looses when driving, or the demure grin the affects when sitting in front of her dual-shark work console. but luckily for me, i dreamed of her face the other night. her smile was calm but persistent. 010528
special Joana hello!
wowie shes nice,
I would love to meet her 1 day.
I already know she's a twinkle.
enriquecito when i came back from san francisco, she had gone to new york. plastered the place with black and white photographs. artsy, i guess. reminscent of josef koudelka. i gave her his book, and i see his desperate and twisted shadows reflected now on my walls, in my memory. her visions call to me as she is gone, far away. the worst of it is, one of the photos is a near-porn shot of me on the beach. what was i thinking, anyway? 010614
Dis Oh God, look at him. Just look at his smile, his beautiful eyes. I remember taking this snapshot, he wouldn't sit still for me, not even for a minute. Antsy, restless, his answer to everything was always just to reach for me; how I used to bat away his hands, scolding him playfully "Now just be GOOD! Sit still! Let me do this!" I'd laugh and he'd pout and oh God what a fool I was, because I'd give anything right now to feel those rough, clumsy hands on my skin.

Fucking continental drift. God damned plate tectonics. I don't believe a word of it. If such a thing was ever really possible, why is he still so far away?

Time is against us. "We've got nothing but time," he tells me. Then why do months go by between our kisses? Why am I another year older, sunny days having been spent without you, rainstorms weathered beneath a dark duvet, alone? If that's time, I'll have no more of it, thank you; what a lonely, interminable sentence it is, meted out in miserable, frustrating minutes.

But I can't say these things to you. You, the eternal optimist. You, the one who could change my life. I smile, wait, and offer humble acquiescence to a universe far more patient than I.

"We've got nothing but time," you tell me. And I stare hungrily at your photograph.
black-dyed gel product If you want it
ooo ooo ooo
you can have it
but you better learn to reach up there and grab it.

paste! one hell of a def leppard song. i mean, what does it not have? i hope to god i'm joking. 010628
Inanna Photographs will never take a piece of your soul if you own your soul. Photographs add 10-20 pounds to your body weight and only offer one limited perspective. I have seen many attractive people that cannot be truly portrayed in how beautiful or attractive they are in a photograph. 010815
unhinged i keep a photograph of you in a frame by my bed. i can't see your face; just a hunched posturing over your guitar. that might be the best picture for me to keep near my bed. 010816
Mushroomman If every photogragh added 10-20 pounds to your body weight, then all these models would have to have liposuction,
after work, in order to keep up their starved appearances....

and i would be probably 3,000 pounds

sweetheart of the song tra bong It's in the photograph of love... 010817
little fury bug
there was a picture of me and you
it was never developed and now I can't find the film. fuck me. I bet it was a cute one too.
JD I took a photograph of Jesus. He was wearing a dress and riding a plastic train in front of the grocery store. "Live long and prosper, brother" Damn, Jesus, you are one wierd dude. 030924
tortuous i remember the photographs that you showed me that day in your binder.
i asked you how you did such a fantastic job, you smiled and told me all about it.
then coversation lead to other things, how you got to where you were then. you past life, your ex-wife, your daughter

its amazing how at the funeral when i saw her for the first time that i knew so much about her and yet didn't know her at all.
falling_alone eventually it will fade... 031209
memory Burning old photographs won't change the innocence of a thousand butterflies all fluttering within. It only makes it worse to know that I still care after so long. 040111
reue i'm sorry Tom. i never got that photograph back to your daughter & the ones you gave me still sit without a frame. still safe though, still safe. 050120
NoOne pictures 051025
z vapid radio pop sentiments in really bad verse. 060512
jordie I know one was taken of me with you.
But honestly I don't want to see it.

In the smoky room on the bed of that apartment.
I remember you broke the bedstand.

I know one was taken of me with you.
But honestly I don't want to see it.

In the dirty apartment in the city.
The one with vintage posters on the walls.
The ashtray where smoke lifted and curled.

I know one was taken.
mimsy bat photography is my passion. i take pictures of beautiful things. i take pictures of not so beautiful things and try to make them striking. i wish i could capture the whole world in a photograph. not a picture of the planet, like from space, but a picture of all the people, all the happienss, all the sad people...the demons and angels, the colors, the shadows. the world. 060630
once_ again You can see the water behind us, but just barely.

It's your face that dominates this photograph, as it dominates my thoughts. I still have trouble forming your face as a pawn to my desires, but I can easliy recall you as you are in that photo.

Your eyes stern, as they are, and your smile so hesitant, as if you were not quite sure you deserved that joy.

And me leaning on your shoulder laughing at you and because you can protect me, at the world.

You are my Atlas. Unending patience and strength.

And I can see that in this photograph, your half-smile and my laughter. And when I recall you, you often look that way. A cautious laughter and stern eyes.

Come home soon.
once_again . 060630
o_caritas i want to spend a day photographing you... practically from the time you wake until there is no light left.

how late do the trains run?
Risen I got hit in the side of the head by the lyrics to this song...

And then I realised that I don't have a single photograph to look at.

"That's ok, baby, only words bleed inside these pages"
what's it to you?
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