amy 50 minute presentation to your peers, on the depth or lack of depth in the work you supposedly have been working on. 991208
R.A.I.N. Another chance to stress about having others think you are not worth responding to.

Why do you talk?
deb they keep telling me i talk in my sleep
but that i talk of nothing

i talk of dreams which are the children of an idle brain begot of nothing but vain fantasy

i wonder, what is it that i say
that nobody can seem to remember?
perhaps i just don't want to know~
unhinged i talked to him yesterday...he gave me a bible verse to read...even though my first perception of him was incorrect the part that told me he was somewhat jesus was very right...i cried...big wracking sobs that almost make you vomit...i think it was because i saw the truth in that bible verse...i talked to him about an hour after that on this stupid machine and he told me that he cried too...such things lead me to believe that we were meant to be together but predestiny is like a lie.....he is the most beautiful person i have ever had the pleasure to stand outside of...he is the only one that doesn't hurt me by letting me stand on the outside...but he talks and says things that i understand as being singularly alone and blissfully happy in the sea of humanity....i read things that he wrote along time ago that tell me love is not the word to little fragments....peace is not for me right now....i break down to the words of the bible...the kingdom of heaven is inside me...he said....

stupidpunkgirl you used to ask me why i'd talk to you.
you though i was so cool.
i fooled you.
don't you regret it now?
it would have been easy to ignore me.
now you won't talk to me.
i'm not who you thought i was.
don't blame that on me.
you wanted me to be superficial.
that's what you're used to.
you left because of it.
you never knew me.
from me let's talk... soon. i guarantee you it will be painful. but if we both don't run away, we'll find the gold there. the purpose. tell me what you think. 010324
ladybird sometimes we just do it to fill the void...i don't like it much then.

But sometimes it's better than sex. It's where the real intimacy lies.
Casey It is always enjoyable to sit at Hardees and talk with Bobby. It makes feel somewhat special and my stomach doesn't hurt as much afterwards 010609
tit i am ready to jump
i am ready to fall
it's only you that can talk me down
say your cruel words
limit me with your omissions
cut me to the core
convince me i am not
what i could be
what i should be
what you need
what you want
speak to me in your language
your language of not
and no
and never
tell me about her
the good one
the better one
the best
remind me i am not
and never will be
talk me down
convince me not to fall
like only you can
ExiriaMalice this disjointed meandering through peoples loose thoughts and stories and feelings is probably one of the most relaxing things i've ever done 020708
Kate Your online, on the e. e. cummings based screen name that you don't know that I know about. Perhaps I could im you and you would talk to me, for old times sake, about your summer or what you have been doing or about a girl or about absolutely nothing at all. I'm contemplating it, but I know that it would turn out wrong, that you wouldn't want me to do it, even though I don't think I'm obessed with you like I was before. 020708
angie *na*

ahhhhhhhhhh why are you being so immature...
u fucking think u are bigger than me or something by showing that u dont care...
fuck that
its only gonna get worse
guess u just dont get that
u listen to the same fucking songs over and over.
i cant stand it
you are just a little brat
admit it
p2 you say talk is cheap
but 1-900-sex-talk
is quite expensive
Neal Boortz It would seem that the Neal Boortz bobblehead doll has attracted the interest of a young Afghan girl in Kabul. Also, if you could see the enlarged picture you would note that his golf club is broken. Probably the work of the Taliban who outlawed golf and cancelled the PGA Tour stop in Afghanistan when they took over. 021212
andrew Why don't you talk anymore?
we miss you
? whats the use? 030518
pansy Talk to me. Now Iím so brave but in the morning I will hide myself behind the curtain and I will think rationally and I wonít meet you again. 040127
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl you're just jealous because the voices talk to ME. 040210
Sam morning
hi sugar
you want breakfast
yeah a shake
okay hang on
here you go
did you see about this guy who died in Iraq
no. oh. terrible.
alright i'm off see you tonight
bye babe have a good one
you too. love you.

how was your day
long and busy but it went fast
and yours
kind of the same
do you feel like cooking
do you want to eat
yeah but not now
i just want to read a while

sweety. you fell asleep
let's go to bed
gosh what time is it
goodnight sammy
good night love
Syrope how you use the phone intrigues me
both times, now, the phone's made an appearance
i think i need a landline
no reason we don't talk nearly as frequently...not by phone, not by email, not by msn, not in person. we talk less now that we live in the same city than when we didn't. and it doesn't entirely feel like we need to.

when we do talk, it's tasty and refreshing, like taking a sip of orange crush or something. it's sweet, but isn't something you'd want/need to taste every day.

i wonder what's happening to us.
neo It's supernatural. I never heard anything about it. So it's really none of mine. 051123
blue morpho Talking takes the meaning out of life. It steals it's glory and it's strife. It makes it worth nothing. It doesn't matter anyway. 051123
Mack Brilliance The milkmaid says 060919
darkraven to me aliens, do not go away 060920
no reason it's just that all the people i had to talk to i can't/don't really talk to anymore 070226
gja they are all talking to me. 070226
:P chat chat

there we go, nothing more to say, goodbye.
no reason i'll talk until i get tired of myself 080108
no reason he told me i don't talk to anyone
and now i feel a lot less like talking to him
niecespieces Talk to me. Tell me what you want.
What you feel.
What you imagine of me.
What are you scared of?
Tell me everything.
Tell me everything you don't know about yourself.
Talk and talk and talk until your voice is all gone.
If you tell me what you don't want, or what you can't see of us - I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know how I might react.
In some ways, it is great that you don't talk.
That everything you say is all in fun and the moment.
Maybe you have it right.
Maybe I shouldn't care what comes next.
So far today has repeated three years worth.
So maybe you will stay.
Or maybe you won't.
And maybe that is just fine.
amy a whole mini not sure internet just a proposition, evangelizer,

(hates Catholics)

which of your three is about failure?

alternatively which of these is in your interest (country or otherwise) essential interpersonal skills is most about failure empathy, sympathy, or compassion. i actually do want this turned into read-only. i'm not trying to beat you up. it's not very positive. it's convincing you something bad should be good like a world without the sun. venus full of sulfur. a castle pretending to be real.
what's it to you?
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