sphinxradio i hear that the only reason you stare people down is to scare them
this leads me to question my initial judgment, of course...
because if you're not staring at me out of some sort of infatuation,
and if i'm the real stalker here, not you,
well, i guess you're just an ass like they say you are.
but i'm the type to give you the benefit of the doubt until you actually speak to me directly...
any day, now i think.

i get the feeling you're trying.
squint blushing truth in your
green blue confused coloured eyes.
and I am nervous
with jitters and anticipation
and my lips
are careless as they drag
across the feilds of your skin.
you look at me
with an unknown emotion
you just look at me
and we make out
on your red sheets.
your eyes burn into mine
it almost hurts
to share my soul this way...
silentbob avoid at all costs
if the eyes are the windows to the soul, i wish not to reflect and to keep the shades drawn as much as i can.
angie the guys that look me in the eye are always the ones that get me...every time. its something about it. wow. Just think how different everything would be if we all made eye contact with everyone...at all times. strange to think. 020514
optic discretion funny how most people make eye contact with you for a second and quickly shift their glance elsewhere. theres something quite disturbing about staring at someone for a prolonged period of time ... 020519
.. .. 020914
girl_jane don't_look_at_me_that_way 020915
~gez~ i carefully wipe the tear from your eye, my hand gently stroking your face. i feel so close to you, and it feels_so_good 020916
J i think its sad that people look away when they make eye contact. we miss so much because of shit like that. what i used to love most about rollin, back when i used 2 roll, was makin eyecontact with people and instead of looking away, just holding that eye contact and smiling. it works best if u are in a club with alotta other people rollin too, of course. 020917
diana windows 021204
aquadia of the soul 021204
screwing for virginity i heard somewhere that it is only proper to make eye contact in american/canadian culture, and it freaks everyone else out.

i can see why, i dont want that kind of closeness with strangers, its creepy.
p2 my fist
your eye
devalis is important when you say "I love you."
I miss the eye_contact.
cutanea the eye contact is what makes me want to say "I LOVE YOU!"
but i can't
devalis There was an experiment done in which a person would get into a crowded elevator and turn the other way, like, towards the other people and just look at them. People have a hard time looking anyone in the face, making complete and total eye_contact. The experiement was inconclusive... but anxious people in small spaces tend to be quite a bit more hostile. 021205
mon i don't look
i don't see
contact contact
we have a signal here
warning warming getting
closer further
far fly away
Syrope i'm not going to try and establish dominance here. you know you have that, at least, with the staring. not that i can't still be dominant from under the edges of my lashes... 040105
celestias shadow eye contact hurts sometimes 040105
girl_jane But other times...It feels so damn good. 040106
randomly recent I flinch whenever someone looks at me. I don't even have to see them looking at me, I just feel it.

athsara holy god, I realize now that to practice and seek extended eye contact with other folk will bring the (holy god) push to shove forever every time. Whether I can handle this is difficult to ascertain. 061127
pSyche it_doesnt_feel_right_to_look_you_in_the_eye

so nervous.

shy glance down.

we're shoe gazers, not starry eyed loves.
. some people need to learn the difference between eye contact as a natural part of social interaction..... and staring! 061128
unhinged most times i avoid looking at him; i think he might be able to read what's in my eyes. when we play together, we don't look at each other. no eye contact. i think both of us would collapse if we did. it makes me crazy, the way he looks at me sometimes. his steel eyes entrance me.

sometimes i have to try very hard to deflect the hurt in my eyes. the last thing i want is for him to have the satisfaction of seeing me crumble. but, i get it. you don't want me. oh, i get it alright. things like that make eye contact impossible.
unhinged the difference between the two of them is one likes to play the staring game (which i always win ironically enough) and the other is so skittish when he plays that he looks away after a millisecond.

if only we didn't make such good music together, i could walk_away from this entire debacle.
In_Bloom My eyes don't lie
So I told you as a little gift
Made everything simple for you
I saw you were a man with little tolerance- even for me
You can't help that you're so far above me and everyone else
While I could, I gave you my eyes
It was a thrill to make you smile and laugh. And moan.
unhinged steel eyes indeed. little words, but i know the hurt he has inside him. i still feel like i should protect myself around him. i still have a sorespot for him, but when we got into an argument at work this week, i realized we can't communicate without harshness. we hide the full truth from each other. he sees me as weak, attention seeking, whiny. i see him as ridiculous, lonely, stormy. we would be good for each other if we could just meet in the middle. but our middle ground is filled up with separate lives that built huge walls in between the two of us. in short, we agitate the shit out of each other most times. steel eyes, hard. opposite in all the wrong ways.

but his magical_eyes that i feel i could tell anything to, that crumble just like mine, that make me forget to be sad. we, on the other hand, have no problem communicating. i miss him. *sigh*
somebody we had some great conversations in this way. 080814
unhinged (but once afuckinggain i am reminded that he doesn't see me the same way i see him) 080814
past i was caught unaware by the depths that she explored when she caught my eyes in hers. she moved them with purpose, trying to unlock the secrets she seemed to believe lay behind them. i am not afraid to play her game, tempered by disappointment to the point where i won't be trapped by her flirtations (even when the other is around, i question what that actually is and feel sad for him, why does she play her games?). my safetly lies in that she squandered her chance to turn that key, but in her attempts i can glimpse more of who she actually is. 080814
unhinged on the last bus out of the south side, this super cute boy gets on a couple stops after me. he sits down near me and casts a furtive side_eye my way. we both are going to the east side from the south side with our headphones in our ears bopping to our own beats. he ventures a more solid look when he gets off at his busstop. he crosses in front of the bus and looks again. he realizes i'm looking back. as he almost gets to the opposite curb and turns and looks again. right before he walks into the gyro place he looks one last time and a smile passes his lips.

it was like one of those creepy craigslist missed connections. that's the one where people post shit like 'hey cute guy on the last 15 out of bayview that got off on the corner of oakland and locust and went to pick up some o.g.'s cause you were drunk, i was the girl checking you out when you got off the bus. send me a message' right?
unhinged you wouldn't look at me when you talked to me. i stared at you for an entire conversation and you didn't look at me once. 100707
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