kate completely random. 001106
L november's cold chain made of wet boots and rain. 010430
L . 010430
nemo lalala 010614
freakizh i opened my eyes and it was already november..

i miss you.
ClairE My birthday month.


Sad. Louisa May Alcott, etc.

I like it.

Topaz. Yes, that is the color of November. Why does no one else like it; I am always pretty stoked by it.

I've seen November referred to as "the month that nobody likes" in print. Come to think of it, in a children's book. Aha, maybe THAT is why no one likes November.

Indoctrinating young minds.
unhinged what a weird november. unseasonally warm and rainy... y_town has soggy cat syndrome when it rains. i wish it would just get cold already and snow. 011128
Grievance my birth month as well, and usually contains the first snow of the year. and sometimes even on my b-day.
All my intensity memories of the past 4 years revolve around the time of november.
i'll miss you november, till next year.
maybe i'll write a song about you one day.
paste! what day is it? 011217
pastebowski! is this a weekday? 011217
Grievance unginged, it actually gets warmer when it snows, most of the time. (snow is only 32 degrees)
paste! if your question was directed at me... 14
paste! november is in 7 months 020818
D y a n n e Its Also my birthday and I love the month of November it just seems like the best month everything good happens in November 020818
devalis the 19th is Bad Day Day. I keep thinking there's something else important in this month that I'm forgetting. It always ends up being nothing, but the feeling is annoying nonetheless. 020818
jane my favorite guns n' roses song is november rain, because i was born november 26 and i remember watching the music video way back in the day 020818
splash of orange
once meant a fuckload

but now it's just a month.
freakizh hey devalis.. my parents got married that day.

i specially "hatelove" the 20th. it is a holiday here in mexico.. but also, afriendthatchangedmylife's bday.

i opened my eyes..
Morrissey "spawned a monster
in the shape of this child"
Grace i'm putting the 'No' in November,today..*S

just for me..
"just for today.." *S

(nothing against the month,
or anyone,anything..)

i used a word/phrase today/here
i don't use..
regarding things i'd rather not talk of..
speak on
hear about..

but i don't like that term
i had no other word!

if you see it 'x files'under anything i've said..

i mean:
'x files'= no,thank-you
=not today
=no comment

hope this was clear..
xfiles is just not a word/phrase i use..
just couldn't think of one..


i've been here way too long today..

*while i'm on it ..toss in
the end of october too..
if anything else comes up..i'll just avoid it..

i owe no one explanations *S

but, figured i'd throw that in..
mo 030503
paranoid martyr i opened my eyes
and it was already november again
niska is the last month before december.

and i hate december.
oldephebe ..November oldephebe..

November haunts me..
has done so since the age of 11..
naked bark
trees looming like spectres..
thier skeletal tendrils
coaxing you into death..
the air has this sharp edge..
like scythe shadows murmuring..
brown heaps..
brown heaps..
dried carcasses..
never ever
read robert frost
in november..
it is a singularly
melancholic affair..
it stirs up old ghosts..
empty roads..
rural pitch..
a single car
you with its high beams..
dried..frost entombed
piles of hay..
a surliness in the sky..
cups of hot brisk lemon tea..
almost scalding..
these are my enforcements against its naked leering chill..
the artic empty..
desolate night
seems to look in at you..
quiet gnaw of despair..
seeing in you Itself..
you seeing every hushed thought
in It..

mt i'm so happy i clicked here on a whim.
well captured.
celestias shadow november is probably my least favorite month. Except for March. Then again, there is and always will be something comforting about running the last block home in the chilling wind, with your cheeks bright red from the cold, and slamming the door behind you to relax into pillows and a sweatshirt. Maybe November isn't all so bad.... 031109
Zoe my b-day is in four days. i normally like november because of this reason, but this year i won't be home for it. it'll be the first year i won't be home for my b-day. oh well. 031110
jane a cold, bitter month, usually filled with unfruitful eye flirting & lack of snow. here in new york i'm sure we'll get plenty of the latter. can you save me? i'll look you in the eye until you forget what we're doing. it will be a cold bitter novembre, the most alone i've ever been. the most lonely, i should say. i will be on a plane for eight hours on my birthday, supposedly the disneyland of the year - happiest place on earth is now a plane, alone. i'm not going to disneyland. i'm going nowhere & i should just end this all now. goodbye cruel world. it was me who was bent the whole time. i love you all. play some third eye blind at my funeral. 031110
oldephebe hope you feel better jane..:-) 031113
girl_jane It's peanut butter lover's month.
a girl with nothing to say my birthday is november 22nd the date is november 22nd happy birthday to me im 14 today 031122
Mahayana Happy Birthday a girl with nothing to say! 031122
no reason happy birthday 031122
sylphide For me, November is warm. More than warm, the weather actually seems to permit smiles and skin, and I swear there are more song-birds to wake up to in the mornings.
But this november is different, it's re-newed. In a wholesome new way do I see these smiles and hear these birds. I've found beautifully fragrant flower beds I hadn't noticed before in my street, that I stop for each day to appreciate.
Everything in my life is organic in November, and this November is one i'll never forget. No matter how close I think i am to breaking, i'll wait graciously for November and his warm hands.
oldephebe interesting, the attribution of gender to months, i find the ascription of the male gender to November particularly intriguing from not only a linguistic but also the figurative and poetic stance. November as "He." 031123
ambermoon November is also my birthday month. I love the weather and the rain. It give me time to sit and think.I was also married in November.This year it will be 9 years for us. 040125
Alpha_Shell crying into my coffee
on a black
unfurnished table, outside
the little shop

nobody see's me, or
they just walk by
"only that crazy november girl"
(in her morning after blue)
archetype poetry on velvet and snowflakes on the window ledge 040207
C.C. November is when I am not December, or any month, for I am a man, a man. A man is a male human being. A human being is a november...

and so the circle continues...
.fallen november is waiting, I hope I will be ready.. so much to do... worry_worry_worry .... joyful_joyful 040225
Fierce Me mum's birthday is in November. 040424
P the DCLVIII dear_Americans: please_vote! 061106
nom feels decembery already 061127
ever dumbening i know what you mean, nomme.
nom it's just so snowy 061128
no reason these parts don't know what to do 061128
no reason i'm wearing my winter jacket in my apartment 061128
Syrope it's so close. i'm pretty surprised i made it. 081029
amy i guess i forgot... this emotional bottomlining that happens every year, starting in around november. i'm too sick to have boyfriends, or a family, or, sometimes but not all the time, a job... six months from now, I'll be scheming and believing and giving and growing, but not before the wintertime takes me down to the cold, hard persistent truths. it's a good thing I sleep in the basement, and always have, and it's a good thing for me that come summertime, I tend to forget. for others, not so much, I am probably too inconsistent or have a selective memory. i don't think that's recoverable. which goes back to this bare bones minimum that I must reach, every winter.

(although, I am on a drug that maybe I could go up on, and I should look into that.)
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