Sintina That's a nice word isn't it?
Without the i, it is also a very popular word. It was the word used to describe a servant or messenger boy in the middle ages. It is a word meaning a sheet of paper bound and covered in writing which acts as a messenger to any who are educated enough to look upon it and find meaning. It is a word used as a verb nowdays when referring to looking for someone in a store by going to the front desk and having some zit faced kid act as a messenger and call over an intercom for the person you may be seeking.
Page, over the years has meant messenger in several ways.
I love to talk.
But I don't feel like a messenger. I love to write and to talk and to think and to listen and to learn, but I don't send messenges, I help people if and when they need me. I'm here for all of my friends, even the people I have never met before and will never meet. I have so many friends. And I'm one of those people that will listen to anything.
But I have so many enemies too. People who hate me because I'm different from them. Because I don't drive a fast flashy car or wear two gallons of make up. I'm not "normal". I'm just a girl who likes to talk. For a long time, I had nothing at all to classify myself as normal and I was happy. I had no life whatsoever in the conventional sense of the word.
Now I have a boyfriend and a job.
And luckily, I still don't have a life in the conventional sense of the word. I have never been to a party.
Well, a few birthday parties when I was a kid, but none of the drinking, smoking, feeling fine parties that have classified my generation. I was just never interested. Actually, I was interested, just not enough to join right in and get myself raped like several of my friends have done. And so I sat by a computer for a very long period of time. Long enough to have an internet boyfriend as sad as that may seem. I even went so far as to meet my internet boyfriend and he was my first kiss. He was my first alot of things, but not my first time.
Anyway, life was boring then, but at times I wish I had those computer days back, because now I am rarely near a computer. I am rarely near any paper or anything that I can use to express myself... and man how I love to express myself. I need it, it's like a drug. I need people to know how I feel and how I think. I love to be in the spotlight, because no one else ever seems to want to be there. I love for people to know who I am. And to enjoy my company. I love to make people laugh and to make people happy.
I wore a costume on Halloween and walked around my college campus amongst a large group of students to old to act young and I gave every one of them that I could reach a piece of candy. Whether they laughed, or thanked me, or asked me if I was just one of those "happy people" I was glad that I might have brought a spark of joy into their day. If nothing else I gave one or two or maybe more of them something to tell someone they know or see or are close to about their day and how it went. I gave them conversation.
My major is communications.
I guess I'm good at that.
I guess my name was given to me so that I could be who I am.
See, I used to ask my mom why she named me Paige. And she always said: "When I looked at you, it was the first word that came into my mind."
I guess my name is who I am. I am so much like my name and my name is so much like me.
Or maybe that's all fantasy.
Quintessensual Okay! Welcome! Have fun!

But, Paige, please tell us: Do you feel everyday in your life, that seems so nicely exuberant, is like turning to a new paige?
daxle my parents chose my name because it's "soft and feminine", two of the last things in the world I'd ever want to be 010105
Sintina A new day a new paige? Well if it is that way, then they all seem mostly the same. Like a long book where some of the pages are almost word for word with the previous page, then with some exciting parts and twists and turns that then ammount to nothing in the next chapter, but possibly have some weird something to do with an event in a later chapter... 010106
Paige I am Paige, too. I am Paige because it was my mother's maiden name. I like it. It looks pretty. I am not a pretty girl because like Ani, it is not what I do. But, my name can be pretty and that will have to be good enough for my grandmother because she needs me to be pretty and I don't have the energy. I like it because it is different. I am different. I am not a Katie or a Susan or a Jennifer, which are all fine names. I like to read and I like words. What else would you expect from someone whose name is Paige? I like libraries and bookstores and notebooks and new pens. I like dictionaries and encyclopedias and newspapers. I am Paige, too. 010512
shiva burnt wood

ClairE She was large and had a boyfriend who was quiet and who seemed like he'd need someone quieter to be with.

They've been together for years.

Her brother died in the WTC bombings.

I liked the name, for a while. I suppose I still do.
silentbob the girl jesse went out with for like 3 weeks then she dumped him because she said it wasn't right with god, and that was that. 011202
Annie111 She really is quite small to look at, because she is a dancer, and that makes one small, not the other way around. She handled it all with such an inner strength that I was amazed, and he was always there beside her, and he understood. 011202
Alakaz She has been there for me through all of my real tough times. I would die for her in a minute. I owe to her much of my sanity. She truly made me a man. I mean that by the general agreement on what a man is on the blath page, not the perverted way, of which I have tendancies to ramble about. I have known her for at least five years, and I can not imagine life without her anymore.

She means everything to me. I was closed off, and she brought me out. She helped me through my bad home situation. I can not even find the words to describe what it means to me that she is in my life. I know that one person should not mean that much, but she does. However for everything she does for me she deserves at least that.

I really would have been a little boy that was angry at the world, and expected things to happen for me. That is just the very tip of things she has taught me. She is so much more tha that.

Just to see her smile and for her soul to radiate. That is just, ... WOW! She is so strong inside. I could not have known about and endured half the crap she went through. I guess that is why God lets people like her deal with that.

She is just as beautiful on the outside as on the inside. I know a lot of people say that about other people, but when we first got together I chose her because she was pretty, because I had very little knowledge of who she really was. I could go into detail, but why?

Paige if you read it, I have forgotten a lot of things in the five years, but please know that I appreciate everything you have done for me as a person, friend, boyfriend, and what ever else you have meant and you will mean to me in years to come.

Like I said I know this letter will not do you justice, but I love you so much.
Alakaz I also promise to protect those qualities about which you feel make you happy and abnormal. No one will ever again tell you to shut up for being you. 030503
Princess Lola Paige_Davis ^_^ 030714
Paige!! Well.. .. first off my name is Paige~ and i love it!! I can talk forever like some others and i love to express myself. I didnt know anything about my name until i came to this page. Im not sure why my mom named me it but its kind of weird cuz my brother's name is Beau so maybe she just had a thing for nouns(justkiddin) Well just wanted to let everyone know I LOVE MY NAME!!!!!! 031103
amber my name is amber and i love it because i just do. and wtf are all the things these ppl r saying im totally lost but im also totally bored which is y im blathering ... paige (i mean the ORIGINAL paige who made this site) yo sound funny and very happy wich i find interesting becoz all my close friends are usually depressed n unhappy. but i think its a phase aftr all wat r teenage yrs 4 if not 2 b depressed n hate the world? 040513
pregnantwoman my unborn daughter. 040725
hailey im a dancer and i was small before i started dancing. and i used to like the name paige but most of you paiges seem a bit weird but anyway. now i like my name 050201
hailey it doesnt work when i blather 050201
. sure it does. 050201
past my new niece :) 090316
z paige arizona at the south end of lake powel (glen canyon) 090316
unhinged aawww. i have a cousin/niece paige also. (since i'm so much older, they just tell her i'm her auntie) 090316
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