Jenna Favorite places there:
Crystal Blue
Variety Playhouse
(really just all of Little Five Points kicks ass)
Cotton Club
Piedmont Park
Virgina Highlands
The Flying Buscuit
Earthlink Live
The Majestic
Krispy Kreme on Ponce
(and an apartment near there I once spent the night in)

What I don't like about Atlanta: Buckhead.

I used to live in Atlanta as a child. When I was 9 my parents decided my sister and I needed a "small town life" an moved us 2 hours out of the city.


is being overly nostalgic
anti-social butterfly this is where i have lived my whole life. i am glad i live there (well, now i am college so i am not as close to there, but oh well). atlanta is like an island amidst this ocean of the whole south. everyone tells me that i don't sound like i am from georgia, i don't sound southern. in actuality i don't really have any kind of accent at all, though many people mistake me for being from california. well, that is because i am from atlanta. there is a huuuuuuuge difference between atlanta and the rest of georgia and the south. i am now at college at uga and in classes with people from all over the south and georgia. it is like they speak a different language. i literally cannot understand what they say. their accents are sooo thick and they mush their words together. yes, i do say y'all, but then again i can't entirely deny being from the south. i think i would've died if i grew up in the south anywhere outside of atlanta. i need the big city for safety, for exposure, for open-mindedness, for diversity. of course there are problems in atlanta, but i love it. there are so many different scenes here. the radio sucks for the most part, but at least i get to see lots of shows due to the size of the city.
the best places in atlanta are littlefivepoints and virginiahighlands. they remind me a lot of south_street in philly. they are the kind of artsy places in town. good independent record stores, good vintage clothing, good places to see bands... this is where i guess you could say a lot of the "punk" or more "alternative" kids hang out. i think labels are stupid, but i am just trying to paint a picture. this is where you go when you don't want to be with all the preppy kids. this is where i go for inspiration, for writing songs, for looking at people. this is where the homeless guys beg you to buy them something at the liquor store, where you watch people ignore them over and over again. this is where you see what people are really like. you can tell just watching from that street corner. i've also run into some local celebrities here. man i miss little five. well, athens is pretty cool too and that's where i am at right now.
in case any of you ever decide to come to georgia, the only places i would consider safe to go to are savannah, athens, and atlanta (especially little five or virginiahighlands). the other places aren't "safe" because all i have encountered outside these safe islands amidst the southern state are rednecks and hicks and a bunch of rebel flags, etc. ewww. think i've said enough.
Dis We were both here once,
but now it's just me.

He's worried I won't ever leave,
and so am I.
kerry i am trapped here and i am too young to leave.
i wanted to go to california and live with my tattoo-artist cousin Tim who i've never met before but my brother said he's cool.
there's little five points, of course, where i like to go. and virginia highlands is alright, especially everybody's pizza. i like inman park with the bungalow houses and cool yard art. atlanta is smog and humidity and a never-ending drought so we can't wash our cars before 10 p.m. it's hiphop and piss in the fountains downtown, and graffiti on the bridges, and "My Favorite Mechanic... Is a Woman" murals near where i grew up and still live. it's my friends and i growing up with cute little Decatur on the right and harder inman park and downtown on the left, both walking distance. my neighbor got jumped at the marta station a block away where my best friend and i rode our bikes at 10:30 one night in the summer but we can't anymore because of the way Neil looked after he was jumped. he never comes out of his house anymore.
i have yet to discover the local punk and emo scenes... if they even exist. maybe there's a secret sign i have to figure out, you know like the Jesus Fish, then i could get in.
atlanta is alright as long as you stay out of the suburbs and try to save your soul from all the commercial shit. i would still rather live in San Fransisco...
silentbob kerry, you and antisocial_butterfly should meet and hang out. you live in the same city, as they say in almost_famous 020506
kerry almost_famous is such a great movie.

i think that would be cool... we seem to have some in common, how old is she?

i haven't seen anti-social butterly blathing much lately.
who knows

I tend to listen to National Public Radio while I mow the lawn. This weekend, however, I found myself pushing the mower around on Sunday instead of the traditional Saturday morning. That's how I stumbled onto the Clark Howard radio program aired locally on WIBC (on the net at

The show and the web site are the home of the self-proclaimed Consumer Action Center and Clark is the host. While I listened, topics included paying off your mortgage early, how to get a refund from a bankrupt cruise line, finding better loan rates, avoiding Internet scams, Series EE and Series I U.S. Savings Bonds, and one poor womanŐs account of all of her belongings being permanently misplaced by her moving company. Clark addressed each of these topics with considerable aplomb, deftly offering advice to the callers with knowledge and compassion. For the poor woman whose entire house-full of belongings was missing, he and his staff quickly determined that the mover was 'not associated with the mainstream moving industry' and offered to make some phone calls on her behalf. He then went on to dispense useful advice for the rest of us to consider when choosing a moving company.

The web site is an excellent extension of the radio program. Topics are arranged in categories (Travel, Consumer Advice, etc.) and there is a section devoted to 'Hot Topics' where you can quickly pick up all kinds of useful information quickly. Many of these topics deal with current scams and how to protect yourself from them, but others cover a wide variety of practical issues: how to pay off your credit card debt, water heater dip tube lawsuit settlement details, an identity theft guide; cool stuff like that.

Clark does have a couple of books under his belt and he'd love to sell you one or both, but the site is free and even has a section for those of us "too cheap to buy Clark's latest book" where they have compiled all of the information from the book and put it online. More good stuff here, divided into categories: Education, Employment, The Basics, Cars, Money, Insurance, Real Estate, Rip-offs, Technology, etc.

If you like, you can listen to the radio show online, make your voice heard in online polls, discuss topics with other visitors on the bulletin board, or sign up for his free e-mail newsletter that brings news on these topics directly to you.
Neal Boortz It would seem that the Neal Boortz bobblehead doll has attracted the interest of a young Afghan girl in Kabul. Also, if you could see the enlarged picture you would not that his golf club is broken. Probably the work of the Taliban who outlawed golf and cancelled the PGA Tour stop in Afghanistan when they took over. 021211
strideo I love the 5 seasons brewry! 021212
Strideo Umezono's is the best Japanese Resturant in Atlanta!

god the lost coty of atlanta. realm of turner and fonda... 030616
trixie the airport was nice to chill out in although i couldnt stop talking like scarlet o'hara exclaiming, "atlanna!" "my home!" and then seeing the atlanta gazette or some newsaper and saying "oh, what a fine publication!" indeed. 030616
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