somebody it's already changed her
but is it for the worse?
i can never tell
it seems harmless
but i don't think
i'll go there myself
birdmad something i've done a fair amount of this weekend and will do more of before the evening is finished 000909
Norm Is the only inconvenience about getting drunk. I like the whole process. Only because it is required. 010826
nanny try consuming 4 gallons of water a day and tell me that you don't have to pee all the time 010910
stacey my boy friend drinks alot and im kindof starting to get worried, its to the point where he will just sit there and drink alone, i like him so much and i would never want anything to happen to him. hes a wonderful person be around! and only if he was right here I could tell him that he means so much to me but hes not hes out......drinking 020524
kingsuperspecial that's good.

good to do what you love.

good to be who you are.

be true to yourself.

love me for who I am.

I drink.
nocturnal YOU'RE BACK?! dude, what's up? where ya been? I must hear everything. let's do lunch...or something. 020805
yoink alcohol is the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems 020817
oak barrel drinking. I'm scarred of the drink. I don't have much experience with it though. It doesn't really bother me. Anyone else can get drunk or just drink a little here and there. untill my girlfriend has a little drink once in a long while. it doesn't really bother me, except it seems like she keeps it from me. and I want to see what it is like. It's hard not to get the wrong mental picture.
I've never been to a party, and I'm 17. It seems like should have been to a party by now. but I guess it hasn't worked that way.
jim_starks its' 1:20 a.m. and i'm having my first beer of the day. just because. i can't even go a fucking day without one. it's sad yet comforting at the same time. 020924
yoink i didn't start til senior week

i fell down some steps last night
why does it always have to lead to THAT?
nocturnal roomie's 21st!!! we just got ourselves 4 bottles of champagne. yay to drinking!!! 021111
niska is still pretty fun. 030308
jane i went to that stupid fucking party last night. the biggest party i've ever been to. i didn't smoke weed or drink because i didn't feel like it and i figured it wouldn't be very good for my immune system. i ended up being the designated driver for frat boy doug and then for ex boyfriend and this girl from whom he was probably going to get some. i got home at two-thirty in the morning and i'm fuckin tired today 030308

We'll drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and FIGHT!

We'll drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and FIGHT!

And if I see a pretty girl I'll sleep with her tonight!

Yea! We'll drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and FIGHT!

bum bum bum bum bum bum bum
marjorie last night i was drinking vodka and gatorade while watching simpsons.
who cares.
guf often allows me to be a completely different person.
Talk to people I normally wouldn't.
Do things I normally wouldn't.
SAY things I normally wouldn't.
Sometimes I wish I could be the drunk me.
sameolme If by "the drunk me", you really mean
"the free me" try exercising your
"courage to be free" while sober.
If you encourage the authentic you,
you will always have somebody you can rely on.
the_vigilantist is for people who have nothing better to do.

so is masturbating.
pete how we relax afterwork, because by the time we're done only the bars are open... pitchers and darts.. 050810
NoOne sober sundays(boo)
manic mondays
tanked tuesdays
wasted wednesday
fucked fridays
shit faced saturedays

i love drinkeng
but i dont like pregaming with beer, which i may have to do tonight...
x twisted x im your usual college binge drinker. 060122
somekid i dont drink.

i dated a girl who drinks. she ended up drunk and in the bathroom with some other guy for a half hour atleast. i left her at that party.

i was friends with this kid for a while when i was younger, but we drifted apart since then. a few years ago i found out he was killed by a drunk driver.

couple of uncles were alcoholics. lost jobs, almost lost their wives, etc.

cousin went through the windshield of his car three times already, drunk on all occasions.

another one got drunk and punched a cop.

14 year old cousin downed a bottle of rum and ended up hospitlaized for a week.

couple of friends who use booze to deal with life. i wont get into the details, but its ugly.

i havent had a reason to ignore all that and start drinking.
... i cant date girls who drink. which sucks becuase it seems like most people who dont drink are afriad of alcohol and hate people who drink, or just dont have any social lives.

why cant there be any normal, social, sober college kids?
stork daddy dear lord, i'm still drunk from last night. and i think i wet the bed. is there a patron saint for this? augustine maybe. but he wasn't a saint at that point. as if you could cleave the man from the man. i'll learn how to play bridge when it's time. 060803
stork daddy satyrdays is more like it. 060803
Ptolemy DCLVIII I just realized (again) how much I love drinking. Juices, sodas, and iced waters especially. Eating, I could take it or leave it. It is drinking I adore. How often one desires to quench one's hunger with some delightful drink! Alas, it alone cannot appease, for the stomach is not an air elemental and is satisfied only by earthen bricks, not wat'ry slurps. Bound, as I am, by this physical format (human), I thus cannot flourish solely upon iced chai lattes. But this does not diminish my adoration for drinking at all! Drinking, I adore you. Thanks for Being. And may everyone who blathes enjoy an abundance of beverage excellence! 061213
Kangaroo they're gone
sneaking, curious,
cereal cabinet with kiddie locks
warmth, guilt, comfort, joy, success
olah has messed up a few of my friends 070127
Beverageer With a lukewarm meal, I can drink lukewarm beverages or cold beverages. With a hot meal, I can also drink beverages cold or lukewarm. However, with a cold meal, I can only enjoy cold beverages. The only times I enjoy hot beverages is when they are ingested independent of food, or the occasional graham_cracker with hot_chocolate. In the event of a meal with mixed temperatures, such as hot soup with a cool sandwhich, I must accomodate the cooler entree. 070314
no reason would maybe offer some perspective 100210
manic mona solves nothing....... 100212
In_Bloom When you think awhile, asking someone to give more emotionally when they drink to numb down their emotions in the first place, well that's pretty futile. 100213
Seraphmodel02 This will sound so tired, and so cliche, but it's genuine, it's the truth.

Every time I see her, every time I hear her, every time I look across the street at her window, most times I'm reminded of her I get a strong craving for a strong drink. I'm drinking and chain smoking now, it's 3:35 in the morning, I've been drinking a lot at night, it helps me sleep when I lay my head down and the train rolling through my head inevitably arrives at imagined images of things that have happened, one witnessed, two thankfully not, and plenty of other things which i wonder if they've happened or wonder if they will. These things stop me from sleeping.

I'm inclined to believe the general consensus that drinking like this is destructive, but honest to God it helps. When I'm drunk everything matters less. When I'm drunk the fact that I'm absolutely fucking hopelessly in love with her and she is torn between me and her first love (although I suspect whatever she says to the contrary, whatever she believes to the contrary, she's already made up her mind) matters less.

I'm sincerely sorry for sounding so goddamn pathetic, I'm not trying to get attention or sympathy, I just need to write down somewhere, I need to tell someone that I don't want her to go right now.

But things don't always work out that way.
what's it to you?
who go