again_unnoticed_romeo i woke up one morning in a pool of my self loathing wondering what the hell was going on, then i figured out life just fucked me senseless and left me before i woke up 010612
kingsuperspecial it's like a rollercoster that you can't get off. 010612
kinkazoid this is so true, i swear everything i ever do just fucks up my life more. i can never do anything right. 010612
*Ziima* well if life keeps fucking you so much, you must be damn loose by now... 010612
grendel and doesn't even give me the courtesy of a reach around 010612
forever it seems like life never stops it seems that once one is done the other starts. and i get scwered over again. it never ends 010613
baby satan this time, life didn't wear a rubber. 010613
Casey Life sucks, it never wants to swith positions so I can ram it's whorish ass a few times. And to make matters worse it never wants to cuddle 010613
Lisa Sometimes when I'm alone I can't believe where I am. How come nobody knows whats beyond the universe, what's after death. Being a strong disbeliever in god I find it very hard. I tried to believe in god but nobody, no matter how powerful can live up to that. It's bullshit, sorry. Plus, life wasn't fucking the virgin Mary was it? Life is fucking with everyone, it is unreal and wasteful. However, only some people can see it.

Where are you bisa_lover?
br_Oken I agree. Keep smiling. The good things might be so in front of your face that they are blinding your view. 010619
Norm Life is deadly! 010901
ClairE in the rear_end. 011127
whoknows no one is a virgin b/c life screws us all. 011127
silentbob life keeps fucking me dispite being fresh out of jelly 011128
FreakFly A fucking in life we all sometimes need.
It helps to keep the self in balance.
Life just fucked me.. HARD.
I now understand Life.
Why it fucks us.
Thats just the way it is.
It has to be.
Or love and Happiness would not be felt.
So that fucking you just got.
Enbrace it. Thank it. Then send it away.
Love and Happiness are back to stay.
anti-social butterfly it makes me depressed to even look at this. i know i have said it many times, but i am trying to learn how to stop complaining and being sad. so admitting to this right now would not be helpful to me. i am sorry that life keeps fucking all of you. 011128
Continuous Light/lovers lament it's not a bad thing to admit it butterfly. life fucks everyone. but being that you're coming from a rough spot and trying to make things better, you have to admit that it fucked you and then let it slide off your back. you're not going to be able to go through life ignoring the bad shit that happens. you have to deal with it and move on. 011128
carne de metal I know I'm gonna die, and I've got nothing to say
No final words, no thoughts, no outlet refrain
So I'm writing them now just in case I forget
or if early life comes to collect its debt
I know I'm still young, still got time ahead
But one never knows when they'll drain my head
I want to make sure its all taken care of
So there won't be any confusion.
You're gonna be caught with your pants down,
Your head in your hand, just fooling around
And you'll never know what it was that hit you
You'll only feel nothingness within you
Your grave will be poor, your stone misused
They might as well burn you, you'll take the abuse
You've taken before, you'll keep on taking
You just hope its clean but I think you're mistaken
Cause when its cold and the sun has gone down
And you think and you know you don't want to be alone
But there's nothing to do, you can't get it straight
You don't feel the love, you don't feel the hate
And you sit and you stand and you think and you can't
Cause you're so washed out from high-fi romance
Those details that kill your mind and your will
And the halfwits on tv that are taking the pill
With their ifs and their buts and their fine tits and ass
And you're stuck in the middle of this horrible mess
Waiting for someone to get you the hell out
Of this crazy place in the middle of space
And you're sitting in your chair, messing round with your hair
You're just wasting your time and it isn't devine
And deep down you know no matter how hard
Its not gonna come in a pack of cigars
Or in whiskey or gin or in those high tone places
You feel so disgusted in with their two-bit aces
That can smell your blood like a school of sharks
Those flashy dogs that can only bark
But never grow any teeth.
And all those people telling you what to buy
And you ain't got no cash but you know they're all lies
And you're fine and settled with your own spot in heaven
And when you think back you got out of life even
Nothing lost, nothing gained, but this one thing remains
You wish you could stop, take back a few steps
Avoid all the questions that mess with your head
But then again, it wouldn't make sense
If you're not prepared to face de dense
And the dark, and some bum in the park who has already given up
But you don't want to be like that
Cause you couldn't bear to live with that thought
That makes a tight knot and chokes your throat
Just like those people who'll buy up your vote
But they couldn't be more wrong, cause your're long gone
Dealing with your very own personal storm
Strapped to the deck of you empty Titanic
You're drowning alone and its making you manic
The life boats are gone and its chilling your bones
But you'll wait and see, there must be something
That'll get you right up, make you feel like a king
And untill it comes, you're gonna hold on
Cause you think to yourself: "It can't take that long."
girl_jane As long as it uses protection... 020519
stork daddy and all the effort i do amounts to me supplying the lubricant but what i really want is a moment of peace and non-buggery 020519
bethany of course it does, i'm just a naturally lucky person, hate to brag, but i really am always getting lucky 020520
--..--..--..--.. gently with a chainsaw 030210
sirflaccid OH MY GOD IT FEELS SO GOOD!! 030211
BonTon Get's out his assless chaps and three tubes of lube bring it life i'm ready 040913
marjorie yeah, life keeps fucking me too. it fucks everyone. but oh well. we get up, we do our thing. we deal. the amount of energy and work we put into it is quite often directly proportional to what we get out. so it may be fun to wallow, sure, and i do it more so than others, but it's good to be aware that the world fucks us all (with the exception of a few born into a constant life of luxury and easiness, but we're talking about real people here), and that we shouldn't expect any special treatment or apologies from it. heh. how lame. 040914
love & hate over and over and over again... 040914
life hey, who's impersonating me? 040915
god who you been fucking? i thought we were going steady... 040915
Freak lately all ive wanted to do is curl up on the couch next to my mommy. 041123
grendel first it wouldn't give me the courtesy of a reach-around but just when i thought i had finally gotten used to it, it stopped and now it just keeps telling me that it would rather just be friends 041124
sirflaccid and I just keep fucking it back. 041216
life and I ain't stopping now. I know when I'm on a winner. Yer all just pussy to me. 041217
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