meg I'll love you forever.
I'll like you for always.
As long as I'm living.
My baby you'll be.
meg I'll love you forever...

I meant it when I said it.

It's as real now as it was then.


But real.

A true light.
misstree i keep vigil lights for everyone who has entered my garden. 040311
stork daddy but what does that mean? 040311
pete Robert Munch... that is such a sad and charming story... he wrote it after his wife had a still born, I heartell, so that story may not be true.

I can see the son as a baby, young child, little boy, teenager.. all hearing his mother say this to him.. and then him saying it to his mother when she grows old...

It is sad.. silently admist the smile it forces onto my face.

Thank-you Robert Munch...
unhinged no matter how long
you ignore me
i've still got a picture of you
in my heart
and when i'm sad baby
i only remember the good
and when i hate you baby
i only remember the wrong
but no matter what
i still remember
every hour
of every day
in some corner of my heart
that i love you
and it doesn't go away
cause in the darkest moment
of my darkest hour
i sat next to you
with love in my heart
when i had nothing but desparation
to feed me
inner naggings pushing me further down
i sat next to you
and we barely almost
held each other above water
in the darkest moment
of my darkest hour
i sat next to you
with love in my heart
no matter what
months without a single word
spoken or heard
yeah no matter what
i still remember
every hour
of every day
in some corner of my heart
that i love you
megan you take my hand when no one else does
you talk to me when i don't want to talk
you smile at my frown, you lullaby my silence
you trust me even when i'm not trustworthy
you hold me up when i am going to fall
you catch my tears with your pinkie
you kiss my forehead because it makes me feel safe
you stuck around when i tried to leave...
three times
you're patient when i can't express myself
you were patient when you were ready and i was not
you wrote me poetry
you read me stories late at night
you listen early into the morning
your kindness shows
you understand my pattern of thinking and appreciate it
you are realistic with me
you show me a new reason every day why i will love_you forever
you are my best friend
you are my brother
you are my lover
Syrope but you should know me better than to think i can tell the difference between your flattery & your affections

i dont know if its worse to not feel like you're doing your best and to have someone mistake it as your best, or to try your best and have no one notice
time_warp ink never fades.
you own it all.
x liar 040316
pajaro para siempre y un dia despues 040322
sylverquiklight forever and a day? two days? i've said that about so many souls, and i could care less about them now. Love reciprocated is the only love that is worth something, and even then its a stretch to say te quiero por siempre 040322
nemo decay 040323
Fire&Roses I'll love you forever...

when I'm old and ruined... when I'm middle aged and broken... when i'm a twentysomething and I own the world...

I'll like you for always...

your smile your laughter the way that you are... even when you aren't with me...

As long as I'm living...

every moment of every hour of every day of every week of every year of every decade that I'm alive... and after...

My baby you'll be...

I'll worry... when you're sick I'll want to care for you... when you're tired I'll want to but you to bed... when you need help I'll want to be there...

I said I'd love you forever
and that's what I'm gonna do
I know nothing else
I don't remember a life without you
kipper I'll love you forever,
sweet girl who left me,
i really don't want to,
there's nothing i can do.
I'll love you forever,
sweet girl who's still with me,
you don't know about Sarah,
if you don't you won't care.
I'll love you forever,
the girls who have loved me
sweet Abigale, Janey, Claire,
sweet Annali too.
You know that I'll love you,
and no one will best you.
I'll carry you with me,
'till tomorrow is through.
silentbob Who will love me forever?
I'm taking a poll
ethereal I'll love you forever. But I only know you as silentbob. Is it worth it? 040326
Death of a Rose What is the percentage of error? 040326
ethereal On a scale of 1 to 10? I'd say...

silentbob sweet!
and yes, its totally worth it
unhinged and i'm so glad to see you better baby 040327
tchiseen please say it again 040421
deserted memory if forever would just come sooner
so loving you could end
becuase ive had enough
Assistant to the Undersecretary Not bloody likely. 040421
girl_jane Such a good book... 040422
Splinty and a day 040814
spiffy once you get into my heart
there is no getting out
no matter what you do there
witchesrequiem But thank God I lie M!
But I will never take you back, T!
But forever was a long time ago for you, W!
But the butterfly effect had it's way. Sorry E! It's not like you did shit to try and fix it.
Still wating....*!
pipedream i volunteer to love silentbob forever!

who will i love forever? i think i'm going to go make a mental list now.
Deomis You told me that once
A long time ago
When we were sitting here
"I'll love you forever"
You said that

But how long was forever?
globalfruitbat and if I have to wait till forever to be with you, I will.
admittedly, not so good
at the wating part at
this particular point in time
but hey, cut me some slack
I've been waiting all summer--the whole
actual summer, since the solstice
and then add two weerks prior.

So what is I wasn't waiting while we were still together?

I'm waiting now.

I loved you then

and I love you now.
Elmo Those words, spoken over, and over.
Burned into my brain, scorched into my memory for all eternity.
I said them.
You said them.
I meant them,
did you?
I'll never know.
Where are you now?
I know you're married.
To someone with my name,
If i ever see him he's dead.
I'm a pacifist, but i swear, he's dead and walking.
Ruined me,
Destroyed my life,
My self esteem,
Everything i was.
Not his fault really, but the hate is still there.
I'll love her forever,
but not who she is now.
I saw you,
Soon after your training,
They'd changed you,
made you into something you weren't,
I'll love you forever,
Not who you are now,
But who you were then.
Every day.
god kari
uow little sparrow in the tree 040910
mysticlove love you forever
like you for always

it's my favorite kiddie book :)
Somebody that I used to know I said it, I meant it.
I didn't mean to lie.
You cault me, I lie again.
I needed you to think I did not
Love you.
So you could be better,
you werent better.

I was a scared little girl.
You were scared as well,
of losing me,
not losing yourself.
Throw it all to the winds.

I didnt mean it when I said I didn't love you. I do. and I will love you forever.
unhinged sometimes forever just weighs my heart down so heavy 050711
*Amy* mmm...that frase makes me want to runaway !!! 050712
confucioussay??? what a JOKE. but why is no one laughing? 091011
. . 091011
Lemon_Soda I shouldnt' have promised I would love you forever. That was wrong and I apologize. I can promise I won't forget you, though.(barring brain damaging accidents) 091012
In_Bloom Most promises shouldn't be bothered with
Cherishing what was good though, adding it to your map of non Red Flags, that's admirable
Maybe those things can last forever
what's it to you?
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