Grievance a wallet, a small white plastic bottle, two key rings totaling for 5 keys, one fifty cent piece, two dimes, one nickel, three pennies, 3 guitar picks, a small black lighter(used for inscence), a small blue hair tie, a large dark green hair tie, one japanese coinage of unknown yen and a hole in the middle(intentional hole on the makings part), and bits of lint and string from the dryer. 020128
Grievance and a chapstick 020128
Mahayana + twine [possessing that 'other' world gasoline smell]
+ the plastic coating that backs & protects the sticky side of double sided stick tape [i use these scrap pieces to curl into spirals /lay them on their sides/and make pictures out of them]
+ lighter [4 incense/candles/& emergencies]
+ hanky [reusable/rewashable/never going 2 see a landfill if i can help it] in the neXt life she will be recycled into paper, after her hanky time is eXhausted
+ uni-ball vision micro waterproff/fade proof writing pen [my fav]
+ blow pops [always have'em in the front pockets of bibs/never know when youll meet a kid]
+ tiny albert einstein [on the cover] journal book in back pocket [2 jot down ideas 4 a gallery opening]
+ pieces of rusted metal 2 make into [1 of a kind jewelry]
+ 4 agreements written on a piece of brown paper

[if my name was tori, id ask you if it was enough to get us there]

[-&- this is on a less filled day]
[bibs have like a gazillion pockets]
[id live in bibs if i could]
[but osh kosh has abandoned me]
no longer adult sized do they make
only 4 children do that make bibs

[thank goodness i bought 12 more pairs b4 they were all sold out]
good people lint. 020129
little wonder .my keychain with my car key, the house key, and another non-functioning car key.

.random dollar bills and coins.

.a subway stamp i got at lunch to-day.

.a gift certificate to barnes and noble for fifty dollars.

.more money things.

.a receipt.

.notecards made out of notebook paper with my lines for kaleidescope on them.

.a silver and blue hair tie.

.copper ties for the sawdust bags at work.

nothing of much interest...
Casey a christmas list? 020129
yummyC a baby's foot still attached to the owner, two dimes and a penny, and my good-luck plastic lizard named Gabe. 020129
- a $50 money order
- 6 various crdit/debit/business cards
- a band flyerr for Spring Breek 2002 in Rocky Point Mexico
- a Home Depot pay stub for a measly amount
- a $105 Bashas grocery reciept
- a twenty
- a five
- a hairy hair tie
- twelve shelf pins
- a used bullet slug
- three small hair clips
- assorted coinage
- two tubes of lip gloss
- utility knife from work
- Missie's phone number
- schedule for the next ten solid days of work
reitoei a norvasc not pad with an Ip address, lint, a barbeque lighter. a whethers wrapper handkercheif, blistex, a 1992 quarter, 1963 penny, 2000 penny and a wallet. and a hole. 020131
hey now! yoda 020131
Becky My keys, one large red lighter, one regular pink bic lighter, one pack of marb menthols. (buy one get one free) 020201
T47 Major lint 020209
sabbie nothing! the maccas pants im wearing have no pockets, just cunning stitching that makes you think like they give their employees somewhere to stick their hands. 020209
yummychuckle paper_heart 020223
j_blue binaca, chapstick, lighter, my key - w/ scissor keychain, pepper spray, a pen, a poo bear honey pot chapstick lid cover, boo_boo_zap, visine_tears, and one more thing i'm too embarrassed to mention 020224
Flash Strawberries 020224
Mateo A chinaman, maybe two. 020224
Mahayana another pocket
that led onto a doorway

[& I never came back]
[& I said]::im::
[never going back again]
carne de metal ahoy!!!!! fisherman's mints! 020226
good people a giant safety pin, a tooth from a ditch digger, and a whole lot of cabbage. never leave without my cabbage. wait a minute... i dont have any cabbage... 020226
Mahayana qualities & states of being nothing

[x]the pocket was operated into nothingness by the force of access[x]
girl_jane an unidentified piece of paper that has gone through the wash with the pants... 020318
Arwyn blistex
2 batteries
couple hair ties..
unhinged my citrine crystal necklace
2 batteries
30 cents

my time card
a lip crayon
herbal blistex
an almost completely empty pack of cigarettes
a mutilated white lighter
TalviFatin my subway card
listerine pocket-paks
Ariadani that i didnt have a pocket 020529
blamethesky three polished stones, that i got from a friend. book of matches from work. my septum ring i think. a tape i just made so i'll remember to put it in my car. a jesus saves pen or something to that effect that i got from school. and some change. not very interesting...but that's what's there. 020530
Betwixt something...green.
Kinda like..wet...mushy paper.
I'm always throwing pants in the washer with money in them, that is the worst.
Death of a Rose lint balls
and a wallet full of receipts, business cards, credit cards, even more plastic cards, picture of my niece, my most beautific piercing woman (i fold really carefully), two 1910 american dimes (semi mint condition).
bite_me half a manky cigarette thats not even mine
black lipstick
oh, only 2p coins
ummmm a chewed pen
a mini Uzi
what the hell?!!
a mini Uzi?
where's my knives????
white_waves day off most of the time i find glittery or metallic pens and post_it_notes. 040309
poison cherry my pissed-off necklace and nothing else 040313
...AntiqueClocks... -The twenty dollars I got babysiting...
those evil little kids....
-My library card
-A recipt (sp?) from cashing my check at the bank...
-and some Air...

peepers his pure love and care 040313
z darkness

and my hand
Your Right Hand Man well, if i sort of wriggle around.......what is that thing.......there's a hole in my pocket! 040603
dosquatch ... that I had no pockets. 040603
witchesrequiem nothing...
unless you count the hole.
;) ...

n_o_b_o_d_y Care...
. n_o_b_o_d_y Cares...

magicforest . 040605
methinx Pants pockets:

gray bic lighter
black swiss army knife
fingernail clippers

keychain with: house key, mailbox key, white led, and about 30 safety pins of various sizes.

back ball point pen wrapped in a foot-or-so of duck tape
2 hair bands (for the occasional damsel in distress, not mine)

laser pointer
1 quarter, 2 nickles, 3 dimes

5 marbles: 4 clear, 1 black

Coat pockets:

cd player and head phones

1 inch rubberband ball

half size palying cards
scredriver set with 6 different bits
pendulam made from kite string and a quartz crystal
6 foot tape measure

plastic butter knife
sparkly green marker
small pencil
smurfus rex the sun 040606
kookaburra whatever you find in pocketless yoga pants.
a chakra?
x twisted x nothing... 040606
magicforest the sun 040606
magicforest whoaaaaa smurfus! 040606
smurfus rex freaky!

now give it back. :)
sab nuthin

these fucking corporate pinstripe pants dont have pockets.

what, girls dont need em?

bollix, bollix i say!
and then i'll say it again


i check my pockets from yesterday

and find a dollar coin

a third of a way to my morning coffee, at least
Ralf a one fourth used handkerchief and a piece of paper reading:
2 platte
12 kleintjes
2x 8personen vandaag

quichen tot 3

2 grote ronde
1 tompoes
2 platen platte
2 platen ringen
1 plaat hoog
3x20 kleintjes
alle carré confituurs

(I'm a Belgian baker)
pete *no pockets*

the glory of laundry day when you live alone
jokebook where did napoleon keep his armies?

in his sleevies.
nom a hole lotta nothing? 060704
. my birthday wrapped in leaves
like sticky rice
true fact dirt! 060704
Soma A candy wrapper...
A candy wrapper from a piece of candy that you gave me, at the party last week, stating cooly that you did not like chocolate; and that sweets were much more agreeable for someone of a similar disposition.
I never understood you until today.
nineteen my thigh 060706
pete some tp covering for tissues
a cell phone as i don't have a land line anymore
apartment and bike lock keys
a looney
a tooney
and a 2$ Tim Horton's coupon because I haven't been up before 8am in months and, at 9am, I'm sure as hell feeling it.

I wonder what I'll be looking like when I get off work tonight at midnight?
j_blue these days, i have a system

a big ass mega keychain, a money clip with a thing for cards on my front left

my front right gets the damned phone

back left is a pretty cool electric lighter, works like a taser, so useless for bongs

back right, rfid blocking case for what isn't already in my money clip
what's it to you?
who go