thenestor Exclamation used to describe good coffee.

As in, "That is some DAMN good coffee."

Illegal in Idaho.
thenestor Also, "DAMN that's good coffee!"

Sorry if I mention Idaho too much. I've just never actually met anyone from Idaho, so I'm left to assume that no one actually lives there.

I'm rather egocentric like that.
David Damn,
Damn, that felt good.
-sorry 'bout that
me? effectively
entrusted method scenes
elimeny ed I am. I am damned. So what? Aren't we all? So what does it matter if I'm added on to that list? I don't give a damn. So there. 991208
valis why is it that people say they do or don't give a damn? usually, people don't. if you had one to give, who would you give it to? more importantly, why? seems a little cruel, if you ask me. such a civilized people we are, being stingy with our damnation. 991215
You traced my neck with your fingers
Lightly smiling as you spoke
Your words attached themselves
And I thought I believed
But I couldn't and you didn't care
One thing
You wanted one thing.
It wasn't really me.
It wasn't even what I thought I represented.
Damn you.
You have no right to smile at me.
matt i said it today and it felt like i had stopped up all the grief and pain and put in into check. take it i am no red neck, but damn is just a fine word to say when your overwhelmed, 000101

oh wait
no way
you're kidding
he didn't just say
what I think he did
did he?
macy the dog damn, man! this is about the coolest thing i've ever seen. can you surpass this work of wonder? anyone? anyone? bueller? no, really...now go! get lost. if you ever come across this same little section of the virtual universe, turn and run as fast as you can! some things aren't meant to thrive. for somethings existence is enough. now go! 000716
hate rain Amster amster damn damn damn . amster amster damn damn damn they all went down to am-ster-damn 000907
vermouth damn monster ate my cream puff 000910
radika DAMN

i wish i was your lover
acidrain you wanna be my lover
might be perfect
Lindsey When my shirt slipped over my head
and fell to your dirty floor,
it was the only word I could think
to murmur.
mmm i have this very odd friend, he won't swear. i tried getting him to say damn you or dammit the other day and all he would say is darn, the bad part is he's 17 and he hangs out w/ me, i curse like a salior, every 5th word out of my mouth is usually fuck or damn. it just confuses me as to how he can't/won't say damn or ass or any thing like that 010326
to lightly toasted,
not possible,
damn them.

they stole my grain, my grin, my groan
all i have is fiber

too much fiber, not enough fiber
it was all lost in the fire, even them.

damn fire.
. : * p s y b o r g * : . Damn Justin. 011025
Inanna Damn! I hope they don't misuse the dam
like they did with a plane. Where is an American symbol next to a dam?
Maybe those predictions of California sinking underwater were a bit exaggerated, and it was just Hollywood. I wish I had not been sent this information while I was sleeping.
whoknows damn then ones i speak of
the company i keep
i bet they think that i pushed you away
and damn this place in time
i only wanted things to work out right
so im calling out your name

and ill say a prayer for your heart tonight
even though i feel like im dying
im lost in your world tonight
and im calling out your name

damn that ol' radio
that was playing out our favorite songs
as we, as we made love in the rain
and damn my own jealous mind
only makes me want you more every time
every time i hear your name


so damn the ones i speak of
the company i keep
i bet they think that i pushed you away
and damn my own jealous mind
only made me want you more every time
every time i hear your name

Chorus 2x

the mike corrado band
god black_glass skull_full_of_peanut_butter
on the mantle, grandma's mantle... and a pistol tucked into the front of her panties. her depends is starting to sag. i knew granny would be here. granny knew i had a crush on her, cause i smoked pall-malls. her thick, rubbery lips smeared the side of my face with saliva in a hot, wet sensual kiss. i held onto my goat, and layed back, eyes closed, in anticipation...
ClairE I heart god.

I use damn as an indication of arousal. It works pretty DAMN well.
tina i hate it when people's parents don't realize how good their kids are and screw them up! lie to them, invade their privacy. and there are never any consequences, well, except losing the trust of their kids... which may not be immediate, but's it's horribly incapacitating. serves them right.

on the upside, there's pornytypestuff on.
wooo hooo
ClairE Sometimes it's like a stray bullet after the gunfight is over. 011226
reitoei one of the best words to use. invaluable in construction: damn i hit my thumb with a hammer. and sometimes it just pops up for no reason. damn!! damn what? anything, im pissed off 011226
ravensfears "Damn the man," Lucas said. No truer words have ever been spoken. 020208
Kiana* Doesnt life just really piss you off sometimes? 020328
User24 Dams (not the swear-words, i know, but similar) Are only there to make more money for capitalists - they ruin local economies, destroy eco-systems, countless animals, archeology, villages, plant life, etc, they force otherwise fine localities to be dependant on capitalist maintainance, and for what? Irrigation?, don't think so, for the amount of money they cost it'd be cheaper to fly all the people out of the area, into a more irrigated area (not that I'm suggesting that - aeroplane fuel is the least economic in the world + it's un-taxed) I'm just saying that Big Brother should leave us all alone. 020513
blue star working full time sucks. 020619
angie yes it does.
i never see you
or talk to u online anymore
i dont know where u are
maybe i will come see u sometime
yes that would be cool
blue star I'm here.

I'm [{Hiding}].

ladybird Damn he's sexy! He was sitting at the computer next to me just a moment ago. And he does that grin, like he doesn't know what it does to me. Even when he's talking about that girl he likes I'm finding hard not to get distracted by his eyes. Grr, typical me. Always the friend, never the girlfriend. Grr. 020729
GirlNamedLover whatsoever Ive feared
has come to life
whatsoever Ive fought off
became my life
just when everyday
seemed to greet me with a smile
sunspots have faded
and now Im doing time

cause I fell on
black days

whomsoever Ive cured
Ive sickened now
whomsoever Ive cradled
Ive put you down
Im a search light soul
they say
but I can't see it in the night
Im only faking
when I get it right

cause I fell on
black days

how would I know
that this could be my fate

so what you wanted to see good
has made you blind
and what you wanted to be yours
has made it mine
so don't you lock up something that you wanted to see fly

hands are for shaking
no not tying
I sure don't mind a change

but I fell on black days

how would I know that this could be my fate
MDogMA being damned is waking up and realizing that you are going to die. 030109
pilot mike damn damn and curse upon thee.

I'll let you be you -
let me be me
dave Derived from the austrian dammswetch, meaning to steal ones Dammer, or milk basket 030405
niska i say 'damn' a lot.

i also say 'fuck', and 'shit' on a regular basis.

i might as well be a sailor.
god damn 030527
Bloody Hell damned if you do and damned if you dont...a great philosopher once suggested that if youre so full a piece of pie would kill you...but youd just die if you didnt have it, then you may as well have it since youre just as dead either way. Thats why I figure once youre in hell there isnt much worse it can get 030804
tbagger so does that mean you're consider yourself to be in hell or do you figure you're damn ed to be. 030904
misstree "dammit, dammit, sonofabitch."
-me, every time i get frustrated. which is often.
a girl with nothing to say beaver dam :-D 031123
skalix craptastic! 040129
Jairus the word damnit! can go after any sentance,
that dog is yellow damnit!
im tierd damnit!
touch me damnit!
don't touch me damnit!

it's fun try it, it will always work damnit! see! LOL
bum bum olivia my lovahh (boyfriend, i guess he is, but since boyfriend/girlfriend conjures up an image of unhappy people, we've decided to call each other "lovahh") says damn in the best way. not a pronunciation thing, but he uses it to emphasize and, i dunno, i just love it. "it was so damn hot." "we biked so damn much today."

it translates well over the phone wires.
tr he says it too often,
I love it each time he says it.
pop hi
have you ever wonted to fuck some one before because im wide open
inky damn the word damn. it's just such a damned word. 060418
hahaha! love is just about the most damn thing i've ever experienced. fuck love! (of course i mean damn love.) 060418
marqueeAkashari/marquee gimme some damn water 070606
pete goddamnmotherfucker 070606
frenchieee instead of madame you can go ma-DAMN head hurts 111127
icamesofast i reached down to the bulge in his pants and the only word I could speak was "damn!" 160426
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