freakizh i'm really sorry.
i dunno what happened.
my biggest appologies, my total give-up, my guiltiness and uncomfortable feelings to prove it.

i didn't meant to. i'm serious, forchristssake. i'm not sure about what i did, but surely, it is my fault. ANYTHING that tears me apart from you IS my fault. you're so beautiful and complete and brilliant and your halo is amazing and marvelous and awesome and and and and

i shouldn't say this, but i've been crying since you left. because of so many reasons now: my dreams are filled with anguish, my bed is empty of company, my whole existence is limited; geez, like if you were my freaking gravity. your sole memory is so damn important to me, can't you see me crawling for you? it breaks my heart.
wish~ it breaks my heart when you go out with HER no matter how much you two insist there's nothing between both of you. why can't she stay away from you? she might be your good friend, but you're now attached. to ME. can't she stop it? it breaks my heart little by little. 021216
silent storm to have to leave...

i love you, sassafrass.
ill be back soon.
unhinged to find you sleeping on the couch.

'i hoped no one would find me but i guess you found me.'

that i guess i did.
Rickster It breaks my heart to see you sad,
I would do anything in the world to make you glad,
Life is but something that cannot be endured alone,
You have shown me compassion, friendship, and you accept my love,
Please allow me to express myself deeply,
I love you with all of my heart and soul,
If it takes more I will find what I need,
I will go to the ends of the earth to search out the sea,
By your side I am ready to plea,
Just remember I love you forever and nothing could ever change that,
You mean more to me then words could ever depict,
You are the light in my dreams that saves me from certain doom,
Perhaps you have entered my mind, soul, and spiritual boon,
If loving your best friend is a crime,
I am willing to lay down my life and put in the time.
silentbob adaftapeth: there is a girl. somewhere. with your name on her.
adaftapeth: all you have to do is wait.
paranoid martyr i've been waiting for Nobody too long.

he doesn't have a face, hands, chest, thighs, or feet.

he doesn't have the scent that i would describe slowly to my friends while i'm lying in a bed hugging a pillow.

he doesn't ask for advice when he feels lonely, and he doesn't love to lay in my lap with my fingers curling up his hair.

he doesn't have deep meaningful eyes. just a hollow look, if he was ready to die.

i can't even complain he's dead on the inside because he isn't.

he's not. he isn't.

i just don't know.

yet, i'm tied to his void i usually call heart.

and it breaks my heart.
nobody you haven't been waiting too long. 030725
ashmanzhou the breaking didnt take long
and the end result just about consumed itself
so there was no mess to mop up

its one of those days
i wish i did and didnt have a razor at hand
Afro Yea, it does. You'd think after everything, we'd actually be something today. But I guess all we are is a memory. And maybe thats good. Maybe we aren't any good for each other, just like your mother used to say. It breaks my heart that you are with someone else today, but you should be with me because we are supposed to be together. It breaks my heart when we lived together that I couldn't make you smile more. It kills me that you didn't want me more. We used to be happy and smile together and thank God that we were together. We had it, but let it slip away somehow. I guess we were too stubborn, too immature, too stupid, too uncompromising, too petty, and basically too unloving. Love is about making sacrifices, and we definitely didn't do that. I'm sorry. I just want you to know it breaks my heart we couldn't make us work. And although it shouldn't actually be work, you know what I mean. We had it. 030925
live with me in your thoughts but we did sacrifice
we sacrificed our love, our way of living with each other. we could have kept on
but we would still be in that spot we were most of the time then
so comfortable with one another that we brougt out the best and the worst of one another beauty and the beast we were one and the same
those long calm talks we had quietly to one another alone. about only wanting the both of us to be happy.
but separate
sometimes im never happy
i just miss you
and it breaks my heart
and i cant wait until that opportunity to see you again if it should ever come... but i know in my heart that our love is too much
we break under it
youre my favorite
unhinged it_breaks_me 040911
o_caritas pottery barn rules

go ahead
call me a liar
tell me i'm mean

it breaks my heart

like the pottery barn rules:
you break it
you own it
ItGirl no.

you break my heart.


but i'm ok.

i don't need you.

i do love you though.
love & hate every time i think of you and your not with me. Which is every second or every minute of every hour of every day. I love you my katie and the distance, both physical and the wall you're trying to build are breaking my heart. No, its not breaking my heart, for my heart has already broken. 040911
falling_alone it_breaks_my_heart that my mother is so narrow-minded that she forbids me to start up a relationship before i've had the chance to know him.

it will lower me...who the FUCK CARES...she doesnt understand. all she shes is color..FUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKK...i only see someone who is smarter and kinder that most of the dicks in school who she would rather see me with.

i am determined never to put any thoughts like this into my own childrens minds, so that i don't have to break their hearts.
o_caritas protecting a child
from the real world
every parent's
every parent's

it's better
to spare ourselves
the pain
that will surely come
with leaping
too soon.

we all wish
to be loved
but the decision
to fall are oft'
best left to
the right moment,
the right place
the years
under our belts.
what's it to you?
who go