The Truth Well, since you didn't ask, I'll tell you why I think there is evil, and why God won't just get rid of the devil, as we all know He can.

Ok, most of us knew that Satan (the devil's name) was once an angel in heaven, named Lucifer. In fact, he was once the most beautiful, graceful and glorious of all of God's creations, not to mention the highest ranking angel, second only to God. But, lucifer in his limited, yet vast became envious of God's infinite beauty. He tempted and lied to his subordinate angels to convince them that they too could be gods if they overtook the Throne of God. A vast battle ensued in heaven, it may have endured for millenia. OF course it would be impossible to defeat God, so they lost eventually. God threw Lucifer out of Heaven, along with all of his subordinates.

Thus evil was born. The once near-perfect being was cast down, and all of the personality traits exhibited by Satan that led to that universe shaking battle in heaven were deemed as evil traits from that point on. That's why the bible says Satan is the "Father of lies" meaning the originator of the first lie.


We also know that "God is love", He is pure love. So God cannot hate satan, God cannot lie, God cannot sin, it's just impossible, like trying to divide by zero or something.

So... What if...God had promised Lucifer before all of this happened that he would never, ever destroy Satan?
What if God promised also to give Earth to him, and all of the humans on it?

God cannot lie. He wouldn't be able to reneg on His Word.

That would explain:
1. Why God plans to destroy the Earth
2. Why Satan will still live forever, but in a fiery dimension.
3. Why evil isn't too cool with God.


Suppose then, that God discovered a few humans that could sense God's love, and loved Him back! Then God said whoa nellie! And He worked out a deal with Satan. The dialogue would have gone a little something like this:

GOD: "Disgraced one?"
Satan: "Yo God! What's up?
GOD: "ME! hahaha, Anyway, I want to keep some of those humans for myself."
Satan: "Oh yeah? Which ones?"
GOD: "I choose the Jews."
Satan: "JEWS? WHY?"
GOD: "I Love them. They love Me. And besides, they are decendants of My prototype human experiment, ADAM.
Satan: (snickers) "Oh yeah, him..."
GOD: "That wasn't funny! This world was supposed to be my paradise, you ruined it!"
Satan: "Well, you shouldn't have kicked my out of heaven then!
GOD: "How did you know I would plant my Garden on Earth anyway?"
Satan: "It was your style, small and subtle. Plus I followed your angels here once."
GOD: "Well, anyways...About the Jews?"
Satan: "How about this, You have to give them an extensive law to obey, and those who obey it you can keep, but I get to interfere as much as I want. And you can only use natural wonders, none of that transdimensional phenomena to acheieve your goals."
GOD: "Can I plant prophets?
Satan: "Ok, but they must be born on Earth!"
GOD: "Why, that's just what I had in mind...It's a DEAL!"

SO, God initiated the covenant(contract) with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and the 12 sons of Israel. Unfortunately, not too many people could follow the law to well.

GOD: "Oh...Disgraced one?"
Satan: "Hey! IT's been a couple thousand years, nice to hear from you!"
GOD: "It has been a while...Listen, I am ready to implement Phase 2 of my plan."
Satan: "Phase 2? I don't remember any phase 2?"

GOD: "I would like to send my own Son down to fulfill the law for the people. He is surely worth all of them combined."

Satan: "You would send your only Son? Here?? Wow! You must really love these Humans! They are nothing more than creative monkeys!"

GOD: "I do love them, they please me more than you could ever know, I am their Father, they are like my Children."

Satan: "Ok, but only if I get to kill Him, and make a mockery of Him, and interfere and tempt Him much more than before! Plus...He may only have 1/3rd of His lifespan, and he can never sin once!"

GOD: "Agreed. But you must agree that His death will serve as payment for all of the other's sins."

Satan: "I agree."

So... God gave His son, but His son lives through those of us who love God, So in the end, God will have His son back one soul at a time....
The Truth We know also that God is enjoying this dramatic theater known as Earth. 010611
The Truth So, God will give Satan all of the Humans, and Earth, but keep all of the souls, and burn earth. It's a theory...
it could just be.
satan satan satan the outcome is scripted like wrestling

you people call it "predestination"

me and dad are gonna split the pay-per-view revenues and get wasted in the bahamas

we'll take Teenage Jesus with us and get him some

if Dave Christ can get his shit together maybe we'll let him tag along

but he better change that fuckin' bongwater this time
nemo how about neither? 010612
The Truth Go lay down...

Oh, do not post unless you've read it all please.
god I GIVE UP 010612
Teenage Jesus Says you. "Do not post," that's a good one. SatanX3 long time no hear. Dave says hey. Well he says "duh" and then he says hey; you know Dave. Anywho, I've posted elsewhere to this effect : My "dad" isn't really real. I can't be any clearer. It's just that cold and damp and sunny and clear, alternately. BTW-Dave is using ice water now. He volcanoed the bowl the other day--it was hilarious. 010612
god that's right, i'm not real. none of this is happening. change that bongwater! 010612
Satan Satan Satan Hey, TJ, i left a whole colony of some really choice herb growing on a small, warm fertile patch of Mt. Erebus on the south pole.

bring me the buds and i'll split the bag with you
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kx21 Is God still neeed without Sins / Evils / Devils / Satan? 010720
kx21 And Is God still needed if he passes all his authorities, responsibilities, accountability to his fellow Beings? 010730
his name was behemoth the first rule of god_vs_satan is:

you do not talk about god_vs_satan
kx21 Or more precisely:-
Is God still needed if he already gave everything i.e. his soul, his mind, his power of creativity, etc. to all beings?
satan satan satan project apocalypse 010730
god on a jet ski here's the reins big guy. you and lil b. s. go crazy. shalom shalabat 010730
Light Bearer Dammit!
For the last time Me and Satan are not the same thing.

I would know if we were.

and since i always seem to wake up in precisely the same spots where i remember passing out, i will assume it safe to say that it is so

Also, for fuck's sake use my hebrew name if you can guess it.

I wasn't named by romans or any of their impotent candy-ass little gods, so quit using my goddamn Latin name.

I blame the septuagint for this.
god skydiving from an immense height christ, relax. 010730
kx21 to be exact:-

to all beings, i.e. all sentient beings and nonsentient beings, including Satan, etc...
Teenage Jesus You create it all...not some, ALL.

"Great Thing! They're IN THE HOUSE! Get up, get UP!" but it was too late, a hint of cologne, pornographic discord, and...
kx21 And final the only clue, to be exact, the Attachment,i.e. Emotional Bond left on
the String between God and Satan:-


Copyright 2001. kx21.com
nemo the satanic vereses
by rushdie

... wonderful book ...
kx21 God was somehow Satanned or Satannised (new word) by some Religious Preachers or Supreme Leaders? 011010
elonar how so, kx21? 011010
kx21 Satan is somewhat Godded over time? 011010
kx21 refer to
the_string_between_tiger_and_sheep or
kx21 the_string_between_human_rights_and_terrorist_acts 011010
elonar alright, I think I follow, but I'm not entirely sure. from what I gather, I would have to say that god was not satannised exactly. kierkegaard claims that religious preachers have brought people to make a fool of god by leading them to call themselves followers of him, but being exactly the opposite. I think this is somewhat relevant here. people want the credit of following god, but prefer to follow satan and without necessarily knowing it, pass it off as doing the former. the best example is when people murder each other over religious issues. murder is obviously against what god wants. 011010
god all i want is my two front teeth! 011015
satan satan satan blame yourselves first 011015
satan satan satan oh, and, uhh...hi, dad

ask TJ if Dave volcanoed the bowl again

(see: heaven_is_spilling)
Mono Puff the_devil_went_down_to_newport 011030
satan satan satan (menthol 100s) i've smoked a few newports before 011030
god newports are bursting with flavor 011030
Effingham Fish Self-hatred is not a healthy trait. 011203
ClairE http://www.grudge-match.com 011203
god satan wins! 011203
Christ without the Cross Yo, The Truth. I have a couple questions. Who created evil? if it was the devil then God was not the creator of everything. It says in Ezekiel that pride was found in him. this is in reference to the devil which implies that one day it just showed up. Was it chosen or did it just pop up? And if just popped up why are we mad at the devil for having an experience that he previously had no knowledge existed. If it was chosen it had to exist in the first place right? if you were to choose something there had to be something to choose from. Well, anyways. assuming that God handles his affairs the way humans do (A God of Love fighting wars...interesting) there was a war in heaven in which the devil lost. He was cast down to earth right? Where he tempted Eve to eat a fruit that would give her knowledge of good and evil which would make her more like God. God had knowledge of good and evil? And if God never changes then he always had this knowledge right? And what would be wrong with a being who was made in the image and LIKENESS of God, wanting to be LIKE God? And if this being had no knowledge of evil how would she know that it would be EVIL to disobey God and exercise her FREE CHOICE? Where is my damn cat!!!!!!

Anyways, I have some more questions. So the Almighty God made a deal with the devil and picked a race of people to be CHOSEN because they are the decendents of Adam? Is this Chess? Was he playing checkers? So he wrote over the rest of the world to Satan like cattle, and then he wants to punish them (Sodom and Gomorrah for example) for being evil like he didn't have anything to do with it? He made the deal. he signed us over to the devil. (this is response to your reasoning on the whole devil dilemma) I love you. you are an interesting individual. Please answer these questions. Then you can continue talking about an Unconditional God who has conditions. Strict rules and commandments from a God that requires nothing and whose love is infinite and wisdom supreme who has a hell prepared fopr the people who aren't SMART enough to choose him out of all the other religions being sold around here with there own hells as well.

Sorry homie if any of this offends you. Please hear my heart. I am a nigga. Sorry if i didn't express myself good enough. lata pilgrim.

P.S. I think Dafreman is cool, but I do believe that God is the Creator and that we are in his image.

Be blessed.
Christ without the cross Sorry ABOUT THE nIGGA JOKE. THHAT WAS STUPID. I AM SO LAME. 060924
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