chicken pot pie censor me?
I'll fucking show you.

Fight it.
Just remember, don't get caught, cause they are bigger, stronger, and at times appear to be more right (at least to some - others - many others). But fuck it, as long as you don't get caught.
typhoid bingo. 000324
Silent Bob The governments way of telling artists that have something influential or thought_provoking to SHUTUP!

I am against censorship in all forms. If you don't like it...don't listen to it.

unhinged right on silent bob!!!!

censorship sucks

just look how tnt slaughters the breakfast club when they air it.

"BLEEP you"
"no...BLEEEP you"
"NO...BLEEP you"
chanaka taking out the best parts of the best movies
no sex in basic instinct
no head cleaving in terminator 2
how disappointing
censorship is wrong
kx21 What are the objectives of Censorship?

If there is none, then we do not need any Censorship for anything in the UNIVERSE.

Assume that there is a need to have Censorship objectives / laws for specific Country Context/ Content.

Are these objectives valid, understandable, implementable, etc.?

Who has a final say on the validity of
censorship objectives / laws?

Country's President / Prime Minister/ Supreme Court/ regulators, State's Supreme / censorship regulators, Cabinet/ Congress, etc.

Who is the real owners or beneficiaries of these laws / objectives?
The Citizens, Voters , Adults, Teenages, Children, etc.
Tank i think my server is censoring me... i am trying to create two email accounts, one being thecuntis@tankgreen.com and the other being cuntalicious@tankgreen.com and it won't activate them... this is really very saddening to me... 001223
kx21 It is closely associated with Invention or Innovation (I2) by MAN.

Censorship is not an issue on how
should man / woman
c1. dress before I2 of clothes,
c2. write before I2 of pens
c2. read before I2 of paper,
c3. hear before I2 of radio,
c3. watch before invention of TV
c4. surf before I2 of Internet_WWW,
. : * p s y b o r g * : . Censorship sucks. Especially in music. It makes it sound weird. At least if you're used to hearing the uncensored version of a song. 011029
mindfield Oh! this movie/program/book/news article/song/religious belief/manner of dress/ideology greatly offends my religious/heterosexual/homosexual/puritanical/liberal/political/moral/ethical sensibilities and I am even more offended by the fact that everyone else is not offended as much as I am!
What a bunch of fucking narrow-minded and egomaniacal twits.
think beware of falling objects, like the bill of rights falling off the face of the earth:

are you aware that cbs, current home of ye old superbowl, is not going to air (during that very game) an ad that casts bush in a negative light?

get informed at www.moveon.org about the ad, and express your thoughts directly to cbs.
. . 040128
bird those sh*t-eating f*cks at CBS can s*ck my g*dd*mned b*lls

between their refusal to run the MoveOn.Org ad and their caving in to Ed Gillespie on the issue of the miniseries about that senile bastard Reagan, i have already written a letter, sent an e-mail and made a phonecall telling them that though i don't watch much TV, their open hypocrisy between refusing to run this ad but running anti-drug ads from the ONDCP (which are, in themselves advocacy ads) the last time they carried the superbowl broadcast has me talking to as many people around me as i can convince to boycott not only CBS but any of the other Viacom outlets (MTV. VH1. Showtime, The Movie Channel, Spike TV, UPN and any Paramount Pictures releases in movie theaters) for a period of at least one year.
why not just not watch TV at all? 040129
bird perhaps, but realistically, you're not going to find too many people who will quit watching TV outright

a threat of a boycott, when it gets big enough spooks advertisers who reconsider where they spend that money for airtime and that makes networks very defensive of their bottom line

besides, there is always something with some intrinsically positiva value somewhere on television... for example: I am learning French and Japanese through an educational access channel, and with the help of PBS, my mother taught me how to read before i was four

to say nothing of my admitted status as an entertainment_junkie
u24 true, TV can, occasionally be interesting, but the weight of adverts and general crap has put me off totally. 040129
randomly recent censorship implies that the things being censored are too unacceptable for us to see. Which only serves to enhance their desirability. How many books and films have "The (book/film) they tried to ban!" emblazoned across the front like it somehow endorses the content.

quotree "We do not need to be patronized by anybody - if some kid is going to quit school, drop acid, and have unsafe sex after reading the word 'fuck,' then there was something wrong with the kid to begin with." -Kenny (age 14) 040412
quotree "I do not engage in censorship of that kind. I prefer the intimidation sort of censorship, the 'speak up and I will make a fool out of you.'" -Chris Petro 040412
mockingbirdgirl i hate censorship. it's over rated?

why would someone want to sensor anything jeez if you dont like it dont see it dont listen to it ignore it or prove it wrong, and get on with life.
dont kill it, and keep other people from acknowledging it, just becuase of you.

i hate how people will say, you can't be gay/lesbian it's against my religion or you can't watch that program it's against what i stand for. you are not the universe. your own maybe, but not everyone elses.

btw, it happens a lot in the news. a lot. an unbelievable lot. especially during these times of war. i get a newspaper from france (le monde) and you can just go online to get a fuller story. although, they are all stories.

all stories of the truth all one side of the event pick the closest one i guess
haha sorry
Ricky Censorship is a fucking pile of horse shit, and censors want to fucking forbid the word "fuck" and "cunt" while fucking someone's cunt? No thank you! (although some censorship of antisemitism would be nice.... on the other hand....) 050211
misstree you can't just censor one kind of thought... antisemitists have the same right to speech that the rest of the us of a does... it's up to the individual to be able to sort the crap from the value... if you disagree with something, use your own voice to counter it... don't try to silence theirs... besides which, when you censor a viewpoint like that, it raises the moral indignation and persecuted underdog, whereas if you take the "make a fool out of you" form of censorship, you run a chance of actually waking someone up...

censorship is based on the belief that people are not responsible enough to think for themselves... which, i hate to admit, is kinda true... but those who can't think for themselves deserve to drown in a pool of their own anti-intellectual vomit... or at least have to lick it up... 'cause once they're drowned, they have no room for improvement...
stork daddy this blathe is being removed for unacceptable content. 050211
minnesota_chris somebody wake me up when y'all have an interesting opinion. 050211
unhinged 'let me also say that the other biggest problem for artists and writers and intellectuals in this country is everyone always making the world safe for children. the future is theirs etc. meanwhile what they are actually doing is making the world separate for children. that's it. to my mind that is one very unsafe place. an institutional lie. exactly what the buddha was running from. who ever gets to structure a world for themselves (i.e. 'kids') where bad things don't come in. plus 'world' always just means mind. what they are ultimately banning from this palace erected from their own wishes and fears is power - kids' raw dirty power. which is underlying both fantasy and time. who doesn't envy a child's endless sense of things. not that they have it but it's what they feel. it's what we're born to know. a sensation of being unhampered by anything except adults. who are meanwhile howling into the megaphone: DO NOT LET IRRATIONAL CHILDISH NON-LINEAR THINKING SEEP INTO (AND DESTROY) QUALITY ADULT POETRY.' - eileen myles 170903
unhinged https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttrIsFZPV_0 171118
three words sequel censorship
unhinged still sucks

your safe_spaces still suck

life isn't safe kids
burrowing in and hiding yourself from differences
by renaming them 'micro aggressions'
and dismissing anyone that doesn't 100% agree
because your wittle feelings got hurt...


(the supreme court has consistently ruled hate speech as PROTECTED speech under the first amendment and the ACLU used to defend the free speech rights of nazis. learn some fucking history and make your safe space at home and quit expecting the rest of the world to conform to your needs.)
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