Q One of my favorite things to do at the public library has been to sit with some serious book near where the kids are in storytime. Enthusiasm and perspective are a great combination. The singing is fun to hear too. 000211
andrea i'm sitting here
waiting for this place to close
i see a bunch of people i know
and they all ask what's wrong with me
funny, i hadn't known i wore
the look of someone carrying a burden
but they should know if anyone did
perhaps, inside i am lost
like i'd know
seems the one thing i used to find
some sort of comfort and release in
threatens me with mis interpretations
and the thought of my words being read
by someone, anyone at all
i'll hit enter before i delete

copyright 2000
klairchen I went to the library today to find something out.

To find something out that I already knew.

Finding what I found made me sad.

Then again I already was.
klairchen Why must I come to know everything in reverse order? 000831
Alexander Beetle When I was young, I would go to the library and wander around. Pick up books at random, flip through the pages, put them down again. Great fun. Just stopped doing it for some reason.

Started again to-day. Great, great fun. Try it yourself.
nocturnal libraries are way too quiet. silence drives me insane. whenever I'm in a library I get this uncontrollable urge to just scream something, anything, really loud, maybe run around a bit flailing my arms. one of these days I'm gonna give in. 010501
Effingham Fish Hey, go for it. I might even join you. 011030
ClairE They're where I grew up. I got yelled at for spelling it "liberry". I can't remember not knowing how to read. I can't believe I don't work there anymore.

I like to show it off. The music_library is the best.

I can't even begin to explain what this word means to me. It's home and childhood and mother and green and city and flood and afternoon and sick and gray_couch and pizza and just me.
Puke Green i work in a library. started volunteering at 14. started working at 15...and been there since. i'm 22 now by the way. wow. i've been there so long. i tend to attract all the strange folks at the library. i don't want to call them stalkers, but hm, strange folks indeed. yes. libraries can be fun. i love my college library, and the san francisco public library. fun times. i don't go club hopping...i go "library hopping." woohoo. fun times. if anyone is in the sf area and cares to join me, let me know. i'm a pro at the dewey decimal system. 020217
Toxic_Kisses How wonderful the library is! It's not often I get to come here (not that kind of come you perve!) but I'll def be making the trek here more often to catch up on my blather (I miss you guyz sooooooo MUCH *Group hug*) even if I don't blather in return bc I only have limited time here. You wanna hear something pathetic? I started my own Blather journal (wish I had remembered to bring it!) while I've been away! how sad is -that-! anywho I gotta get but (like any of you care) I'll be back ASAP! 020504
Mahayana [{good place to send someone when the scrunchy is on the door}] 020504
marjorie my newest goals in life are as follows:

1. get a degree in library sciences.
2. take up boxing.

jane i work at the library now. i thought things like hangers were frustrating, but now it's books. they lean all over the place and fall when you don't want them to and sprawl themselves out on the floor like they're trying to hang on for dear life. why don't people put things back where they belong? is it really that hard? i'm a compulsive organizer. i want the entire library to be emptied, cleaned out, and re-shelved, like something out of amelie 030108
fiction the library seems to hold to best memory for me. i went there on a fieldtrip with just this girl and me.

i dont think she will ever relize that it ment so much to me
niska ...more like a date then?

you can really get to know someone by what they choose to read.
scifininja i went to the library once when my cousein thought he was a penguin. we spent the day looking for a nice cold air vent. its behind the couch. 030720
what happened two nights ago They're not grahams, they're LIBARIES. Chew em up, mouth's too dry to swallow em (one too many bong hits) spit em out into an empty bitch beer bottle. Then Sam spits his libary paste (that's what it's called) into Emery's mini bong (Skanko the Cat aka Mr. Peenie) then Emery is so fucked up he "smokes" the libary paste (which Sam later dubs "libary sperm") and gets a mouthful of the shit. Good times. 031130
endless desire i owe them a lot of money. now i can't get anymore books. 040505
nonsensical libraries are a good place to hide. i also work at my school's library. it gets pretty boring sometimes but it's an easy A. i like getting the colorful due date cards and the library pockets you see in the books. 040506
gwendy i want to live in a library 040520
minnesota_chris I'm sitting at the library, might be here for a few hours. I don't have anywhere else to go.

Not that I don't have a place where I could stay, but there's no place where I could do something good, make money, or make a difference. Frustrating.
z the library of babel

this site is a good start
emmi if it's a library, why then does it smell like weed? 040920
once again There is a certqain something that a library has, even when it's brand new, as if words had an aura about them, a mgic, a smell and anywhere, that a great number of words were found, the something began to spread.

You can sit in a library basking in the glow of it's intoxicating fumes, run your hands over the spines of books and sometimes as if they were alive, a rash of chills run down your body, and you pick up the book out of shear curiousity, poring over the words, wondering what it means...

And the words leave you something... a gift a rush, like adrenaline, like screaming in your head, and you know that you have all the time in the world to say the things you mean, even if you're not sure how.
TK how did you know?!

I come by just to brows blather quickly and this word is the forst thing I see, how varry odd indeed
Laura I remember sitting in the library
back home when I was younger.
I'd grab a book and find one of those empty library chairs,
the ones that look so soft and inviting and turn out to be such hard word covered by only a few layers of yellowing foam and fabric.
I find one of those chairs in front of the picture windows,
the windows that were always so clear,
that it was almost like the lake was right in front of you and the warmth outside was coming through the thin glass to curl up in your lap like a cat.
I sit in those chairs,
in front of those windows,
I'd read a book and soak up the feelings of being alone,
and being happy alone.
I can't do that anymore.
Not because I don't live near that library,
not because I can't find happiness in being alone,
but because when I try to read,
my thoughts turn traitor,
and all I can think of is you.
andru235 a real sign of our sophistication
is the rampancy of 24-hour libraries
bibliocat4 repository of dreams 050117
nonsensical it smells like piss & b.o. in the library. 050524
1570 Secret_code 050524
IED 67 050524
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl i'm sat here right now,
reaching out for the huge world that so carefully teeters at the fingertips of literature and technology alike.

so tantalisingly near...
is it really any wonder that it's the foolish that end here, when the intellectuals only begin here.

i'm not sure which i am.

maybe i'm just another unremarkable book shelved neatly behind the shiny brilliance of other, newer editions of other, cliched books.
my cover not quite tattered but not pristine, either.

these pages, baby.
they could create a world you never knew existed.

go ahead, i won't take offence

but i'm sure you'd rather read harry_potter anyway.
katelyn I. Love. Libraries. with a passion.

I can get out of myself there.

I shelve the books you read.

I love them. lala
falling_alone he wears
calvin klein tightie-whities.
how do i know this?
scratching your belly with pants pulled low.
people tend to notice.
i wish i didn't notice.
b&w you'd better role up your sleeves then ! 070308
uuurrr bloody hell...
christ that boy should have been wearing black ones...
in the swimming pool .. saw the lot !
not that i wanted to.. poor boy.
what's it to you?
who go