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so what is my point?
1) the definition of language has never been fixed.
theyíre usually just defined in relation to
each other, anyway.
(see marcel duchamp, autonymism)
2) information exists at the interface.
on either side/any side
it is just a symbol. unattached.
3) restructuring the interface, in essence,
redefines "reality".
drugs, shock, metaprogramming, can all be tools
used to achieve ....
(altered states of conciseness are a tool, not a result!)
miniver Hello,
my name is human.
Me speaky baryonic-neuronic.
whirligirl my comments?

altered states of conciseness... i think that works.

postmodern as fuck. i saw that on a t-shirt somewhere.

situated anywhere. although i would argue that at least part of the human endeavor is to find common situation, ezperience, etc. but if you were to argue that, i would also argue the other way, so i'm not really arguing.
enon i uysed to think i had these all the time, and really-- they were cliches.
i hate that. i hated that. i m trying so hard to find []. and just aren't.
kingsuperspecial i was just grace with moment of divine guidance. There I was, moping about because I'm a fuckwit, and god told me that they're counting on me to be a fuckwit!

in the words of the esteemed jonnywest:
Praise be, rice-a-roni noodlecake,

I feel a great weight has been lifted, that lightness of being that can only come from knowing you true place in the world

. I am fuckwit and fuckwit is me
johnny west Glad my words could help. One man's throwaway comment is another's epiphany catalyst. 010616
unhinged his words weren't odd only except that he said them. infatuation is always like that in the beginning it's just that most people don't say those things and no one was ever infatuated with me. 010617
Piso Mojado 1. i dont want to die
2.i am going to die
3. i love being alive
4. am i more alive than most people i know? are there degrees of being "awake"?
5. i want to constantly be aware of 1 2 & 3 - is that the same as "being" in each single present moment as it happens?
karl the weed this is the coolest word ever.
epiphany means the appearance of a spiritual being, or a moment in which everything makes sense.
ClairE I don't even remember what the actual comment was anymore. What I do remember is using the word 'epiphany', the sound of the exclamation 'epiphany' at the end of a sentence, and Adam smirking at me, and my smile falling, and him continuing to smirk, even much later in the day.

Obviously he thinks I used it incorrectly, but years later I still cannot figure out why he thought that.

(It still hurts me a bit, his hurtful vanity. The smart_kids.)
birdmad in its most literal term, it means the manifestation of the divine

From the Greek "Epiphanea"

outside of its purely religious meaning, it is a sudden moment of profound realization or discovery

personally, i prefer the Zen equivalent when thinking of an epiphany

Satori, the kick_in_the_eye
endless desire i have epiphanies quite frequently, to tell you the truth. life changing, life altering epiphanies that throw off balance and rock my world. they are full of knew ideas about who i want to be, how i want to live, and how i need to change. however, these epiphanies are fleeting and blow like dust in the wind as i frantically try to grab ahold of them.
when the sun shines in throw my window just right, i see small bits of the air. those dust pieces that just float. endlessly floating. and i try to grab for one of them but they will never remain in my palm. they have their mind, thoughts, and ways that i will never understand. they do not wish to be caught.
these bits of pixy dust remind me of epiphanies. so small, yet so monumental. and i try to hold on for the ride, grasp them with all my might, but they never want to stay in my palm. i live my life aimlessly grabbing at the air. the thin air. the pixy dust that shines in the light.
eyedream I have a lot of epiphanies. Not all of them are significant. In my lifetime I have had three knowing spiritual experiences in which I knew God. Nothing close to death, nothing in which a loved one was suffering, but merely brief instances in which I was filled with the fleeting and beautiful sensation of not being utterly alone, and that sensation was God placing his palm on my head. 030613
phil epiphany of freedom 030616
so true me like-a-that quote "altered states of conciseness are a tool, not a result" 030623
Glory Box I felt god through the sky that night I walked to close the gate in the vast improbability of my presence and your tired bedroom eyes as you leant against the water barrel and danced a little in the harsh light from the bare bulb overhead.

And I felt god and wild goodness as I lay on the grass in the summer sun and heard that song you loved waft over me, stepping down the strata to reach my waiting ears.

And I felt god and sweet, warm peace when she and I sat singing in the grass as the day died. As we waited for you to come, rule-breaker, stubborn certainty.

You and yours are a series of epiphanies. More perfect than perfect. More beautiful than beautiful.

I believe in you.
realistic optimist did anyone else stay up well into the morning after valentine's day having insight after insight into themselves? shit, i could write a whole screenplay based on all the stuff i thought of, realized, recognized, and saw. it brought me closer to the decision i've been hovering over without being able to find.

i'm in deep, skites. up to my eyeballs. not much salvation in sight, but the insights kept coming, and with them the inevitable energy, momentum, and excitement.

i saw what it means to get your shit together in the big scheme of things. i saw what relationships mean to me. i saw what community means to me. i saw how much worry and fear i harbor, and shirked it, if even for a short time, and saw what it means to do so. i saw why i made certain decisions, was shown my weakness, and my power. and most sweetly, i was shown the tear-jerking humor of it all.

it's a funny ass rollercoaster we ride. suddenly, i like feeling nauseous. i appreciate what it means. i am such a lucky fool. i have been able to float free just having fun for so long. i sort of take it as my due since i was robbed of a childhood, and have been responsible since i was way too young.

take my hand. let's look into each other's eyes and scoff at danger, ride the big rides, and puke on the pimply guys running them. cuz pretty soon you might find they've installed the "you must be shorter than this sign to ride this ride," and i'm not through growing yet.
megan and then

i wrote
Jarrett you're in a laundry room. conclusion came to you. 040829
mourninglight laundry_song

epitome of incomprehensibility ...and then I realized that I had made an error in my calculations and decided not to be such a control freak... 051231
u24 w00t! hey_wow 080529
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