kx21 from NOTHING to U, the UNIVERSE, especially YOU... 010116

Eat your greens
Don't forget your beans & celery
Don't forget to bring
Your fake I.D.
Eat a bunch of these
With sauerkraut
Eat a grape, a fig
A crumpet too . . .
You'll pump 'em right through

Eat your shoes
Don't forget the strings
And sox
Even eat the box
Your bought 'em in
You can eat the truck
That brought 'em in
Garbage truck
Garbage truck
Eat the truck & driver
And his gloves

kx21 The search of ' NOTHING ' is nothing new. The Scientist are trying to seach the GENE of NOTHING via the bigger & more powerful Accelerators such as the Large Electron-Positron collider, the Large Hadron Collider, etc.

One of the findings / comments is as follows:-

The more we learn about subatomic particles called gluons. The more the Universe seems to be made of NOTHING at ALL. Stuff is made of nothing, or almost nothing...
I AM OZ pay no attention to the man behind the curtain 010124
R_Napalm unfortunately, the nothingness that is the universe is only indicative of the materials of your existence, i.e. you are nothing. sad aint it? 010124
god mom, i gave the cat some acid.
don't tell dad.
kx21 The_power_of_creativity is useful to the sense that it helps to project & justify your existence.

i.e. YOU are more than NOTHING...
kx21 what is left in Vacuum? 010125
kx21 Superstrings, which are manifestations of the_gene_of_nothing and the_power_of_creativity...

Copyright 2001.
kx21 Today, quarks and leptons which are smaller than 10-19 meters in radius, and their antiparticles, are candidates for being the fundamental building blocks from which all (i.e. EVERYTHING) else is made. Particle physicists call them the "fundamental" or "elementary" particles -- both names denoting that, as far as current experiments can tell, they have no substructure.

It is possible that future evidence will, once again, show this understanding to be an illusion and demonstrate that there is substructure within the particles that we now view as fundamental.


The word elementary meant "having no smaller constituent parts", or "indivisible"

The seach of the_gene_of_nothing continues...
kx21 It should be

...quarks and leptons which are smaller than 10**(-19) meters in radius...
the funniest stuff in U...
kx21 The most unique Stuff in U,
in particular, in Empty or Void Space:-

Everything, everybody, and especially you and me can travel through it or shit on it like nothing...

Copyright 2001.
kx21 **Communication framework / link

The_GENE_of_Nothing is something you & I have, and more precisely, EVERYTHING in U. that is all STARs and SHITs have.

This is probably the only common gene / link between you and other stars / shits in U such as bird & bee, dog & cat, flower & tree, mountain & sea, etc. so that you can
' communicate ' with them via your Sensors such as eye, ear, nose, tongue, body, mind etc. with their languages such as body language, sound or noise, smell, etc.; with
the_Power_of_Creativity, even they are very much different from You....

Can they hear you?

Copyright 2001.
kx21 The MOTHER of ALL Thoughts... 010212
kx21 If you stage a head-on collision between the_Power_of_Creativity and the_Gene_of_Nothing, what will you get? 010306
kx21 Nothing,
Black Hole,
Everything or
something else?
kx21 Shit(s),
Substance(s) or
other Stuff(s)?
kx21 Quarks,
Leptons, or
The Big Bang?
kx21 Beautiful Illusion(s),
wildest Dream(s),
strange Thought(s),
fine Idea(s), or
something else which is
beyond anyone's Imagination(s)...
kx21 One or some or all of the above...

What you will get if there is a head-on collision between

The_Power_of_Creativity and the_Gene_of_Nothing...

Copyright 2001.
kx21 The mother of Q_As... 010414
kx21 Part of the immortal Soul... 010426
the repeater fyngula if i am a bird,
a hungry pelican of the restless sea, you are the surface of the forgiving ocean that brings me life,
that gives me little silver fish,
that provides buoyancy to ease my weary bones and windblown feathers.

i fly about in the grey, stormy expanse and dive into your generous willingness.

i stand in your mirrored tidepools, gazing out at your endless horizon, knowing your love is as limitless.

my webbed feet are wet with salt water kisses.

and when night spreads her blanket of darkness across your poetic body's liquid beauty, we play under the happy smile of the moon's brilliance.

me, up and down on you waves of pleasure. 010427
The Truth
Before the universe existed, there was more than just nothing. There was an infinite sea of invisible forces. The Nothing you are seeking (kx21) is INVISIBLE_DARKNESS. You may find it, but it is not a good thing to find. It's waiting for you to find it, to devour you. There are better things waiting for you to find them.
But even before Invisible_darkness, there was LOVE_AND_CONNECTEDNESS. This is not visible. But yet, it exists. At the very base of all matter, scientists will one day find the energetic web of love and connectedness that is the foundation for all of creation.

It is so naive of scientists to claim "NOTHING" is there, anywhere. They only draw this conclusion because they lack the devices necessary to measure the smallest components of reality. First they said atoms were the smallest, then they said protons were the smallest, then photons, nope-- then they found quarks---then subatomic systems...I believe this may go on for decades. Inside of a single photon of light, there is an entire universe.
Outside of our universe, if we could, we would find ourselves, our entire universe inside a single photon of light.
kx21 The Air and Glue of Everything... 010501
Sol "nothing" cannot exist without "something"? define nothing? - abscense, .'. for abscence must be also presence? nothing is an entity in its own right? has volume? shape? that of what is not there? nothing specific/general? if nothing needs something to exist or is only relevant acroos time, not within? in a single isolated moment/eternity is nothing there if something is not? does time exist without something to measure it by? if particle A behaves thus, must also particle Abehave thus? can an experiment be observed without the observer contaminating the evidence? would it occur if not observed? Schrodigers cat? on our own do we exist? does the world have traits the same whether we are awake or asleep? if we close our eyes does the light cease to exist? how can it be proved? only by supposition. Ie particle A particle A≤? if we believe something to be true do we make it so by belief? what if different people have contrary beliefs? are there endless possibilities to allow that? are we only singular or many to prove the mind is complete? while i sit 'still' still i move? only by reference to a frame of existance do we appear to be stationary. yet our minds do not allow for that? does that prove all evidence is tampered with by doubt due to unforseen movement? prove you rtheory? only beyond reasonable doubt, what doubt is reasonable? 010716
The Truth Doubt, by its very nature is unreasonable.
The universe is different to everyone of us, so maybe the ancients knew what they meant by thinking "Humans are the center of the universe". If one believes and makes it true for herself then it becomes true. simply because in her mind the universe is unique and adheres to her perception.
"Nothing" is not an entity, it is the absense of entity. Just like black is not a color, it is the absence of color.
And the reality of the Universe isn't based upon "nothing", it is a combination of everything together, just like white is not a color based upon not being black, white is the combination of every color of the spectrum.
Sol frame of reference, sorry not frame of existance 010730
Ahmad according to all this.. if u throw a ball at a wall, theirs a 99% chance that itíll go strait thru.

is that rite?
kx21 PCA:-

Nothing must coexist with Something in the physical World...

Copyright 2002
SymmetricChaos a lot of nothings make something
ah well
back to work

( i think i have the gene too..
all i ever do is nothing )
screwing for virginity "there is a theory that if anyone ever figures out the purpose of the universe it will disapear and be replaced by something stranger

there is another theory that this has already happened."
Dougles adams

even though his books are off the wall comedies, they make too much sense to be ignored.
gene motherfuckin hackman 021010
kx21 iLink: In_Search_of_Nothing 041013
neesh i misread this as the_game_of_nothing, which sounds like much more fun to me... 041014
mp21k Flat_Universe 060221
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