For sure! this place my friends work at! also this place where you can buy a few things! 000712
Tank also known by Miss Maureen and I as Heaven. Tis a mecca for 7-year-olds-trapped-in-25-year-old-body type people! 000908
Freak If Walmart is lowering prices every day, how come nothing is free yet? 020507
cyncia Somebody has to pay my salary... 020507
BrotherDB How come no one has done a social experiment about the people who shop in walmart at 2:30 to 4 in the morning. It is a bunch of rednecks with 7 dirty children running around looking for deals of motor oil and vanilla wafers. Or it is drunks/stoners looking for something to eat or buy. It is just one of those things that makes you think. 020507
squigglybee i cannot stand to go into walmart and see "new lower prices! was $2.99 now $2.96!" dumb is that?
jessicafletcher the place for which i am soon to be employed. also the place with terrible lights giving me bloodshot junkie eyes. not good.
my interviewer is a crazy lady named bj (how fucking appropriate), and she wears lots and lots of blue mimi eyeshadow. someone should tell her that she looks like a bug. that someone should not be me, because she is my ticket to money land.she is the medium through which i shall purchase my sunset orange customized chevy extended cab.the blue eyeshadow might grow on me.
Nathan88 if prices are always falling, why isnt anything free yet? 021128
screwing for virginity walmart is the devil incarnate.

the go into small towns and kill off all of the small little businesses by selling lower quaility items for the same amount of money, but people still buy them because its "conveniant" to get milk and cloths and games and toothpaste all at the same place.
to beat that i walked into a walmart a month or two ago (it was about 3AM and we were bored and sleep deprived, so i tsounded like fun) and saw it have a Mcdonalds inside. so now the two mega giants of capitalism have joined forces to rape the common man of money.
it has gotten to the point that if anything were to ever happen to all the walmarts that we would be in deep shit.

or i could just be a paranoid nut.
Princess Lola it's a giant beast! a beast who kills all other stores in the town it invades! 030711
Aimee smells of poor people... I won't pee there anymore... I don't want to get an STD. I still shop there though... just sparingly.. then again, i myself am poor... lol 030712
Am i the only one who thinks that comment's more than a bit offensive? 030712
CPOS I didn't. Hell i live in the ghetto and on the occasion where my need to find a deep bargain drags me in to the nearest walmart, i know exactly what Aimee is talking about. Smells of motor oil, fried food and cloying cheap perfume. Never enough people working the overabundance of checkout lanes either at the exit or the electronics section

There's plenty of nice people there, but plenty of the lowest common denominator worst-part-of-the-projects / trailer park / barrio hoodrat motherfuckers alive floating around too.

I went into walmart a couple of days ago and had the distinct privilege of having to stand in line behind the kind of mullet-head who would say "who's yer daddy" to his cousin during sex, even the cashier had to stifle a giggle at how stereotypically unglued this character looked as he started talking unintelligibly to himself as he unloaded his cart

And frankly, one should never need pontoons in order to cross the puddle to reach the urinal, i'm surprised no one's thought to set up a jet-ski concession to get across the men's room
niska i didn't either.

public toilets are bad enough; i don't even like peeing at work.

but walmart? you've got to be fucking kidding me! where i live, at LEAST 2 or 300,000 people visit that store every day. i'm pretty sure a lot of them aren't washing their hands after a visit to the loo.

in fact, i'd lick the slide at a McDonald's Playland, before touching the straw dispenser at a walmart Mickey D's... or using a walmart toilet.
not important walmart is evil. eeeeeeeeevil. 030713
nick Walmart Tire and Auto's customer satisfaction policy was written by Ivan The Terrible.

"In the eventuality that a dissatisfied customer has a valid complaint, drag out the peasants, and prostrate them before the dissatisfied customer. Beatings may be necessary."
-Walmart Tire and Auto
Managers Policy Guidebook
Ch 5 Customer Service

My friend got an oil change, and I went with him because I needed to do some shopping. On the way home we heard this strange noise whenever we went around a corner... like a rolling followed by a sudden thump. We popped the hood on his car, and there was the old oil filter, just out of reach of the fanbelt, and it could have been very ugly.
Back to Wally World we go, and straight to the "Customer Service Desk" to file a complaint :

buddy : This could have broken my fan belt... or worse, maybe started an engine fire!

Wal-Slave: Well, tire and auto is a separate contractor so you'll have to go see them about that.

buddy: Why don't you call them over here?

Slave: ummm yeah... let me see if there's a manager working there right now.

*there wasn't... of course*

Slave: Would you like for me to talk to the person who worked on your car?

buddy: Sure... but I really just want my money back.

Slave: I can't do that, only a manager of Tire and Auto can do that.

buddy: ok well lets talk to him....

at this point we are introduced to Matt, a mildly retarded (or maybe just stoned) black man with a severely burned right hand, and a forlorn look on his face. You can't help but feel sorry for this guy. He's nice, and in alot of pain, and apparently burned himself taking the oil filter off of the car, and went to bandage it up....

At this point I start talking

Nick: So if this guy hurt himself, and went to get first aide, who signed off to close this ticket... I mean he didn't finish the job like that did he?

newSlave: I ... uhh I think that was Joe, but he went home at 4:00.

(it's 5:30)

Nick: Matt, I'm sorry about your hand, but this wasn't really your fault.

Buddy: (to newSlave) Who's in charge here? Isn't there a manager?

newSlave: (dumb look) uhh... the manager goes home at five


They used that man like a scapegoat to avoid giving my friend his money back. Point blank, they abused this employee, who was already having a bad day... to save the company $18.95+tax.

shivers i had my first panic attack there, well, thats what my sis called it. started freaking out and crying for no reason...
i still hate goin there, usually stay in the car and wait
riskybiscut123 walmart is crap k-mart is crap but at least you can get into mischeif at k-mart without getting thrown out 031024
tonya i got a wal_mart_bag_full_of_eyelids 031024
cheetah is fucking evil. read 'Nickle and Dimed' 031231
Anna Von Kickass smells of curry.
who cares of bargains when your knee deep in people.
dirt cheap
horrible quality
get out while you can.
jane should take their commercials off t.v. the portrayal of a happy face james bond lowering prices with the assistance of a slutty but high self esteemed walmart employee is clearly false advertising (not to mention obnoxious). when you go into walmart it's crying children, the bizarre indescribable smell of things like fake plants, & people who have lived in california their whole life but have somehow managed to have a southern accent saying things like "y'all." 041114
aaaaaa walmart is more successful than any of you complaining people. you haven't done anything close to employing a million people or providing people with goods at an affordable price.

small towns are for people who have sex with their family members. their heads are up their asses and have no sense of a bigger world.

the last thing anyone needs is another shit little "convenience" store with either higher prices dust on everything.

if there's a puddle of piss in ur walmart I assure it's because ur town is trash. if you're eating mcdonalds than you are trash.
nom 061108
nom "...strawberries from a Wal-Mart today...come in packages made not from plastic but from biodegradable corn..." 061108
mr song fuck walmart and convenience stores! walmart puts the small town shops out of business. walmart supports big corperations, treats their employees like shit, sells and supports animal testing p&g products and supports prison labor in china. What about flea markets, small town shops and underground stores? their all going out of business. and why? walmart 070610
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