silentbob Jamie, what you doin' now
What you doin' now girl?
Please, please tell me
Cuz I need to know, I need to know now
When I was down, You came to me
And promised you'd always be
By my side, now you're gone
And I'm waiting patiently
But Jamie, I want you to know
Jamie, Jamie, I'm so glad you're mine
We'll be together a long time
Jamie, who's faxin' you now?
Who's dialin' your car phone?
Please, please be true
You know that I trust you, do that which you must do
You've got the Beach Boys, and your firm's got the Stones
But I know you won't leave me alone
Sometimes it seems you're not with me
It hurts me so much, It hurts me so much
You are the most, you're so rad, you're so fresh
And I'm glad I am yours, you are mine
Show me where and I will sign
Jaime, beleive me, I won't let you down
Cuz you are the best lawyer in town.
moonshine jamie's gotta gun 000620
klarchen jamie -
noun. 6'2", space cadet who still makes cereal for her 13 year-old sissy brother.
The Schleiffen Man wow... i like tall girls 000707
yummychuckle is my name. It can be a girl name or a guy name...I don't mind it. But my nickname is Zoe at school. Lots of people don't even know my real name.
Doesn't matter.
fffuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!! I FUCKING HATE THIS NAME, NO MATTER HOW IT'S SPELLED!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! IT SHOULD BE ABOLISHED!!!!!!!! 010825
yummyC ok. sorry. 010826
bijou fuck. he's gone.

it's like that movie theres something about mary, when he hires that detective to find her. and the detective falls in love with her and tells the guy shes gotten fat and in a wheelchair and has kids by four different husbands. and the guy still loves her and wants to find her. thats how i feel about him. he's engaged, he's on drugs (for the a.d.d.) his fiance just had his kid and he now weighs two hundred fifty pounds and goes to church three times a week. and at first when i heard that, i was like jeez, nevermind. but all of those things don't have anything to do with what i loved about him. i wish i could find him.
blue my love, my soul's completion
torn apart by the talons of confusion
stranded in a stasis of emotional flux
unable or unwilling to deal
with the demon that torments her
does she believe in love?
does she believe in me?
are my mistakes unforgivable
or is the effort not worth it to her
years of happiness
weeks of trouble
life of regret
lonely and wistful
phantoms of feeling on my left wrist
two circlets of black and blue
i still feel them sometimes
although they're no longer there
a gift of years passed
held by their giver
i dream of her
her smiling brown eyes
the love I see in them
and I awake, tears in my eyes
into this reality of mine
hoping that some day she'll see
that I love her still
that day on the rocks
a summer sunset
forever in my memory
i pray to God
whoever that might be
that she will, some day
return to me to start anew
the past is the past
it is gone forever
the future is uncertain
and could bring anything
this will forever be true
all other expectations thrown aside
I wish only to see what my life could be
with you a part of it

"Look, two handfuls of water. Join them and the water becomes one with itself."
pushpins that is so beautiful--
god that is the best poem i have read in a really long time.
unhinged certain people call my dad jamie because him and his father were both james and jamie being the diminutive became my dad's name.

i never said anything to her. she came her looking and she didn't like what she found and that was my fault. smirk
sweetheart of the song tra bong dashboard_confessional

Right on tribute albums and covers.
Ariadani my best friend seems to always fall in love with jamies. why this is, i couldnt tell you. i have become convinced that nearly every jamie is a slimeball. this is to say, that ive never met a jamie who wasnt, not that there arent any out there.
Ariadani guy-jamies, that is, not girl-jamies.
there are plenty of nice girl-jamies.
kerry the best weezer song in the world 020425
Kate I only know one Jamie, a guy at my school. He was in my Church History class last semester and was a genuinely nice guy. There were only about 12 of us in the class, and we had a great teacher. We actually objectively learned a lot but had uber amounts of fun. Jamie was the kind of guy was seemed depressed alot, and would sit in the corner of the room that was made from the dividing visor wall and the closet and take notes. For the last month of the semester, he also took notes without spaces or punctuation. There were so many little incidents, which would entertain us throughout the eternity which is second period. Jamie likes emo and punk music, and his nickname is "Sexy". All of his mix cd's are entitled something to the extent of "Sexy's favourite songs". Jamie varied between dressing punk and dressing preppy, and us girls would always comment on his attire. I don't talk to him very much now because we don't have the class anymore, but he's a great guy. 020425
silentbob i went to go by that fucker today at best buy with bryanfrbs and they didn't have it. while i was there i heard dave matthews singing joyful_girl by ani_difranco. it blew my little mind.

i still need to buy that tribute album
yummychuckle *gasp* i didn't know it even existed!

I don't have much else to say. Madison learned how to play Jamie by weezer on her guitar for guitar class, and she played it for me...bobby sent me a mixtape with weezers "jamie" on it, and Joshua sent me a CD with just "Jamie" by dashboard confessional.

it sort of bothers me thatthe only way you can alter Jamie is "james".
kerry Jaime 020709
logan i nead hepl I nead comfoart plz, you dnt under stand imasking ........ for aiddd , im soooo lonliee....... 020711
girl_jane Ariadani-

I know a nice boy named Jamie-very nice actually-

Just thought you should know that a nice boy Jamie is out there somewhere...
farmfish poetryofasingleword 020925
splash of orange dear_jamie jaymers 020925
guess_bitch my name... just for the record, jamies are so much better than erins... i hate the name erin. aaron's i like, erin's i loath detest and hate. they suck, they suck, they SUCK! ok, i am ok now. 021012
just another fool ARGH. you always fucking do that to me. and i never learn better and stop talking to you. 021220
kss really good friend good really 021220
x selectively, i guess 021220
Kristopher One of my friends is named Jamie Sue. I liked her. I really did. She was pretty, she was artistic. She was crazy, but I didn't mind. She wore wristfulls of bracelets because she didn't like her wrists. She is one of the few women I know who can talk about everything and nothing and make it all sound so wonderful. Another one introduced me to this amazing experiment in the Chaos Theory (you know who you are, Elimeny *S*).

She won my soul in a game of poker, to further her army of darkness. And when she calls, I'll be there marching side by side with all the other minions.


I misses her.
wandering stars ugliest thing I've ever known. 030105
me Jamie used to hang with my friend Anni.
She's supposed to be cool, but I'd only ever met her once.
Anni's mom told me to say hi to her.
So, I posted to her livejournal.
She wrote this whole scathing post saying I had no right to talk to her about anything in her past and erased it.
Yeesh! the only thing I talked about was the Ramones.

Some people are really touchy and rude.
lilmomma Jamie is my name and i never really liked it cuz i was named after men.
Jamie Gene... but over the years its grown on me.
GIMMEaLIGHTshow hawt 040728
GIMMEaLIGHTshow My name is Jamie...(YIPPEE)I am and forever will be!! JaMiE kAyElLeN!! I was named after Jamie Lee Curtis...ugh...I really don't like her! My Dad liked her boobs and so I'm cursed w/ that!! If I could change my name it'd Roxanna Tiffany!! 040728
Sterling625 What can I say? That's who I am and I guess who I always will be. I'm indifferent towards it really. Although a lot of nicknames for me have come out of it, like Jammy Jamerton, or Jamrod Rod of all Jams, or Jamoe... There are many more... whatever... Guess it doesn't really matter. 050127
-- I miss him. 070206
jane got her to take her shirt off but she still wouldn't make_out_with_me 070710
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