jane i noticed the mouse about a week ago, but don't hold me to that date. it ran from behind the desk to behind the refrigerator with an incredible amount of speed & endurance. i did notice it again later in the week, running from point a to point b again. today the mouse, who i have named hermann, was discovered by marika, the japanese suitemate who is more like a rat herself. she claims she heard scratching noises at night...but i've been here & i've never heard scratching noises, only the noises of her & her friends getting increasingly drunk and consequently increasingly loud. if it was my choice, i would rather have the mouse live here than her. the mouse doesn't get drunk & attempt to kick the door down with its battering ram of a boot. the mouse doesn't get drunk & yell at me ironically about how i've been mean. the mouse doesn't try to argue with me when i've just gotten out of the shower in front of the resident advisor. i would rather listen to the scratching noises i hear now than listen to her voice one more time. 031109
blah-ze we had mice at work a while ago... one ran into the oven and we only noticed when something crunched as the rack came out. i like mice. 031109
misstree two archetypes:
the black_hole, the void wishing to fill itself, not even conscious of the sucking_chest_wound that devours all around it in false attempt to heal. the dingy and tattered and pleading, the desperate delusions, struggling to rise on broken legs. i have seen one fixed, years later, the name of nothing given over to growth, and a great burden was lifted from me with the joy of her evolution. all others are brutal theives, ripping away small pieces of sacred.

two archetypes:
the smiling succubus, grinning incubus, setting fires to revel in warmth, to dance in the death throes of a devoured moment. make you scream to drink your voice. make them scream, they drink their own. laughing lounging predators, insatiable. leaving broken bits and scraps of flesh and bone behind, corpses caught in whirlwinds, red rain feeding the flowers. they howl at the moon because she is the one that they will never conquer.
User24 we called them psychic vampires, but nevertheless, the meaning is the same, their eyes suck the existence out of you, they feed on your emotion, these metaphorical bloodsuckers will leave you empty of everything. 031110
cupcake that sounds really really creepy! are these real people or are you talking about a story or a movie or a game or somethig??? 031110
x grow up 031110
x HEY. I did NOT say that. If you have things to say, say them under your own name. 031110
;-) touch 031112
u24 real people, they... do what I said above, really.. perhaps unknowingly, though often with the full force of their will behind their actions. 031112
jane not only takes a lot of energy to be around them, usually (& ironically) because it takes more energy to surpress emotion 031112
misstree feeding methods:
some incite, drawing rage or lust or joy or sorrow simply to drink deep from another's cup. some lick with delicate tonguetip the rarest tastes, gourmet palates tempted only by the finest. some breathe deep when the air is thick with crowd's musk, lapping from the floor what others exude, skimming from the top the floating fantasies of stranger's scents. not all draw directly.

a third archetype: fury feeder, related to the second archetype but a different diet brings forth different specializations.
misstree er, fury_feeder. improper linkage. 031115
cupcake thank you u24 and jane for answering me, i know im young but im trying to learn instead of being MEAN to people for no reason/. im sorry if im annouing sometimes but if i try to be all kewl and stuff then it wouldn't be me and i like comeing here because i can just be me and ask things and peopel dont treat me like im dumb (even tho sometimes i am! *g*) 031226
jane naivete does not necessarily equal stupidity & no one should be here to judge you 031226
jane especially if you're trying to learn 031226
u24 has nothing to add to jane's statement - well put. 031227
jane well...gracias senor 031227
misstree i was lost, a hundred squirming pieces on the ground trying to act as one. a charcoal blanket had swallowed my world; lack of sleep had become debilitating, and my mind had begun turning on everything in sight, including itself. i was collapsing inside and out.

"lean forward. i'm going to take something from you."

the words were nearly lost to mumbles by the time they broke through, but leaning was easy; firm hands guided my head as i dropped. i felt lips set themselves against my forehead; a slow exhale, then a vehement drawing in of air and... and what?

it was dark, misshapen, and snakelike, and not alive in any way something should be. i felt an absence where it had been. i felt like some of the charcoal had been cleared away.

"and again."

slightly more aware, i released myself again, and felt more of this writhing ugliness pass out of me. lips moved; once more, a gap was created where something unwelcome had been.

i leaned back, feeling nearly alive despite being wracked by sleep deprivation and illness. "it will make me sick, but i can deal with it." my brows furrowed; especially in such a state, causing pain to the belurved feels like tragedy. a few moments later, characteristic grin shone forth. "most people put it into the ground, and it just goes into someone else. i eat it, and then i fight it, and it doesn't know how to deal with me." grin split wide; enjoyment of the struggle. tragedy faded. "how do you feel?"

i nodded. "better. so much better."

"you should sleep well tonight. let me put you to bed."

i allowed myself to be ushered over, then bundled in layers of comfort. relaxing into it was easy. "one more thing. i want to give you something. i need your crown." i sat up, and felt my head once more guided, felt lip's presence on the crown of my head. the feeling of something thick and glowing being poured into me stilled every thought. evey blanket became softer, my fear of sleeping dissolved. i was laid back gently.

"you should rest well. there will be a connection tonight; when you wake up, try to remember it. it may be no more than an image or a feeling or a concept, but try to catch a glimpse and remember. okay?" i smiled and nodded. i accepted gentle kiss, returned fondest farewells, and sank under the sea.

the morning found me instantly awake and refreshed, though i had only five hours sleep. clear as springwater, the thought that sometimes the rabbit's trick is getting the cat to chase it came to mind, as if it were lyrics in the song that woke me. dreams left immediately, only the vaguest glimpse of a fold of cloth disappearing around a corner telling me they had been very much with me a moment before.
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notme i'm sorry if i am 040419
freaktard its not my fault
i cant control it
dont touch me
i'll drain you
misstree what about energy_farmers?
inspire it in order to
devour it, leaving the land
raped and barren.
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