The Truth is this theory that I had once, I don't necessarily believe in it...but it came to my brain, so here it is.

First...the (supposed) givens:
The universe will collapse one day.
Time will go backwards, and everything will still logically work when this happens. Like...instead of me throwing a rock into the water... Imagine that the water will splash and a rock will fly from the water right into my hand causing my hand to reverse wind-up, then I will put the dry rock down and continue walking backwards down the beach, and it will all seem perfectly normal, just as it does now going frontwards.

OR... Actually THIS is the theory I was getting at...

The universe Vibrates as a result of continuously expanding and collapsing at a very rapid rate, like a thousand times per second, so fast we don't even realize it.
However, TIME is the force that allows you to keep track of your positions, so that each vibration will render you one instant further than before.

Each instant is stored forever in a seperate dimension. That is why under hypnosis, subjects can recall vivid details by "travelling back" to a specific moment in time and explore it, even things they didn't look at, or things in their peripheral vision can be recalled with exact detail.

Each of these dimensions is like a bubble, the ENTIRE universe and the exact properties of every atom is unique to that one instant, and is forever stored in that one dimension.

So EXISTENCE or, what I call the polyverse, would resemble bubble wrap, only in multiple dimensions...So stacks (or layers) of bubble wrap intersecting stacks of bubble wrap ..(yes...I was stoned when I thought of this...) where each bubble represents a seperate dimension containing a single instance of the universe in suspended animation.
Now... each time you make a choice, you actually WILL yourself into the adjacent bubble (dimension), commanding your "existential_timeline" to transcend or "grow" into a different universe where things occur according to, and based upon what you have decided. So if you could stand back and look at it from a distance, your existential_timeline would grow and branch off like a tree, each choice would branch off into X amount of branches, where X = the number of options related to your choice. If you had two options to decide on, A and B, and you choose A then you continue along that timeline, yet option B continues in an entirely different series of dimensions.


Now...Deja Vu occurs when two of these existenial_timelines intersect, So options A and B would branch off along their seperate routes, but somewhere along the line those two options would end up at the same result no matter what. Well if you have two timelines that are identical in my_bubble_wrap_polyverse_theory, then those two BUBBLES would overlap!

this would cause an eerily creepy sensation that you've seen this or been here before, but only for an instant or two!

This theory requires that the universe is much more complex than we can imagine, and our will is much more powerful than we realize.

I will be thouroughly impressed if anyone reads that whole thing and understands it!!!
kx21 Refer to TOE10... 010805
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kx21 When I was contemplating the magic of buble, my master the Brightest Light told me that

'The bubble is in U, specifically You '...

How many bubbles are in You?

How these bubble were formed?

What is the connection between the Bubble and the big_bang or Black_holes?

Any good_point?
The Truth maybe black_holes are the glue that hold all of the bubbles together.

The the_big_bang occurs thousands or millions of times per second x the number of bubbles bisecting interdimensionally.
mushroomman It makes sense... i had a similar theroy. 011020
ferret ever get that feeling where your head seems to be pulled by water and air? only they're one substance, not 2. i often get that feeling when i'm in thrift stores. i believe it has to do with a connection between the object i'm seeing and/or the person who last owned it. i tried closing my eyes and walking thru a thrift store once, i bumped into a table. i opened my eyes and got the feeling BIG_TIME. anyway. kinda unrelated but yeah...

i also have a U theory. what if, for every choice you make, there are thousands and millions and trillions of other choices that become universes. and you are in each U. now, say you died in one U, you would immediately be transferred to another U and have no memory of dying. Meanwhile, in the U that you died in, it would be marked with an "x" signifyin the presence of death and therefore making it impure. so every U with an "x" eventually dies. until there is only 1 U. (heaven?). that 1 U would be the purest U. but, say you get to hell, which would be the most impure U. if God is everywhere then it would be conseivable that God would be in hell also. right? but hell could just be apart, seperate. nothing, just a state of "mind"

but. if God were in hell also, then it would make sense that there would be some hope for the ones in hell yes? so eventually, the ones in hell would go thru some ordeal or something (this is the main gap in my theory) and make it to (heaven?). except for Satan, thus, ridding all U's of evil.

Dafremen I've also had a similar theory, but I wouldn't have called it bubble wrap. Polyverse is good though. Who knew the Truth was so insightful?
Go figure.
ferret i have a slight revision of my theory
this also ties things together for me in my recent quests for knowledge (see: free_will). ok, when a list of possible choices to a situation occurs, and all the possibilities turn into their own universes, the universes freeze, nothing happens because there isn't a soul in the new possibilities except for the one that is chosen. when one person in one U dies, (s)he goes to a different one and then STARTS that one, as in, it hasn't done anything since it was created. and then everything keeps going from there. now, about free will, given that this theory is mostly true and God knows everything, then the only way (that i have found) that *true* free will can exist is if God knows all of the possibilities, and he knows what happens in each of them if they are chosen, but you still get to choose which one you will pursue. like, He knows what happens in all of them, so if you were to pick one He would know what would happen in that one, but if you picked the other He would STILL know what happened in that one. hope this makes sense, i have to rethink it every time i think of something else so this is just my most recent string_of_thoughts
ferret this is all given that God knows that you can choose, which is the way of thinking that i was missing. 030710
ferret ok lol, maybe that was more than a "slight" revision but oh well 030710
Strideo There are a number of variations on this theory, I beleive much of it may have begun with Richard Feynman's idea of multiple histories in which a particle as we see it has taken every possible path availible in its histories. this may just be a good mathematical way to discribe how the universe works or it could very well be literally true, however the idea that you could get "interference" or somthing from some multiple universe were you died seems a little far fetched. if the universe works this way you shouldn't be able to tell.

see the article below for an example very close to what ferret explains:

BOSTON, March 23 (UPI) -- Spanish and American astrophysicists claim the
universe we inhabit contains an infinite number of other universes like our
own, called O-regions, that we will someday be able to contact.

Jaume Garriga, of the University of Barcelona, and Alexander Vilenkin, of
Tufts University, call the concept "many worlds in one."

As they explained to United Press International, these universes are
likely similar to our own -- share similar life forms, for instance --
because they share a key feature with our world: a finite number of distinct
histories. A history is the way something has evolved in time and will
continue to evolve. Until now, physicists have never been able to make such
an assertion.

The team will publish their hypothesis this fall in the journal
Gravitation and Quantum Cosmology.

Are these ideas far-fetched? Alan Guth says no.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology physicist told UPI, "Do I think
that the ideas are viable? Definitely yes. In fact, I very much admire the
precision with which the ideas are expressed. I consider the work of Alex
Vilenkin and his collaborators to be the leading work in this field."

He explained, "What is new in their article is the realization that the
total number of possible histories for each universe is finite."

An infinite number of universes like our own is a concept Guth -- one of
the foremost authorities on a concept called the inflationary universe --
finds startling.

"That's a pretty mind-boggling conclusion," Guth told UPI from his
Cambridge, Mass. office.

The idea that an infinite number of universes exist gives rise to some
interesting, and troubling, implications.

"Whenever a thought crosses your mind that a terrible calamity might have
happened," Vilenkin told UPI, "you can be assured that it has happened in
some of the other O-regions."

Furthermore, since some O-regions have histories identical or nearly
identical to our own, "if you nearly escaped an accident here, then you were
not so lucky in some of the O-regions with the same prior history," he said

The worlds Garriga and Vilenkin imagine are not entirely calamitous, and
may even be amusing.

"Distant copies of ourselves play all sorts of different roles" in these
other worlds, Vilenkin said. In fact, "there are infinitely many O-regions
where Al Gore is president and -- yes -- Elvis Presley is still alive!"

According to Vilenkin, Guth's work gave rise to the idea of many worlds in
the first place. Guth formulated the now well-accepted idea that the
universe is expanding -- or inflating -- and published the best-selling book
"The Inflationary Universe" in 1997.

As the visible universe expands, or inflates, it gives birth to new
universes. Since inflation is eternal, new universe creation is also

"In an eternally inflating universe, anything that can happen will happen;
in fact, it will happen an infinite number of times," Guth told UPI.

Guth also believes the many-worlds hypothesis has profound philosophical

"We already know that our planet is merely a tiny speck in a vast cosmos,
but now we are being told that we do not even hold a unique copyright on our
own identities," Guth told UPI. "Instead, each of us is actually only a
single copy of an infinite number of beings that are completely identical to

(Reported by Mike Martin in Columbia, Mo.)
Copyright 2001 by United Press International.
All rights reserved.

celestias shadow just one question: how many times have you seen Donnie_Darko?

And if you haven't, YOU SHOULD.
acidshank that is an excellent theory! well thougt out and spelled out. i could definately see how that would all work. oo will into a bubble.
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