deb i met this guy named charlie this summer
and he's one of my best friends,
only, i cant seem to find him now that
i need his hugs

one day on the phone, we promised
that if, in 8 years from then, we weren't married, we would get married so the consistancy of shitty relationships would end with us:

best friends, married,
happy for once
deb search the folds within your heart
to find half-surprises waiting there:
honesty and friendship turning a new leaf?
part of me hopes
part, scared to death- what if i ruin this
like i always seem to do?
or worse, yet better,
what if i peer within your chest to find
that which i think is blooming there?
-that which grows, even now,
within my own heart-
i'm scared to death
and yet
there is nothing else my heart
would rather do-
-i want to fall in love with you-
deb ::whispers::
not only did i fall in love with him,
i'm gonna marry him~
and then i can breathe again

the waiting is killing me, baby...
stupidpunkgirl there's this man
who is only 33
and i met him at denny's
he has tattoos covering his arms
and always wins stuffed animals out of the machine

he is only 33 with a short time to live
the illness is eating away at you slowly
the "treatment" has taken your hair
and your hearing is going too
his eyes are going next
and then the rest of his body will follow
charlie who jumped meghan's car tonight
won't be with us much longer
and even though i don't know him that well, i'll still miss him
COLDandBLUEkitty he pulled up the hill at dennys.. and no one knew what he was doing cuz it was 2 feet deep with snow, and steep.
but he had 4 wheel drive. he had to stay inside the truck, cuz his immune system is getting weak.. and he gets cold fast. he was jealous that shakespear was drinking whine. he wins me power puff gurls. and when he says hi, he waits for me to smile.. and then he smiles back. he called a waitress at dennys a player.. and made "daddy" comments.. then he said for us to use our immaginations when we asked about it. GO charlie GO charlie GO! she's from new zealand.. and pretty hot.
i want to know his storys from when he was in the marines.. and about his tattoos. he seems extremely generous and kind. poor charlie..
thanks for fixing my car!!
twiggie Charlie is my cousin who was born on halloween, 2 days older than me, but in a grade lower cos i started early.
i never really talk to him, but we used to celebrate our birthdays together when we were little.
Cartman Look out for charlie, up in the trees! 001224
becca that's my baby! :) 010107
NinNy nu Nu Charlie Brown,
the chosen one.
CinnamonGirl see jim
charlie's his real name
Casey Charlie was the name of Humphry Bogart in "The African Queen" everyone in my class hated it and didn't bother watching except for me. But I like to watch classics.

Charlie Bucket is also the name of the kid in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Everyone makes fun of the ompaloompas. But no one can see the true meaning of the story. Mr. Dahl, (I can't spell his first name), the author, was a genius
Effingham Fish The name of every squirrel on Earth. Like how the Lectroids from Buckaroo_Banzai were all named John Somethingorother, except there is no somethingorother, it's just Charlie. 011030
Clyde what a great brother.
i wish i was him sometimes.
only sometimes.
eklektic the greatest charlie i know was the charlie in "the perks of being a wallflower". i wish i knew him. he seems like a terribly nice person and sometimes i see myself in him, when i re-read the book. 020506
blowncherrysaidshewouldntblather2nite #2

Charlie you're not my Charlie anymore you're screwing it up
You're killing your soul with an audience looking on
If I hadn't left early last night I would have made a speech to you
How you're not the only one you're going to hurt

If you don't believe me I don't believe in you

Makes it all feel better does it?
Makes you feel like heaven does it?

You loved it and you spent accordingly
You can't afford it now
You'll try and you'll fail
And love it like a little dog
And feed it on the scraps you find
And kiss it while you're still asleep

You buy now and pay later

So where's the problem you can ask if you keep your head up
But the road is long and you're falling asleep at the wheel
Here's a girl going crazy about you and I'm not far behind
Can you care about your friends anymore?

You buy now and pay later


He'll need some time to get over this
But a moment is all he can spare
His buddies out there in the city lights
And he is trying to care

See him offering himself to the world
Staring down from the fifty-sixth floor
I'll be happy just to catch him again
We go out we don't always come back

The night pressing in on his weary mind
There's a half-eaten moon in the sky
Nothing is calling him back to bed
And no-one is saying goodbye

See him offering himself to the world
Staring down from the fifty-sixth floor
Yeah I'll be happy just to catch him again
We go out because we go back
And back and back


We've seen her type before
Sandals and the hair
They fall in love with big dumb boys
And we sit and stare

So we walk the long way home
Glasses in our hands
When the last of the ice is eaten
Throw them as far as we can

There's a problem
There's no sleepy girl to wrap you in her loving arms

There's a lizard on the doorstep
And there is music in my head

We put the world on hold
Two young men growing old
We talk of years like lost weekends
And the harbour shrugs

Because friends are getting fewer
And we vow life will be fuller
But if the last of our dreams is broken
We'll walk the same way home

There's a gold star on your forehead
But there is trouble up ahead

Charlie what'll become of us?
I had my dreams for both of us
For both of us

You might be unworthy
But you remember what I remember
And that's enough to care
You don't fall off the rails
blowncherrysaidshewouldntblather2nite - The Whitlams, eternal nightcap 020507
boonuggets my bichon frise
our african american friend told us that he may look white, but he feels black
Staind_And_Souless nemesis 041207
becca still mine
still perfect
still makes me laugh
still knows just what to say

don't ever leave me...

I don't know what I'd do
without you

I cry just thinking about it
or is it the music?
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