silentbob whats yours? 010713
johnny west My hair, because it hides the rest of me. 010713
nocturnal mine's my hair, too! that's the first thing people notice about me. every now and then people will actually come up to me, strangers off the street, and tell me how much they like the colour of my hair. my first day at work this woman told me that and asked if she could touch it. anyway, yeah. physically, my hair is definitely my defining characteristic. although sometimes people come up to me, also strangers, and tell me they like my eyes. yeah, so that's all. 010713
DannyH I ddon't have a defining characteristic. I've avoided definition my whole life. Its strange that you should bring it up now, Silentbob (hello by the way) because I've been thinking about it ever since reading Yummychuckles blatherers_appearance. she described me as having average everything. I was insulted at the time but on reflection I like the idea that you have to get to know me to realise how weird I am. 010713
DannyH I ddon't hhave a ststutter either. 010713
florescent light my uniquness
I say weird things
and do weird things sometimes
Sometimes it's my quietness, it takes me a while to warm up to people
Sometimes it's my mellowness
Sometimes it's my hyperactivity
Sometimes it's my intelligence
Sometimes it's my ditziness
My mind
My mind
My mind

My curly hair
My pettitness
My nose
My pale-white complexion
My goodnaturedness
yummychuckle my hair

dannyh i didn't mean to offend you at all, its just I couldn't figure out anything strange about pic of u was basically a medium build, average height kinda guy. I love your blathers.
but i don't picture you as a robot or anything...
Casey Popularity, the fact that i have none 010713
mmm my blue hair, in large spikes 010713
mmm 010713
black-dyed gel product definitely my spikes 010713
black-dyed gel product mmm, i like your spikes better than mine, I don't have the patience to do those twists. Do you put the spikes in twists all the time? I ask because a friend of mine that used to spike his hair only did that on special occasions. 010713
MollyGoLightly brevity 010714
yummychuckle mmm...
wow you have ammmmmmaaaaazing hair. I like it a lot.

now i am dying to see your face. *sigh* oh well. Ur hair colour is almost the exact shade of blue mine was when i had it blue. now its purrrple.
mmm black-dyed - i do it up most of the time, it only takes me about 5 minutes to do it.

yummy - this is the newest pic of my face on the net, its a little blured (i did that to it for the 'artistic' look or somethin...), but there's also a bad pic of me from the prom on my site somewhere
mmm i got bored so i worked on my site. the pic of me and my g/f is now a pic from june-ish, not from the prom 010715
Aimee I don't believe i have any defining characteristics. I just exist... go along with the flow. A pretty face that people don't look twice at. Just average. 010715
DannyH Hey, you're average too? Average is the new extraordinary. Post-modern chic for the new millenium. I always wear blue to this party. 010716
Dafremen Sounds like we're listing the characteristics that OTHERS might define us with? Every single one of the characteristics mentioned seems to be an observable one.

What characteristics would others consider to be my defining characteristic?

Before we all pop off with what our experience would have us believe are the obvious choices, realize that what you read does not define me. My contributions to other groups would leave you with very little that you would recognize as being of blather's Dafremen.

Am I rude? Cranky? Obnoxious? Bored? Am I impatient? Opinionated? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Instead maybe I'm courteous, Cheerful, Helpful, Industrious, Patient and open to dialogue. That's what many folx say about the Quake Dafremen. But do ANY of these characteristics DEFINE me? Do all of them?

Am I my hair? Is that my definition? Here comes the blond guy with the wild mad scientist hair?

Is it my face or my skin? My fear or my courage? Is it my strength or do my weaknesses hold the key to defining who I am? What about my compassion or lack thereof? The height of my hopes? The depths of my desire? My arms? Legs? Eyes? Nose? Fashion sense?

My gawd no way! This "defining characteristic" is too difficult to pinpoint. Or is it?

I guess if I were to step outside of myself for second and take a look I would have to say my long-windedness.

But unfortunately, that gets a lot more mileage as a warning to others not to get me started than it does as a characteristic which defines ME.

I guess I can't step outside of myself after all. Any defining characteristic as viewed from the outside is flawed for it's failure to describe the being behind it's manifestation.

If I had to define myself with one single characteristic it certainly wouldn't be any of the many facets and faces that I present publicly to anyone here.

No but if I HAD to define myself with one observable characteristic it would be this:

Selectively Antisocial.

If I could define myself:

Here on MY terms, spending MY time helping who I choose until MY time is up.

That's all.
unhinged i think my defining_characteristic used to be my morose nature. the albino fell in love with me because i was dark and mysterious and talented in his opinion. jon always said being suicidal was part of my charm. my self-loathing and my inferiority complex also used to define who i was. but in the past couple of months i changed. it was kind of against my will. but human interaction tends to do that to a person. and now i'm kind of in this state where my defining_characteristics are changing. my self-loathing and inferiority complex are somewhat diminished. i'm nowhere near suicidal or dark anymore. of course i have my lapses into the person i have been for the past two years, but things are different. and i'm not sure where i'm going to end up. 010716
Aimee oh nicole!!! I love you! 010716
Dafremen Heheh if past experiences are any indicator...yer gunna LOVE where yer headed in yer Libran evolution do0d.

Intuition is better than ARMOR.
unhinged my aimee, i wish i could find an aol im connection around these parts. but i can't, so we have two weeks from this very day til we can talk. but with the shostakovich piano quintet to work on, i think these last few weeks in chamber music heaven/hell will go by quickly. 010717
Photophobe I succeed at all the stuff I don't really give a shit about. And whenever I try to do something, I stuff it up, or it doesn't work out, or someone else screws me over.

Pisses me off, because I can't complain that I'm crap at everything, because I'm not. only at the things that matter.

I guess thats A defining characteristic, but I don't know if everyone (or anyone) would see that.

Maybe my blandness and my poor sense of humour.

I guess I'm ok at pretending not to feel awkward. Or maybe I'm good at convincing myself that I'm ok at pretending not to feel awkward.

Fuck it I don't know; this is too hard. I can't see myself from outside, and if I try to from the inside, how do I know if its really a characteristic I have, or else somehitng I'd LIKE to have, or else something I THINK I have but manage to avoid???

People have been telling me I read too much into passing comments a few times lately. Maybe thats it.
distorted tendencies I always thought it was the way I looked, since that is the first thing people notice is my physique. 011013
Toxic_Kisses Personally I think its my ever changing blue cat eyes, they go from blue green to gray, and the way my (use to be) 21 inch waist would curve into my 32 inch hips.
Although I've had others say its my butt *shrugz*
girl_jane *squeak*
Perhaps that's it, or my curly-urly red pixie hair...
what's it to you?
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