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when do you know you're grown up? D'you have a moment when you decided you were? Seems to me like it's just a stumbly progress, where it just kinda happens inadverdently (sp?), but i dunno... i don't want to grow up just yet

Grownup's a terrible word, anyway... it sounds so stuffy and boring. Responsible? Pfft.

ponders (winnie the pooh style)
anne-girl ps

did christopher robin ever grow up?
he'd better not 've... nobody in the hundred acre wood should
on the road I wouldn't say being grownup is being stuffy and boring. I think that is the generally held view.
I think growing up is understanding stuff better, and realising what is important/right and what not.
I'd say people grow up when they want to and put an effort into it.
The most grownup person I know created a club where the members are gorrilas and their greeting is AaAAaaAAAAAaaaaa (while beating their chest)!
Lemon_Soda Grownup is being content with who you are, where you are at, and what you are doing. 050603
jane i disagree entirely. 050603
dondeestanlosjaguares to me, being "grown up" isn't a full time job, unless you have responsibilities like kids, or people look up to you and you have to set an example. . . even then, it isn't ALL the time. i feel grown up some times. . . and i'm not very old in earth years (no, im not an extraterrestrian. . at least i don't think i am, i just feel like i have an older soul) especially when i'm around people that are acting foolish when they're not supposed to be, and i have to be the one to put a stop to them. 050603
birdmad even at my age, i never presume that i am "grown up" or "mature" or "healed" (ha-ha, such bullshit) or "enlightened" or any other such self-congratulatory things.

i am experienced.
i am wary.
the only thing of which i am certain is that for any of my questions that have been answered, more have risen in their place.
p2 i think
that the definitions of grown_up
that i would accept
would exclude most "adults"
except a definition
based on physical age

for example
by lemon_soda's definition
there are more grown_ups
under the age of 5
than over

but perhaps i should come back
to answer this question
when i finish
unhinged it happens to you when you aren't looking, when you stop making the same mistakes repeatedly, when you can have fun but take care of the everyday world, when you pay your bills on time, when you have bills to pay, when you can let_go of the sickness to make room for the light

growing up takes a lifetime. some people never grow up. and just when you think you're all growed up something gets thrown in the road to prove to you you've still got a lot of growing to do.

i used to think growing up was useless. but it happened to me when i wasn't looking. and now i feel too grown up, too old. responsibility, reality, they're for the dogs. maybe growing up isn't the right words for it. sometimes we change forward and sometimes we change back. growing up is just the choices you make along the way.

maybe so
all the way around
all my life's a circle
sunrise and sundown
the moon rose through the night time
til the day break comes around
all my life's a circle
and i can't tell you why
the seasons coming round again
the days keep going by
Death of a Rose I hope I never grow up.

Or grow down for that matter.
Lemon_Soda My definiton is of the mindframe I respect more than any other. We all start with it, but somewhere along the line we lose it, and it isn't until we find it again that we're happy and we act appropriatly based on what we know. 050603
sab christopher robin did grow up
he died jsut recently
and never forgave his father
for immortalising him in childrens books

pinning his 6 year old self to a page for all eternity.
memyselfandi When you can't flirt with teenage girls without being looked at like youre the Antichrist...your grown up :( 050604
shower singer My birthday is coming up this week.

I realised the other day that for every other birthday, I have either wished I was older, or been glad to be turning the age I was turning.

However this year, for the first time ever, I wish I was not the age that I am. I wish that I was younger.

But I suspect that this has more to do with anxiety about "where is my life going" and "what have I achieved" and a big fat "who am I" than anything to do with being grown up
misstree applause unhinged.
i think growing up is a bad word for learning how to live.
maybe it's the thinning of the trees on the way up the mountain.
i just pray
i never stop dreaming.
oren Damn if I know when it happened. It was such a gradual process that I didn't notice it happening at all. But, here I am now. All grown_up. I still fight it, probably always will. I have the soul of a child at times, and I don't want to lose it. 051108
childe_harald if you don't want to lose it put it in like a consecrated jar or something

or store it in a magic crystal

oh... you meant a *metaphorical* child's soul. Sorry.
andru235 i think a grown-up is one who acknowledges that they will always be a child. and a child is one who thinks that they are a grown-up.

Sintina All my life I've sang: I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid!!

But being grown up is fun and worthwhile because you finally have the freedom to make a difference in this world. As a kid, you can make a difference on a community scale, in your school, or in your family. But as a professional in a field, you can actually go out there and change the world if you spend your lifetime trying. It's exciting.

The prospects are endless, once you're ready to take on the responsibility and accept the fact that you will not always succeed, the sky is the limit!

God bless the kids that want to change the world... and all the grown-ups who live not for themselves, but for love, compassion, and change.
it was not depression i don't know

i've felt old, i mean glacially old even at the age of 19, so old in fact that she had o take my hand and induce some altered euphoric state to get me to be impropmtu and playful
pSyche Have you ever actually messed up to the point where it screwed everything over, and you couldn't fix it? 051110
oldephebe sure.

you can't fix it. but bein' grown is accepting that you got put on big boy/girl pants and wade through the s*** that you created. you'll wash the stink off when you're done and you'll feel better and m a y b e you won't play yourself like that again.


that's T R U E
Staind_And_Souless When you don't look at a rainbow in awe.

When you know why the sky is blue.

When you stop believing that love conquores all.

When you see how old your parents look.

When you realise that Santa will never come again.
meta meta 051219
dipperwell When you refer to your parents, and the parents of your friends, as "cute". 051219
god i refuse to do it. 051219
Twitch I'm 17...and far too immature.

I gotta while to go.
REAListic optimIST to me, growing_up is when you take responsibility for responsibility. when you haven't plyed in a long time, not for lack of desire, but for lack of time. when the consequences of your actions weigh heavily on your decisions.

i'm growing_up right now. i had to decline an invitation from misstree to go frolic in the snow because i was too busy. well, i wouldn't be doing all of this if i didn't think it was worth it. i'll keep my child as freely accessible as possible so that when i come out the other side of this work tunnel, he will still be in tact, hopefully stopping to pluck a dandelion or two on the way.
pete perhaps when differences in age are no longer a factor we are close to becoming grown up.. 051220
Twitch Well - all the people who posted in here are almost definately "grown-up." I, for one, feel no different.

Most of the "immature" ideas Ihad about things proved consistent in adulthood (just redressed with politically correct semantics.)
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