unhinged the fiction of reducing an intimate relationship to a platonic one

are you really truly friends? why does it bother her when the dog comes back to her smelling like me? why does she feel the need to pick at what you're wearing? why do you let her push your buttons?
unhinged friends dont make each_other that angry 140601
flowerock unfortunately this seems to be the case. I try to br friends but it's an akward kind of one sided effort. I try too hard and they are polite or silent in response. I remember years ago I hung out with my first ex and it was fine and normal until he kissed me and it was sweet and we kissed some more, but then he cried, "I don't have you anymore, we might never do this again... our story is ending" it was one of the first times I felt my heart break for someone else's heartbreak. I didn't know how to help him, hugging caused more pain, I felt so horrible that I was causing hos pain and could only help by leaving, again. we are friends still, in that we chat on facebook sometimes and care to be in touch, but even that took years... we broke up ... 10? years ago. I have also felt that kind of jealousy. the example of the dog smelling of a past lover... It would bother me even though I wouldn't want it to. My insecurities get the best of me and then i see that I have set a double standard. 140602
unhinged everytime we tried to talk about it, her, them, he would get upset. she was obviously upset that their dog smelled like me. they are not done with each_other. all the pretending and marrying other people hasnt changed that. i dont tell people what to do, but i do know when its time for me to walk away. 140603
unhinged i hate the distance growing between us
i want to sleep in the same bed with you

i like my space

the fact that i managed to fall in_love with a frat boy when i wasnt looking means labels dont fit the situation

unhinged offering to do things for people, especially when they are repeatedly telling you no, doesn't make you a good friend

pushing your needs and wants on people when they tell you they want to be alone doesn't make you a good friend

telling someone you have 'feelings' for them right after they began a painful breakup with someone else and then telling them you dont want to hear about said breakup does not make you a good friend

sometimes people need to be heard without having to listen. giving unwanted advice forces the other person to listen.

telling someone it will be ok when in fact there is no evidence to support that and then telling them they are being dramatic when they disagree does not make you a good friend
flowerock truth.

unhinged hes in town with his band again. he is having drama with his girlfriend cause they have a chick bass player now.

(really?! so im single because i dont act like a jealous psycho cunt. funny how that works)

they are sleeping on the floor of my apartment. like back in our day. i miss those days, even though on some level they were torture. those days that stopped with the last psycho he dated.

i miss those days

i am tired of grey areas
flowerock comfusing. the chick bass player is an issue but not the ex girlfriend(you)? awkward. 140713
unhinged oh i am an issue for her too even though we never technically dated

maybe he gets off on the jealousy
what's it to you?
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