Norm When I was like 6 I used to talk to myself all the time. I can't remember the type of things I said but I remember everyone always telling me to stop talking to myself. 011013
billy idol cool! i used to dance with myself. 011013
kelli crane I'm talking to myself
and nobody's home.
unhinged everywhere
on my way to class
on my way from class
when i'm sitting on the toilet
when i watch you
damn i loved you once
silentbob I consider it soliloquy 020116
Arwyn all day long... 020117
(self-conscious) cube As occasionally happens when i find myself working in a very noisy environment and when i know nobody's watching...
he might be looking god, i don't know if i can do this... supposed to do coffee with the ex tonight, it's been a month and by all reasoning we should be able to do this really well, i don't want him back, not now, but i can barely stand to happen across pictures of him, i feel punched in the gut, i feel a hole, not something missing but just darkness, like a censored sticker... i don't know if i can, i've got this scarlet flame that i chase like a will-o-wisp, and maybe i have avoided dealing with this whole thing, staring it in the face right now it certainly scares me, moves me in ways that do not seem familiar... i don't know if i can do this, the endlessly fearless wants to run, hide, sing songs to myself and hunt for herbs, leave any reminder of this terror behind... i need to finish rebecoming, i need to sever the last, before i can meet him on proper terms, and the instrument of that severing is a constantly shifting concept just out of grasp, a hunt like wile e. coyote, so near but not yet there, always inches or moments the unbreakable glycerine wall... i can't do this, i'm terrified... i can't do this, i'm not ready... i can't do this, i am not who i should be... 030904
maharey its the best thing ever. you dont winge back, your always right, and the topic your talking about is never boring cause u came up with it in the first place. 040201
u24 isth
*sigh* I always talk, but I never answer. Don't I like me?
no reason is what i've resorted to today 040201
phil schizophrenia 040521
pete i like to think of it as pronouncing my internal dialogue 040521
_alone & lost_ I talk to myslef all the tyme... especially when i feel lonely, and have no one else to talk to (always)... no one seems to entirely understand me... even I don't really understand myself. So I guess that's a lot to ask from a person: to understand me. Talking to myself helps to ease the pain when I'm about to blow up. But sometimes it scares people. Humming, mumbling, and talking to myself. I guess I can see why it scares them, but they should also at least try to understand why I have to do it... I would explode if i didn't. Talking to myself...i guess... to try to understand myself. 040521
Borealis to the skies
to the walls
to the carpets
to the cats
to the memories
to the visions and dreams floating amidst my mind
out of sight

just out of sight

I lay alone today on my bed..
around five in the evening, no desire to start looking for dinner, made a few calls, was greeted with answering machines.
I loved my solitude once upon a time...
a very long time ago...
until you broke that solitude, and stood beside me.

and now...alone once again...nothing quite feels right again.
monee typing to myself 041213
anne-girl i was talking to myself at the bus stop the other day, until I realised there was someone else there
nom) in the cemetery 050811
TK When "bad" things happen and no ones around to hear me, I say things like:

"Itís not his fault, he doesnít know any better.. But That Doesnít Make It Right!"


"Your okay, everythingís going to be okay" (over and over again until I believe myself)


"You know your right, hell He knows your right, but like hell if I feel like arguing over something I already know I'm obviously right about"


"Shit happens, it's not your fault, regardless of what any one says, it's not your fault, they just donít like to place blame on themselves, so their (WRONGFULLY) blaming you, it's not your fault"

Or any other numerous things along those lines.
three words talking_to_myself to_destruction don't_bother 061002
Floptolemy "I haven't talked to myself for years."

What?!? Did you have a falling out with yourself, or something?

Only crazy_people don't_talk to themselves!
superleni sometimes i'm the only one who understands me 061003
Christ without the cross i like to pretend i'm talking to God. I like to think that it's him listening. Its my version of prayer. 061004
kAT iN tHE hAT ah, man...
fuck complications &
overwrought machinations

don't baroque
the sweet & simple

we live but once
(if we're lucky)

sample the special
swallow by spoonfuls
swim in the sensual

who's this
meek timid
fucker who keeps
his "yes, buts"
in my inner ear?

i heard you, man
the first 1000 times
now shut up &
take the ride

fuck seatbelts
trust the wind

throw your hands
in the air &
scream w/joy

& don't act like
you didn't buy
the ticket, cuz
you totally did

and you totally
would again &
again & again
if you could...
In_Bloom I am not wrong
I am not alone in this
Damn I need some sleep
I don't want to sleep though
I'm being tested, shite...
It's okay, I can handle this with flying colors

I am not the greedy
I am not the inpatient
I am not the second guesser
Oh wait, I am I really am!
Stop- write- don't send

I will keep playing
I'm going to win
I'm going to win for two though, not just me
Push you to push me
Who's really leading?
It doesn't matter as long as we pass through the nausea and heart racings without imploding

Wow, I said to choose
I said it aloud
I heard you say something back
My chest feels like it's splitting open but I refuse to move aside from a smile
I swallow my thoughts so they don't get loose
Not yet, I'm not going to say just yet

I'm glad I tell you to shh and not say words
I'm glad I keep telling you to smile and make actions instead
I'm in this to win it, yeah
You're so tough though, you're a superstar closer and I'm just a top 5 contender
It's okay, I'm using it to my advantage to keep you guessing until you feel you're sure
Very sure
Then I'll let you speak

It happened one night
With a stupid grin on my face
Out stumbled some words
Mumbled and rubbed over with sweat
But in the light of the next day
You did not forget
You made me say them clear
Past my lips and into the air
No where left to move
I have been naked, inside out since then
Some days you smile and other days you laugh at my expense and there's not a thing to be done
No face to save
The heart too defiant to be shoved back down
So I talk to myself
Scolding in vain, reaching
For a bit of something when I wanted so tenderly, so patiently at first
The Everything
unhinged especially when i'm on the toilet 091118
what's it to you?
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