pinkish blame them for everything. 010421
Casey ok...

I sent this to them a few days ago...

how does this sound:

As I sit here in my chair I can't help but watch as my father watches 60 Minutes II about Columbine. Do you media people get it? The more you blow this out of proportion the more kids get the idea of killing their classmates.

I am a junior at Algona High School and my class has held this discussion many times. The top two resons why there are school shootings:

1.Kids putting other kids down
2. THE MEDIA!!!!

After every dateline, every 60 minutes, every 20/20, does a huge commentary on this, another school shooting happens. The media refreshes the idea of bloodshed in the minds of my peers.

Let it go, it happened and it's over. Let the people get on with their lives. The media is the real catalyist behind every shooting.

If a junior in Iowa can figure this out, why can't you guys. Just let it go.
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florescent light combo's.
Ever heard of the food Combo's, where they take a cracker and combine it with cheese or pizza flavoring?

It's a lot like that.
grendel the sugar on our diabetic dialect

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more than you want to know
less than you need
faster than you need to know it


sprinkle it on your news today!

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silentbob Imagine taking out the media altogether from september eleventh.
It would just be one of those things you hear about later, oh a bunch of people died, etc etc
i feel like there would have been less commotion about it in the weeks to follow
no one notices when buildings burn down in my town.
during 9_11 the media was there, pounding it into us every second, reiterating over and over what it was and what they thought. FORCING emotion into us, FORCING us to care about all the faces and families that died.
Really bad shit happens everywhere every day.
We need to be able to handle death better than this.
Q "Looking at yourself through the media is like looking at one of those rippled mirrors in an amusement park."

Ed Muskie, US Secretary of State, 5/26/80
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kung Fu for gogs sake, what is up ? some people want to be in a film and be able to get a pint of milk from the local shop, uppp the people you are jealous of if you are a muppet. 070622
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