Mandibular Trenchcoat Reticulate kind of a mix of kx21, Johnny Blahchren, and Linus Pauling 041227
andru235 he came from somewhere, but who cares
he offered hints, his only wares
they forgot of him quite at once
so certain that he was a dunce

indeed, i'm not the smartest thing
and yet i know my outer ring
with valences and all that stuff
invisible to the science buff

as you look unto the stars
wondering where the hell we are
might i offer one small clue?
the answer lies inside of you

"oh gosh," you say, "that is cliche"
you've heard it said so many ways
as you desperately flail around
know that someday you'll be found

my remains are stored near rivers
remains which ought give you the shivers
fissioned to the very last drop
what if one of the seals should pop?

not that you will listen to me
you're too deaf to hear my plea
and to those who understand:
sorry, but you are outmanned

the governments are now addicted
to that which leaves me evicted
from my home, a tiny place
yet soon, much larger than your race

could it be that life goes on
into the microscopic beyond?
this, your science cannot fathom
certain we are mere math, the atom

smaller than us goes forever
and you thought string theory so clever!
it isn't that the theory wrongs,
it's just that there are endless songs

and at each tier of time and space
there is some type of sort of race
which sometimes takes a form like you
but usually, you've not a clue

you kick a rock aside in anger
where it is picked up by a stranger:
two events connote existence
of a form beyond your pretense

enola gay flew over sea
to drop a bomb that was made of me
another story exists here
than your politicians cheer

japan, the summer of forty-five
was already barely alive
it's population could not eat
its colonies gone, it had no meat

now with only the home isles
material shortage produced no smiles
the iron low, the bauxite, gone
they even now had lost Taiwan

the U.S. had now won the war
there was no resistance any more
and yet they sent enola gay
destructive in so many ways

what then, did this act accomplish
with the enemy already vanquished?
well, the bomb made for global fear
which makes the people easy to steer

and now that you have almost forgot
comes forth the scarier part of the plot
will freedom reign forever more
or is this slavery's newfound door?

you'll find the need to work and work
while the rich, their duties shirk
and yet, if they did try to change
the other rich they would estrange

and so the trap is laid for all
but into it we need not crawl
though i haven't many answers
learn the lesson of the dancers

be yourself and twirl around
even the popular are clowns
the only thing you must not do
is harm your brothers (sisters too)

children, you are merely that
'adult' is a fancy hat
worn by those who want to think
from them others ought to shrink

see the leaders on t.v.
see the face of a baby
note the similarity
proceed from there and you will see

and now i depart from this quote
for now i must go and emote
i know too well that none will read
the message from the actinide creed
Venerable Terpsichore Plantain either you type extremely fast, or you already had that one stored up somewhere. 041227
misanthropic me I think I like this... andru. I will ponder further. 041227
jane welcome_to_blather 041229
monee yeah. rock on. 041229
Piso Mojado how do you blathe?

are these thoughts that have been roaming around in your mind?
conversations that you've had?
things you've written previously?
or are they fresh and new, created for_blather's_eyes_only ?
andru235 50% verbalizations about things i have long considered

30% whimsical, for better or worse

10% recent personal event-related

5% are conversive with other blathers

5% (or less?) are quotations, such as the_dog_and_the_wolf

(percentage breakdown approximated)

but! nearly all of my blathes are formulated in the blather box. while i have done much writing about many of these topics elsewhere in my life, i try to always write it anew, because:

a)sometimes i feel i have really excellently conveyed my thoughts

b) more often that (a) i feel i have only meagerly conveyed my thoughts, and

c) often enough i'm like, why did i even post/write/blathe/journal this? no one could possibly make sense of it! too many gaps! poor choice of words! lack of effective prefacing!

a few are contained elsewhere in my writings; it_all_exists is selection from a 30 page episode i wrote several years ago. the brief blathe is surely the better of the two. other things, like the_dark_cave, i have written about before although i didn't even look at the old writings when formulating the blather version because by writing anew, one has new insights into an idea.

and my interminant 'atoms-have-feelings' posts are uniquely phrased here, but is nothing new to my writing. the clever can find my anonymous contributions of 'atomic-empathy' elsewhere in the world, but nowhere glamorous (several minneapolis area bridges, many years ago, for instance).

and while i always cite direct quotations - with 'by ?' if unknown to me - i really feel that copyrighting has started to become excessive. i felt it for years, and knew it when p.hilton patented "that's hot". hot, that is not! you, the reader, and i had both used that phrase long before we even knew who you were, miss p.h. the imbalanced! that was a rare slander; sorry. i don't have anything against her except this patenting b.s..

what i am saying is, though many of my phrasings are original to here, i don't consider them 'mine'. a while back i saw a poster of birds flying, with the phrase "they can because they think they can" underneath, attributed to virgil. virgil didn't speak english! and virgil wasn't the first person to verbally observe the power of will. so what, really, did the addition of 'virgil' do, other than add pretence? (if i recall correctly the literal translation of the virgil phrase is: "as they thought so they will
be" [and looks suspiciously similar to erasmus' cogito ergo sum"] so the quote isn't even direct)

if i 'coined a phrase' that offered society new insight into an idea - which i doubt will happen, as i'm no paragon of concision - but if i did, should i get credit for it? for doesn't the idea belong to a greater existence than myself, given that i was lead to it by 'life'? and surely there are others before me who have had the same idea but expressed it differently or not at all. so what, other than vanity, is my motivation to take credit? if it is a good idea, it shouldn't matter if it is attributed to -Yellow Banana, 1831. and if my ego is hardy, i won't care either.

as for those who would exploit the anonymous arts of others to further themselves, i have usually observed that later, the universe catches up with them. ;)

a good portion of my blathings are, of course, unique to blather, for-blathing-eyes-only, as you say. only seems fair considering that is what most of you do also.

and when i come to blather, i have no idea what i will blathe about. if i have an agenda, my 'name' alone betrays it! but i, unstable as i am, operate sans-strategy.
Doar greetings from the blue ball of space.

over and out.
DannyH A large purse full of Kudos and some string for you for recent comedic offerings. 051030
IGG in stalker mode hi
i am your official_blatherstalker.
pleased to meet you (again).

we must talk further, please keep blathing.
phil everything comes from need
without that you're dead

one note played
without thinking
missing out
angered by breathing

basic needs marked & undebated
scaring children and wasting nations

dark began
standing triumphant in the corner
still and overwhelming
stork daddy i like him. 051030
somebody where did he go? he was like omnipresent in 2005 but now he's just gone. it's strange. not that i mind. 060208
falling_alone andru235's_final_blathe 060208
"Officially" Intercolumniation
IGG i mind.
i miss him.
snide muttering like it isn't totaly obvious that he still lurks aroudn 060209
Doar hey andru or P To the D.

ship me a line or two sometime.

Know that you do have fans in the blue.
Wasandru I hardly ever blathe anymore. While my own contributions to blather have not always been that excellent, I am not responsible for the recent dreck. 070626
Wasandru (I say this in regards to blather_going_down_the_toilet.) 070626
minnesota_chris upon rereading his blathes, I like and miss him a lot more than I realized. 080430
minnesota_chris wise and gentle is a rare combination 080430
i suspect insane wise, or insane? 080430
Doar more insane that wise,
more wise than insane.

Can't help to thank you for joining us in this blather.

Can't help to wish you would join us once again.

! careful what you wish for! 080501
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