anne-girl this girl... she's gorgeous, brilliant, altruistic (heading off in several days to go on a missions trip, that type...)

she's nice, and funny, and just overall so excruciatingly perfect that i'm almost jealous
she's a perfectionist... puts effort into everything

did I mention she sings? Acts? Plays the guitar? All while maintaining a bloody 94 average or something insane like that ... she's in the top 25 students in the college... and says she's thinking of doing humanitarian work as a career, or whatnot. Damn.

and she's weird in that random way which i require of all my friends, can carry on nonsensical conversations about absolutely nothing like there's no tomorrow

did i mention she's gorgeous?
not that i'm in love with her or anything... i was at her house yesterday, with some people... her brother is cool, shy, geeky, uses Gentoo, probably years and years older than me, but who cares? (not that i'll ever see him again or anything)

but if i weren't straight... damn.
She's christian though, born-again and... pure or chaste or something, the type who subscribes to Brio and carries books about how to follow Jesus better around with her, never profane (required renaming the game "asshole" before playing) ...
seems quite clearly not interested in relationships with anyone (friendships, she says)
she has morals. (not like me)

her french is terrible
she's slightly elitist, i believe
she's not perfect

but damn, she's gorgeous. beautiful. radiant. shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.
Lemon_Soda And she always will be. Over her? Never. Better? Looking to other venues? Moving on? Yes, yes I am.

But there will always be a part of me reaching for a star with her. I know its not going to happen, but I still have to try.

Ofcourse, she might become a falling star, zoom right into me and bury my melted corpse a mile underground.

But it would be worth it.
Lemon_Soda You get that smell in your nose, of dirty water, flowers, and more spices than you can identify, and you can't help it. Your heart flutters and a spring in your step sends you along your way, grinning like a cheshire cat sittin' on a gerbil powered massage chair, with its tongue clicking the top of its mouth and its foreclaws hanging ribbons and chains and entrails. The breeze rushs through your hair and chills your cheeks, turning them all the rosier, an image of her tender body, all dressed up like a cartoon, with her pink boots, and seat buckle belt, a powder blue shirt and eyes like pools of night, smiling with little dimples of their own. That pile of dark red and orange leaves is suddenly a fire you can splash through, sending sparks in all directions. A conversation with the squirrel and the finch who are arguing over a hole in a tree goes alot smoother, leaving them both waving appendages and chatter-chirping thankyous or insults, who knows what. An infectious thought, you think, since your smile seems to be spreading wider than your lips allow, leaping off your face and attaching to others who happen to meet your gaze, as if for just a moment they too knew her, and laughed with her, and ate soup and plum sake' and gumbo with her. Its like tasting her all over again with your skin, your ears, your eyes, your tongue. Such a fantasy, such a fact. Clouds spread and ruby hearts soar leaving a wake of laughter and spirit that bleeds all over the path. One hand in your pocket a swagger takes over your step, and one foot forward and the other turned sideways you keep going, taking it all in and giving it all back as muddled as a puddle of rainbow, and twice as delicious. She did that for you. She gave you electric roller skates and pushed you down the highway, tied you up like a pretzel, and traced claws along your skin. You think about her a little more and the tingle flashs again, threatening to burst out of your chest as the words escape your lips, just as she would want, loud and piercing in the middle of the serne setting of an office drawing the eyes of a dozen coworkers,

"DAMN she's beautiful."
She wears the face of my beloved. She is not related to her but looks as if she could be her identical cousin or something. She is radiant, and grows more lovely day by day. Gothgirlpoet turned nihilist turned ....

may she never know the secret feeling i harbor -- I think i may have unconsciously appropriated that line from something i read here on blather a year or so ago...but still

may she never know the secret feeling i harbor

but damn she is beautiful...kinda like if audrey hepburn married a bi-racial boy and they had a beautiful daughter

so just fling the flame and burn the temple down

no reason i was with two friends tonight and this guy passed me on the street and said "oh my god. keep doing what you're doing, because you're beautiful."
i'm not sure what it is i'm doing, but it was a nice and sincere little ego boost. it's nice when these fun little things come at the right time.
nomme) whoever she is 050626
emmi in response to the first post... that's about how i feel about everyone i meet... until i get to know them. sometimes it takes a few seconds for me to find a good reason why i don't want to be her, other times it takes years. it all depends on how well she's mastered her perfection act. 060601
LS Might not be an act. 060601
emmi perfection is always an act 060602
LS I take it your not a very religious person. 060602
emmi eh... god's not perfect 060604
LS OH, how blasphemus.

I could never state I understood divine things.

Divine by definition puts it a little over my head.
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icy beyond words
she transcends my stilted descriptions.
she is real.

but just another crush.
what's it to you?
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