Ghost 74 when you've got so much to say. 000114
WoNDERGIRL I wonder if you'll ever see
these tears run down my face
I could never let another one
come in and take your place

you see, I love you more than life
and more than you'll ever know
the sparkle in your eyes, it frees me
causes my soul to glow
jennifer Life's been so good to me
Has it been good to you
Has it been everything
That you expected it to be
Was it as good for you
As it was good for me
And was it everything
That it was all set up to be
(Now is that gratitude)

Now is that gratitude

Or is it really love
Some kind of reality
That fits just like a glove
Now is that gratitude
For everything I've done
Or is it something else
That's got me on the run

In the middle of a big tornado
On the tip of everyone's tongue
In the belly of a giant whale
All the girls just wanna have fun
In the look of a frightened neighbor
In a big warm bed at night
In a broken elevator
In the teeth of a dog that bites
In the middle of a revolution
In the look of a child's face
In the silence of the dinner table
In the stillness of disgrace

(I used to eat little girls I knew
for breakfast
I used to fly high up in the sky
I used to chew up rocks and
spit out gravel
I had a heart as cold as ice)

But when I think of you
And what you've done to me
You took away my hope
You took away my fantasy
I once had lots of pride
The world was in my hands
I lived way at the top
Of castles made of sand

Ooh . . .
I dream of you sometimes
Ooh . . .
I dream of you sometimes

In the middle of a big tornado . . .

Life's been so good to me . . .

(DE of OB)
Barrett ...and that's right!!! 000623
Strideo ♥_♥

Jennifer Bethke Each day I have the opportunity to be grateful or resentful. If I focus on what I do not have in my life, I invite discontent. If I focus on what I do have, I invite serenity. Whipping myself mentally for what I perceive is lacking in my life does nothing to bring more. It reinforces lack in myself and to the universe. When I find myself in that spiral of negativity, I consciously shift toward focusing on what I am grateful for -- my health, family, home, and food -- the basics of life. As I run down that basic list, my attitude changes, and I begin to remember other, subtler things I am grateful for. I am taken out of lack and into abundance.

When I learned that I did not have to be a victim to my moods, but I did have to take responsibility to take actions to change them, I was given an incredible gift -- the gift of choice. That gift is one I am very grateful to have.
amy it's not that I'm ungrateful,

but that nothing seemed to stick,

although it could be

that i had been ungrateful

all along. it's character, you know.
Lemon_Soda Probably, ot that I know you inside or out or anything. Grattitude in general takes effort inorder to mean anything. 081107
In_Bloom So much 081107
hsg give_in it will show you why. 091201
unhinged i just finished a nice little book:

buddhist bootcamp by timber hawkeye

he reminded me that the antidote to anger is gratitude.

i'm still angry with you. even though i haven't really seen or talked to you for a good six months now, the sting of the fact that my feelings didn't seem to matter, that i was discarded like trash, that while you said one thing to me your actions implied the opposite, is still there. it doesn't help that i keep picking the scab off the wound. that i keep replaying the events of our failed short shitty relationship in my head and keep coming to the same conclusion: that my anger is justified.

that is dangerous. it is poisoning me.

but i've also been able to shift at least a few of those thoughts away from the frustration of loving someone that doesn't care back, that doesn't appreciate me. for awhile, we had a nice thing. our communication was bad, but it was a somewhat mutual attraction. that is always a nice thing.

it was also a nice thing to have good consensual sex with someone at the time that i was having good consensual sex with you.

i am also grateful that at some point in our relationship you gave me permission to be honest about my feelings (even though in the context of our relationship, those words just seemed like a platitude) because eventually i got over my fear and finally told you that you were making me feel like shit.

i am also grateful that you helped me sort out exactly what it is i'm looking for and a better way that i can go about getting it.

but for all that gratitude, my heart is still lonely and broken and since i am tired of being sad, it just all spews out as anger. anger that once again i wasn't enough for someone to give a shit about.
daf Once here was a very kind and generous soul who gave to all in need. One day, passing by the needy on the street, he handed each a bill in turn without discrimination.

As he came to the end of the line, he found himself with no bills left; only 10 pennies remained to be divided up between the two poor at the end of the line. So he put 5 pennies in the cup of each as he was able to.

The first to receive 5 cents scoffed at and scolded his benefactor. Is this all you have to offer me? This pittance?! Those others have folding money, but for me..this?! You insult me with your pennies.

But the second beggar said, I know you are a generous, for I have seen your generosity. Thank you for the 5 cents, it is much appreciated and I will try to make the most of it.

And the day passed and another began. At the end of the second day, the generous one came passing by again. This time however, he started at the other end of the line of needy ones.

First he came to the poor one who had appreciated his small gift the day before. To this he gave several bills while his pockets were full and before the giving was gone.

The next beggar, the unappreciative one was skipped, because who wants to give what isn't appreciated? (He ate, but had to work harder than the rest for his supper that evening.)

And of course..there were those at the end of the line who received less than the others. But thats another story..very similar to this one.
Ouroboros Serious gratitude for supportive loved ones, $ making opportunities that show up quick and give food, local food bank, licorice tea, fuzzy pjs, being able to see the stars at night. 131204
h some say the secret to true wealth. 140108
unhinged for ripping the band aid off fast

it is better that you told me you didn't see anything lasting between us. then i don't have to wonder.

but there is still lingering anger over the 'lets be just_friends' thing. i don't get why people think that is a valid option for the end of a casual dating scenario. you casually took what you wanted for the amount of time you wanted it and then changed the terms. i am casually walking_away because while i have a general sense of compassion for you and your problems, i don't have time in my own life to be the free therapist.

maybe, just_maybe i will do better next time
daf My mouth closes and chews
a collection of flesh and bone
collides to provide my daily sustenance.

And though these eyes peer out across the great expanse of earth and sky with only a dim inkling behind them of what we are.

Has there ever been a greater moment for rejoicing than this? Has gratitude ever been more appropriate than now?
unhinged gratitude is appropriate for every now

flowerock. Why do I ever feel any thing but gratitude?
I am still growing.
what's it to you?
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