blah-ze looked on blather today, went to a couple of old blathes (hey! i picked up the lingo!) and realised that i know precisely no one here. my belated attempts at figuring out what people were pretty much failed. i found someone called oldphebe who infested my blather_psycologists_office for a while, and i figured out that he's a sorta John Donne poetic nut with a like for self expression. no offence intended. listing a few off the top of my head i have occasionally perused through: dafremen, sixteen, mistree, x, minnesota_chris, i feel the intense need to find out more.

so if you read this, give me a chunk off of your mind. its either this or full-time cyberstalking for me.
for fucks sake create some poetry instead make the effort
find this shit out for yourself.
megan stalking is fun! and healthy too! 030824
oldephebe nuts? - Damn straight I'm nuts-and coo coo for cocoa puffs - *oldephebe is bounding on a poka-dot painted pogo-stick - throughout his duplex*
woo-hoo! (reapeat five tmes, rest and then woo-hoo! - again..
Dafremen you should read kx21 paste! god and unhinged for sure kss is always..well not stupid but there's a word for it that's not derogatory but doesn't bring to mind anything rocket scientificaliciousness, but you'd probably better have a degree if he decides to whip it out to see whose got the bigger medulla oblongata. If you dont read birdmad, you're insane. Plus, I hear next year the catholic church will be making that a Standard Transgression for Excommunication or STE for short. There are a hundred other florescent_light s that sparkle on blather: dB and daxle and of course the silentbob ster. More more...hmm stork daddy's usually brilliant if not about clinical around the edges and a touch on the sneering side. However his sharp edges seem to be sanding down nicely. Happens to most of us around here after awhile, not completely, but enough to keep the fragile peace peaceful, or at least not TOOO much more chaotic than serene.)
In his defense, clinical CAN appeal, according to the stork_daddy_fan_club 's latest survey of hot forensic pathology chicks. ( The Dafremen_fan_club amounts to only three or four of us that sit around a tree and talk about the meaning of life, lager and Pez. )
(The thing I hate about starting these lists is that if you miss someone, you f*cked up. )

Ahhh screw it! Misstree and Toxic Kisses won't mind that much, continuous ache has been aching an awful long time, what's a little more to a writer of her obvious qualifications?

Endless desire norm Teenage Jesus baby_satan (sock_roda_poppers MM mmm GOOD!) Black-dyed gel product, so many others. Seedsoflight was very interesting as is Mahayana (I always spell her name wrong for some reason when I'm talking about her behind her back..don't tell her, k?) Course, being the hotdog showtime clown that I am, if I had to pick the best blathe in the WHOLE beloved blue ball of brain boggling beauty, it'd either be giggles or claptrap or free_expression or no... meaningful_conversations ? Hey do0d, where was that letter you wrote to your parents? That was sad. Find that one. Or suicide by trazlo. " Monkeys " is good for a laugh, soze karl the weed. Ferret can yodel and so can bono in lingerie. Or heck blather_tragedy is even out there if you look hard enough. Blather is chock full of treasures and lots of nice sticky, funky, absurdly wasteful CRAP. ( party_at_dafs_house )What could be more fun? Bring a pair of 10,000 volt rated rubber gloves for your brain and a nice, roomy flower basket.

OH, and you might want to bring an air freshener and some Lysol. see also:

i_have_words (? I'm sort of leaning either way on that one. Is it a jumbled pile of steaming llama nads or something worth reading? Hmm, I'm not sure.)
(or whatever that damned thing was called.)
oh...and let us not ever forget:
(Removes hat, places over heart.)

Dafremen P.S. seem to like the erotica offered up around this place. Pheve, I present: d*ck_sucking_101. (You'll have to remove the asterisk from that link first, of course. Oh, and they won't be sucking any web footed birds or boat landings in that blather if you know what I mean.) D*ck_sucking_101, this is oldephebe. Be gentle with him..he's a bit dated, but supposedly still quite serviceable...that's probably for the two of you to figure out. Good luck kids, don't be out too late!! 030824
blah-ze erm...thanks

read up on some of them

eyedream is very moving in the eyedreamisms. i have read two but will read the others. mahayana and toxic kisses are good in tandem... and my eyes hurt from constant reading.

birdmad is fun. oldphebe can be fun. dafreman, is fun. some stuff user24 has done is cool, i think.

some of the others just freak me out. poetic onslaught for instance. ashmanzhou seems to be somewhat obsessed with themselves but is interesting, as can be nomme. god. too much information flooding me.

just a question though, where did all of the people go? some of them blathed less and less recently and then disappeared. god, why?

has anyone been on blather sice it started up (apparently just over 5 years ago)?


Flowers from Safeway Make sure you read monkeys. Aimee's entry (the fifth one down) is truly genius. 030825
megan blather works in strange ways... we come and go... and some just go.
for me, it comes in waves. taking hiatuses (sp?) every few weeks is highly recommended by me. Keeps you from regirgitating the same stuff over and over and over.
and really read into people. there's a lot more there than any of us could ever imagine.
there's my 2cents for the blather_census_collector
oldephebe .. umm..daf..i never did venture over to d**k s*****g 101. Um..I used to exchange erotic writing with past flames but it was more..ah reserved..more ah suggestive and not quite so bawdy..don't really think that page would be for me..I am somewhat of what some would call a the age of 16 I hung out with folks twice my age..but they were mostly liberal preppy college I would hang out with some of the "adult" students..people in their late 20's and 30' ah now years later I am still pretty prudish once you strip away all of the erotic exhalations..i mean of course i hung out with other creative types...but i gotta say i've always been the shy type..reserved and all of that..even though my quil quakes with erotic

never did get a chance to check out dunne but i guess i'll get around to it some day...yeah it is good to get away for a while..instead of blather belching
the same soul squalor over and over..

So sing on sages and save a seat for me!
minnesota_chris I'm flattered that someone wants to get to know me.

I find if I want to get to know a writer, I go to their "who" page by clicking on their name, and read the last dozen things they've written. It's really illuminating.
Ivory Haha, Chris. You seem to be an object of blathering lust.


I say this only because I found this page by stalking you to read more of your blathes. :-]
meta meta 060412
jane i think someone thought for a while i had something going on 060418
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