silentbob KIDYou're a good kid Play the game to break your heart
You've gotta get back to where you started
Pay attention now or it'll slip by It's your heart
don't let it die Leave it all behind
whoooaaaa (catchy line)
Is it true when we get old our hearts die?
I heard it in a movie once and i think i know why
life it sucks so bad it makes you wanna die
Whoooaaa but you get by
Life goes by
You're a good kid you've still got the power in you
Hangin' around you don't know what to do
Don't think too much Just let it loose
Get up now's your chance we are here
and we make you dance you are not
alone this is our home Life goes byMONDAY MORNING ANT BRIGADE

Monday morning i woke up late. I feel like shit and
i can't see straight One last drink was a bad idea i'm
on the bowl with diarrhea Out the door in a fog barked
at by the neighbors dog forgot my keys i went back
inside I got a flat so i can't ride The phone rings aw jeez
now what? i am an idiot so i pick it up Now i'm
held up on my line My cretin landlord he's wasting my time
he wants his money or we go to trial he's got PENIS
ENVY DENIAL Another weekend i didn't get laid it's a
monday morning ant brigade Another weekend i didn't
get paid it's a monday morning ant brigade Fuck it all
no regrets i'm staying in and you can bet it sucks
outside in the pouring rain I'll smoke some pot and
fry my brain Thom cut the record down to the bone I'm
the sureshot rocking the microphone Another weekend i
didn't get laid it's a monday morning ant brigade I've got
the monday mornings.


The one minute i saw you i remember your red shoes i keep this
little memory of you i see you in my mind when i need to
Thank you for your red shoes. Some say the world isn't fair
at least for one minute i didn't care It's all in how i see
it and what i choose Nothing seems black when i see your red shoes
Thank you for your red shoes That minute i saw you i remember
you and your red shoes now i have his memory of you i see it
in my mind when i need too


I've got to be me baby and you gotta be you
Something isn't right but i know i love you
I only want what's best i don't know Is this
some kind of test. Yeah and you're failing
all we do is bicker
Say goodbye Kiss my ass I hope you die
Wish me well You can go to hell
We were so different a short time ago Love
is suppose to make us happy supposed to make us grow
But i just wanna punch you in the face
i love you i guess needed the space
Oh well another time and another place
Say goodbye Kiss my ass I hope you die
Wish me well You can go to hell
silentbob The Bouncing Souls, one punk band that New Jersey can be proud of. It all began on a east coast label
called Chunksaah Records. Around 10 years ago, The Souls released The Good The Bad And The Argyle on
Chunksaah, the bands very own label. Soon following that came proabably in my opinion, their best record,
Manical Laughter. Later the band licensed both albums that originally were released on Chunksaah to BYO
Records and were re-released.
Then came their signing to Epitaph Records, which they are currently still on and released their
self titled album The Bouncing Souls which included the popular song "Kate Is Great" and the theme song
for the east coast, "East Coast! Fuck You!". In the late 1998/early 1999, The Souls released Tie One On on
Epitaph, their first live EP which was recorded in New York City At the Continental. Their latest release to
date, Hopeless Romantic, which shows a more diverse sound than the other albums. The band became more
diverse and matured their sound greatly on their 5th release.
With over 10 years of playing together, the band has significantly grown and matured in their personalities
as well. The Souls without any regret, say that "those west coast bands have nothing on us" and all of their
fans would have no doubt about that in their minds. The Souls also had the opportunites to tour with bands
like NOFX, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and the legendary Descendents. Also the band has 2 years of
experience, playing the Vans Warped Tour under their collective belts. Presently hailing in New York City, the
band still considers their beloved east coast the only place to live; their fans, friends and shows on the east
coast is what truely influences them.

(NOTE: SilentBob does not endorse the opinions of the previous blah blah blah, he just needed something put on his bouncing souls blathe. he doesnt know how good any of this info is, all he knows is he liked what he saw in July 99 in St. Louis and blathered about it. Word.)
silentbob SAY_ANYTHING
I wanna make you know
i can do everything
but idon't ever show you
how i really am
i wish i could say
i have no regrets
i wanted to much from you

I don't wanna be this way
i kick myself i wish i could say
that I have no regrets today

But i'm so nervous that i lose my cool
everytime i pick up the phone
and try to call you
standing out in the freezing cold
until i'm numb wondering why
i'm always acting so dumb

I don't wanna be this way
i kick myself i wish i could say
that I have no regrets today

Things just happened
to turn out this way
i can't say that i have
no regrets today
I see it on the street in people passing by
everybody's got someplace to be
and I'm not sure why I don't care to see
them try to hide their lies you see
it's plain to me I think it's deep inside
everything is holding me from this
truth and I find it's so rare to see
people speak so honestly but everyday I
try I'm gonna try problems are apparently
what makes me try on and on and it's
hard to see why the struggle around
its what brings me down on and on
endlessly everyday I try all these jobs
and these words are nothing without honesty
people say if they don't care then why
should I care I say I don't care then
why should anyone care so everyday I
try to deal with these lies no more lies
Sometimes I think about girls and it's funny it makes me stay inside when it's sunny things are pathetic when I'm this way passing the days and pining away it's easy to see and it's easy to say when I see people everyday but the days go by and I think and try to conjure away to find me a girl that makes the problems go away passing the days and pining away things are pathetic when I'm this way and I can see that no one is perfect why do I do this to myself

Lost somewhere and trying to find a place to belong to the empty alleys and parking lots is where I'll be when everyone goes home I like what I see it's nothing special to me and nothing's coming down on me I think of a place a time or a face staring out at the stars in the sky there's so many of them and we're drivin' by

Sing a song of old school I don't really care where you were or who you know sing a song of old school we don't really care what you have to say about this show the music you love lost it's meaning because these people are not aware some people talk others are listening sometimes I think I just don't care it's easy to forget the choices we've made and the promises of the past but if we really listen to these old school ideals we'll find what's good and make it last sing a song of old school everyone knows but it seems we all forget the time we needed to see these ideals for ourselves and what it meant I guess I'm on a soapbox singing a hymn that you don't want to hear no sermon when I step down and look around all I see is separation find what's good and make it last
what's it to you?
who go