zietz in
ten or twenty years when something important happens
I can tell the people
I was happy to be the first to know you
awkward and clumsy though I
might have been
deadpilot If you dig twenty feet into the ground, you'll find the same temperture as anyone.

Hey you (and me)
lets strive for anonymity
"Quiet armies" dead poet societies
We'll watch the moon circle
precise pale paths
and record known facts
about magnetic fields and pterodactyls in rice paper journals. You
hold the future in your hand like a toothbrush. Come outside and
count the stars, one for every hour
and unfound lover.
Let's calculate the coordinates,
and calibrate the dimensions
fashion a well-lit room to sit alone with the speed of God.
typhoid k is for kate who was struck by an axe 000705
jennifer I had so many words to say
when I started this thought
but the mention of her name
just sends all my words away
but not in a bad way

all I can say
is she *is* a rockstar
j_blue who is this kate?

where has she been my whole life?

Barrett Everyday she wears the same thing.
I think she smokes pot.
She's everything I want...
She's everything I'm not.
oh oh I....
(have you got nothing to say?)
kronoman A very pretty girl who I knew back in high school... I wonder where she is now? 001119
ares kate
my first crush
it wasn't to be
i knew that, so it was a relief to ask her, and even though she said "no" i felt happy
courage is sometimes hard to come by
Effingham Fish I want to fall in love with a woman named Kate. 011206
whoknows is my buddy 011206
Jenna I still have her Christmas present from last year that I need to give to her.

Damn I was supposed to call her like 6 months ago.

Where the hell does the time go?
its hard to say there's a girl I know named kate.
we learned to knit together.
we said that we should knit
scarves of death like madame defarge
and purl in our enemies
as if we had any
as if we were important enough to start
a revloution
because if we did
what would we do
the morning after?
Kate I love my name. Danni once sang the above mentioned Ben Fold Five's "Kate" to me in band, and I listened to the CD and loved it. I hope parents always choose names carefully because they are very definitive. I never went by "Katie", always Kate. My real name is Katharine, after Katharine Hepburn. 020421
silentbob i listened to that song repeatedly my freshman year in the spring when i was in love with a girl with the same name 020421
no reason or k8 020421
ilikefood i love that song. I am a Katie, but close friends and my dad call me kate. I always liked kate better. 020422
blown cherry I never got to know her, there was too much tension between us, and I felt sorry for her.
I tried to make up for sleeping with her not-quite-ex-boyfriend by giving her my expensive first year maths text book, and refusing payment when her mum insisted she offer me something for it.

I always wondered what it was about her that made the men I cared for fall in love with her, not to be mean, but it wasn't her looks. She was never ugly, but I could never honestly say she was attractive. My best friend, my sporadic soul mate, they couldn't detatch themselves even after they knew she was cheating, but then she'd come back, tears in her eyes, and no one could ever leave.

She left a trail of destruction in her wake,
but only because of the trail of destruction ahead that was the path she followed.
eklektic you're the first person i recognized as human and just like me ... in your own way. and though i'm not wordy, i think i conveyed what i mean. thanks for being my twin sometimes. 020502
minnesota_chris I know three Kates:

There is a Kate, who goes by the name of Max (she is absolutely not effeminate. Nor is she masculine, just aggressive) who is about 4'11", and acts like a 6 footer. She jumped over a counter and attacked me once. Tiny, with Scandinavian/Baltic good looks, and loves to tell wild stories about her crazy family. I love her, and will probably never tell her.

Another Kate I talked to today is someone in my Ed. Psych class. She is much more of a Kate. Feminine, strongwilled, semiformal, erudite. I was finishing a paper of a book we had just discussed in class. I asked her what her definition of "active listening" was. Off the cuff, she gave such a good definition that I based half my paper on it. It was the missing part. Long golden hair, and a "don't fuck with me" kind of friendliness. I am in awe of her literacy.

And a Kate who smiled at me across the coffee shop one hour ago. I talked with her, rather, I asked her questions and she gave one word answers, and plugged away at her statistics homework. Young and shy, unsure of words, too shy to look at me. But she was hella good at statistics. Long hair, pretty, very nice breasts. I left her alone, but I should have asked her if she wanted to kiss me in the rain.

Not that she would have said yes, but I would have at least given her a choice to say no, rather than assuming it.
beorn TO KATE:
Long ago i posted at stand.
Just today i returned, i have never done that before. I saw that you had left a responce to what i had said. I am sorry i never got back to you. Thanks for waiting so long.
achenar slammed me down. held me back. still makes me cry. maybe i took her for granted; without her i know nothing more.

when angels go bad, they fall the furthest.
kate that's my name. i used to dislike my name, but now i have more respect for it. it's short but strong. it packs a punch. it's interesting the way different people say it, draw out the short word...some special people make it sound like the most beautiful thing in the world...and that's the way i like it to sound! 030913
moon and that sound cannot speak how much anyone feels for you and how she and i love you hate you and i need you both in my life bck in my life but you were never here 031209
charlie has lovely hair 040422
Kate the amount of people called kate is rapidly increasing. In primary school i was the only kate there. then i come to high school. i was the only kate in year 7, but then from year 8 onwards more kates kept coming. it makes me sad. i am no longer unique. i dont think i ever was actually. 040513
Kate I am Kate, a fat pig-like Kate. Some call me anorexic but they must be blind so most of my body is a taking up too much space on this earth. 040709
a girl by another name it makes no sense, that a name should come with all these associations. that i loved you before i knew you, kate. that i love you right at this moment, kate. and yes, it helps that your name is kate, tremendously, but it is what is in your heart, the delicate way you are, the warmth that envelops me when your big brown eyes gaze into mine. god help me, i love a girl named kate. 040825
Parsley rob will marry this one one day. He'll post under 'marriage' when he does 041229
kate or penny? my name is kate.
i was thinking of changing it to penny earlier today. maybe i'll see how tommorrow goes; if i get a parcel in the post for kate then maybe i'll just stick with it.
.M. she drives me crazy.
but i love her.
i want to be with her all of the time.
one day we will be together.
until then i will enjoy her company, but i will always hope for something more
ungreatsince_86 Kate is great, like woah 070808
anti kate a name that means pure, which i am not, therefore i must be the anti kate. 070917
.M. i am alright with out you. in fact... i am doing great without all of your bullshit.

you will always have a special place in my heart, however i will not put my life on hold for you.
what's it to you?
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