The (International) Noise Conspiracy (Ling Lao Records) is a 5 piece political band that play a mixture of sixties pre-punk and hardcore with a bit of a funky twist. The songs are powerful and passionate with great screaming vocals, courtesy of Dennis of the now defunct Refused (signed to Epitaph and Burning Heart). This is definitely a band that NO-ONE should have missed. The shows they played were energetic and full of emotion, definitely and experience I'll never forget. Their stage show is absolutely insane, the band members wild and energetic whilst still in time, driving the audience into an absolute frenzy of slam action. Dennis [vocals] kicked and leapt his way all over the stage (at the warehouse he even went so far as to climb up into the warehouse rafters and at the fringe club he walked over the tables), Inge [bass] bounced around happily on stage and at some venues jumped into the crowd, bass and all! Lars [guitar] careened around the stage like a mad hatter as the remaining 2 band members, Sara [guitar and organ] and Ludwig [drums] remained relatively calm yet cool. and Sara left many a young teenage boy with broken hearts. The one thing kind of disappointed us was audience reaction.

A Few people found Dennis' political speeches in between songs 'nonsensical' , 'pretentious', and 'put-on'. These people have a right to their own opinion but Iím not sure I agree. If they want to believe that Dennis' political stance is 'put-on' that's great for them, it was also this stance that has gotten him arrested and detained on numerous occasions and caused the Swedish State Police (SAPO) to tap his telephone line! Dennis is the real deal as far as I'm concerned, but then again maybe the fact that the infamous LingLao records (HK) brought them over has something to do with it... Oh well, fuck it. I respect his sincerity and political stance, heís also a nice guy too!... After they played a few people expressed dislike of band, Iím not sure but maybe because they donít play pop/melodic/emo punk that makes them uncool. The (I)NC was an original change in style, standing out from today's growing number of puke-rock bands.

(i didnt see this show, this is someone elses description, i just want you to get an idea blah blah blah you know the routine. Now for lyrics!)
silentbob *I wanna know about U*
I wanna know about your little secret, I want to know why we are not equal
I wanna know about the great pyramids, I want know what they really did
I wanna know about Tianmen square, the names and faces of those who died there
I wanna know about the communards, riot in Paris where the action was
I wanna know about U
I wanna know about 1939, Spanish anarchists in our time
I wanna know about the young pretenders, I want to know about what it meant
I wanna know about the soulrebels, the allnighters in every weather
I wanna know about the books your reading and the blood that you are bleeding
I wanna know about U

*Smash it Up*

I want to smash it up for all the workers who spent hours into nothing
I want to smash it up for all my sisters who got caught up in this funky system
I want to smash it up just like a locust, like a satellite shooting rockets
I want to smash it up in every way I can and right now I think I want to be your man
Smash it up when I,m down
I want to smash it up for all the kids who got fucked up just like their parents did
I want to smash it up - the gods and masters who made us die so much faster
Yeah you know I want to smash it up
Smash it up when I,m down
I want to smash it up for all the people and for our right to be treated equal
I want to smash it up for all my friends I hope you stick around until the very end
Yeah you know we gotta smash it up
Smash it up when I,m down

*(Ive got) Survival sickness*

Manifest this repression with smart bombs and easy listening
Rally me up in this non-decision making, I got my mind in for the taking
My heart still hurts from last night
I,ve got survival sickness
Entertain me, the plot thickens, serve me up some (promises) of your good living
A grand total of understatement, show me salvation and I,ll tell you why I hate it
My heart still hurts from last night
I,ve got survival sickness
You know how it feels not to be wanted down here
You know how it feels not to feel at home anywhere
You know how it feels to live down on your knees
You know how it feels to always say please
My heart still hurts from last night
I,ve got survival sickness
silentbob i taped them on much music and they had a deadkennedys clip because apparently INC really likes them or something.
they went to an anarchist bookstore but it was closed and they were disappointed. after the interview there was the Smash It Up video. it was great.
deadflower capitalism stole my virginity. 010922
Lime Rider Quotes survival sickness cd cover. They are underrated. Smash it up:

#3 This is a start. Cover the bathroom with pictures of my friends. Write letters to people you haven't seen in ages and invite them to stay at your place. Redecorate the street sign so that all traffic will end up in the water. Steal a map of the city and try your hardest not to follow it. Borrow someones heart for just an hour. Play soccer with 3 goals and no referee. Cross out words like truth, oppression and boredom in every dictionary [op for free (?)] Change your Identity with someone for a week or
two. Rob a bank and burn the money. Money sucks! Organize a wildcatstrike at your job or your school. Drop everything and go to the one place in the world you have always wanted to go to regardless of the bullshit considerations and excuses. Steal books and distribute them among strangers. Go to art museums and sneak your own work into the displays. Play acoustic versions of angry Samoan's songs at posh cafe's. Run for every public election in your town and stress the qualifications that you don't have. Give library cards to all of your friends as a gift. Get all of your friends to go into the Burger King, order water and take as many seats as possible for as long as possible, do this everyday right before lunch time. Change the time on all the clocks that you encounter, in people's houses, in public places, etc. Alter all of the street signs in your town area with places in the world which are currently in a state of war, scene of atrocity, or subject to violent oppression. Stuff the suggestion box at your nearest video store demanding that all of the debord movies should be available for rental. Recommend that Henry Miller be required reading in all high schools. Write "this will be your death" on every piece of money that passes through your hands. Spend more time naked. Call every crappy radio station and demand that they play more G. G. Allin. If you are in a band, never play the same place twice until you've played everywhere once. On every first date, make it the mission to get you both arrested for something embarressing and stupid, don't let your date in on this plan. If you see people chasing pigeons, chase and pretend to kick them. If you have something stupid to say, make sure that it gets said loud. Celebrate every holiday from all countries and cultures. Bath in public fountains, particularly ones in front of commercial or municipal buildings. Falsify invitations to art exhibitions and pass out to homeless people. Reinvent and make up new and exciting games. Drift, squat a church, everyone should have their own cathedral.
distorted tendencies This is a .... beyond words type of band. I heard them when they first came out in Canada, before they hit it in the U.S. By the Gods they are A God. 020508
distorted tendencies REVOLUTION IS THE ECSTACY OF HISTORY 020508
silentbob democracy is a whore 020509
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