Syrope at this volume...

tell me what you wanted to hear
let me do the right thing
let me do the wrong thing
and if it's ever this clear
i will only say it once
just let me turn the amps way up
so you can hear nothing
and if i die tonight then i guess i die tonight
let me go on
just say what you wanted to say
i cannot stand these talks, dear
they're only getting nowhere
it's never resolved
we only run around
you always tell me anyone could be just like me
if it was a different time and a different place to be
you would go on
~bright eyes
Death of a Rose should have worn a seatbelt. 040315
jane the hardest thing i've ever had to do

my opaque still hurts
phil drained out of a plastic mold like wax, I filled it back up.
It seeped and faded slowly over time. Touch it and it lights back up, like the ocean sometimes.
It gets spent and knocked out, and comes back when no one is looking.
It squeezes out of the wrinkles of fake sad faces.
birdmad i've never actually fallen out
even after a good wile_e_coyote -like drop off the cliffside

its's sort of like the story of the Corsican Brothers:
"they" fall out,
i feel the impact
pete falling out of love is easiest when you are pushed.. when left wondering what is happening/has happened and set to fall on your own accord.. that is long and painful 040325
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl not falling
just draining
seeping out
inescapably and irrevocably.
it's not fair
i want it back
the warm fuzzy feeling inside.
stork daddy god damn it son you climbed too high, said daedalus remembering his wife. 040328
falling_alone how do you explain something like this to the significant other? 040329
ethereal If one is adamant to fall IN love they're apt to falling OUT of love in the future. 040329
pete spinning like the last leaf of the fall descending to the ground in late may amid a tremendous open to the stormy season 040520
megan i don't think i've ever fallen out of love with someone
if i leave, it's normally the situation that i never loved in the first place, only wanted to
it's like birdmad said, it's mostly them leaving me, and me feeling the impact of their departure
which i suppose, in the end when nothing matters, i will be the stronger person simply because i've been through so much more
but ah well
unhinged my love for you is nothing but a memory now 040520
optical chiasma the hardest thing I've ever done was to release him from my body when all I wanted to go was grip him tighter

but it was better that way than a fading of feelings...I can't stand fading.

thinking about his hands still gives me shivers
witchesrequiem waking up and suddenly realizing I hate every little stupid thing you do.
The way you eat, laugh, speak, walk...
Sad day..but fuck it...somethings just appear diffrent once the fairie tale film falls from ones eyes.
phil fallen 040521
palm I could equate this to the best thing that ever happened to me. Even if it did almost kill me. 050626
Syrope you might have a point, about the fast traumatic fall being better than the slow realization that you're not so excited about this person anymore, that suddenly one of you has to admit that you've been too busy to stay in love

but falling
no matter what speed
is inevitable
Evilair It had already happened, but still she noticed earlier than I did. 051203
kipper What if you don't land? What if they pull the rug out from under you and you are left plumeting through space space? My Father was jilted twenty eight years ago. He still cries on her birthday. It has only been thee years for me so far, but it isn't going anywhere. 060520
kipper Perhaps there ie a sad bastard gene... 060520
The Questions without the answers how does one fall out of love?

As if love was fragile state suspended by a shallow emotion between two lovers. As if you could forget and then realize that you aren't quite there anymore.

I guess i have to wait till it happens to me. In my experience, love changes, it evolves or devolves but seldom have i fell out of a thing to know what falling feels like. To see yourself plummet out of somethingso beautiful that some would kill to have it, and hold it, forever. Did you push yourself off or did that person push you? Why did it happen? What does that mean? What does it say about your love if your love is as unsteady and frail in its consistency? Doesn't it more resemble like.

People change. i'm sure that will be one of the explanations. the person you have become is so different that who the person chooses to love is different, or the person is different than who you fell in love with you can't help but fall out of love.
pete the thing is there is no safety net to stop the fall, you have to make your own cushioned floor or keep falling forever. in a metaphorical world, only the metaphors hold truths in their falsitities... 070213
klairchen and through some long lost architect,
a thought is designed.

ever guarded and skeptical,
the crux of this thought
provides some kind of
elegant resolution
regarding the diabolical wanderer...
f~ falling_out_of_love
is just not possible
f . 070214
auburn once you're in...aren't you constantly falling...?

I can feel myself losing fingernails as I try to scrape the walls around me...hoping to slow the fall.
(amy) lose-a-bet-call-again with a certain religion. probably, i will fall in and out of love again.

i had a little fling with it, treated it seriously, passionately even.

but then, what was it? introspection, merely. perhaps. i'll never give up on anyone or anything. and i'll assume the best intentions are always kept in mind by its practitioners.

but i read a book by someone, and he gave away secrets. i'll have to compact him, analyze him, and reword his philosophy to orient myself in a way that feels right now. he probably did so just to sell a few books. and i read him in honest inquiry, not looking for sensationalism. way to go, guy. and i do tend to get the feeling that he does this sort of thing. i can't stand it when people take on 50 projects for themselves and leave the rest of us one or two beyond the obvious bulk work that needs to be done.

and then that makes me think of myself, and when will i be content? must I plan out five more mountains to climb, at steady doable intervals? or am i taking somebody else's work? might one good plateau be okay for me? somehow, i think no. it is, in fact, a mountain thing, this time.
In_Bloom I still need to go skydiving to compare the feeling between the two because in my mind, it sure feels like someone opens a door and slaps me hard on the back to signal they're about to shove me out into a freefall where a chute may or may not open. 090505
unhinged 'what do you write poems about then?'

In_Bloom Pointing and laughing at the motherfuckers you've known who are pointing and laughing at you
We all fall down
what's it to you?
who go