Piso Mojado breathe it. live it. 040503
Casey Some of them are wrapped in silk and golden bows and the rest are wrapped in shitty newspaper cutouts from the obituary section. 040503
megan i can't stress that enough
i like to notice every pretty sky, every beautiful little moment, anything out of the ordinary now
after the_bad_time, it seems things are a bit brighter. still duller than what they used to be, but brighter still. soon i will be able to smile and laugh without reminding myself, soon i won't have to follow the motions to get in the mood.
every moment is a gift, every day a paradise.
newme if_i_could_give_you_a_gift i would
if i could i would
if i could
it would
Piso Mojado (one of Dafremen's posts in 'suicide')

That blather, my dear, was just so much more of that same drivel. Look we're NOT heading to the same place either way. I'm not sure what you THINK you're doing here, but this IS the destination. The RIDE is the end which requires the means. Getting to death is NOT the GOAL. It's not a finish line for gawd sakes. Death is sort of like being at Six Flags and having your parents come up at the end of the day and say it's time to go home.

I'll say it ONE more time. You are AT the destination. The destination is a ride. The ride is called life. It's ultimate destination is NOT death. Death is what happens after life is over, not life is what happens on your way to death. Life is a joy ride, it's sad, it's happy, it's stupid, it's sensible. It's a f*cking Showtime special and YOU'RE lucky enough to be able to enjoy it in breathtaking surround sound and full projected 3d. Hell you can even make yourself the STAR in your own mind if that's what you choose.

As for the pain and suffering and misery and depression. Haven't you silly people figured it out yet? I keep saying it, but noone's acknowledged yet.

Pain and suffering are here for contrast. They're here to make small pleasure seem that much bigger and to make little comforts seem like MAJOR ones. For instance, take the moment you're sitting outside the principal's office. You're sweating bullets, butterflies in yer stomach, nervous wondering wondering wondering until the waiting almost kills ya.

Then you get in the principal's office and he tells you whatever he has to tell you and then you walk out of his office and WHEW!!!! I mean all you did was walk out a door....but it felt GREAT to walk out that f*ckin door.

Another example I like to use is thirst. Ever been out at like a park or a forest preserve or something and been playing or hiking for a long time til you were SUPER thirsty? I mean REALLY thirsty?! Then you go to get something to drink and they have those water spigots with the little pump handle?

Now that water tastes like sh*t. Anyone can tell you it tastes like sh*t. It's rusty and minerally and just plain tastes like crap. UNTIL you go without water for awhile. Until you get really HOT and thirsty. Basically until you have SUFFERED first. THEN that water tastes GREAT! I mean yea some bottled would taste better, but the well water at the park tasting great?! That's NORMALLY unheard of, but thanks to pain and suffering, even that MINOR little comfort, becomes a big comfort.

The moral of the story is this:

You can be happy no matter what circumstances you are in, no matter what kind of CRAP life throws at you. You can live in paradise right here on Earth if you'll just do a few things. (And NO noone said they were going to be easy, but trust me, they get easier)

1. Stop wanting things to the point that you are miserable simply because you do not have them. It's ok to want stuff, but once your desires start to make you unhappy, let it GO!

2. Whenever bad times come around, remember worse times. Let those REALLY bad times be the backdrop upon which you measure your current situation. It won't seem quite so bad after all, guaranteed. Whenever the absolute WORST times come along, don't look at them as horrible times, just realize that they will be over eventually and when they are, THESE are the bad times that you will use to make OTHER bad times seem not so bad. Remember tedious boring times are GOOD times compared to really bad times.

3. Finally, realize how truly fleeting everything is. Realize that although your life may seem to be dragging on, in the grand scheme of things you've really only got about a cosmic minute or so to get your sh*t together and enjoy this thing while YOU get to take part in it. Then it'll be gone. Time WILL heal everything. That's cliche as hell, I know, but it's also true. There was some lady(do0d?) named fanta that blathered about everyone having a bucket of sh*t(emotional baggage from our past) and that some people choose to dump the bucket on other people's heads, some choose to sit down in their bucket and give up and some choose to plant a rosebush in their sh*t. Now I personally have no idea why ANYONE would keep toting a bucket of sh*t around, rosebush or no. So don't. Put it down, time will make it go away, all you hafta do is not think about it.

That's it. That's why suicide is stupid. It's an attempt to solve a problem that in the end, isn't really a problem at all.

See life isn't the problem that needs fixing, it's our PERCEPTION of life...that's what needs to be fixed.
dan it's a gift you didn't request, of baffling contents.

why this?? why now??

try to smile.

no, that's a frown. try agian.

better but still looks less strained than cottage cheese and half as tasty.

it's an emblematic symbol of the value of living and connecting.

but it's purple and green-brown plaid. It just doesn't fit in. I don't want it to fit in.

it's a gift, what can you do?
stork daddy god i hope they included a receipt. 051030
Lemon_Soda Thats it! Right there! Thank, Piso, for dragging that out, and Thankyou Daf for writing it! You put it better than I ever had!Thankyou! 051031
oldephebe well it don't feel like that all the time.
z i am a witness to every moment's beauty. 051031
misstree every moment carries value

but moments like that
can only be cherished
once the wound has knitted shut

and moments like that other
should be sealed in glass so they never lose
that crazy golden sparkle,
so that the millions of moments duller
don't tarnish it's pinnacle
z saturday night
sitting on the floor in front of bastien lepage's joan of arc at the met on looking at the 4 distinct styles in it. bright even light is a window into his dream of her dream in the dapple of a garden gone. i see madness and the ides of history frozen in a moment unknown. i see the bridge between the medieval and the modern. and on that hallowed marble floor i am quieted in the quiet of that fiction.
6sy "See life isn't the problem that needs fixing, it's our PERCEPTION of life...that's what needs to be fixed."

-Piso Mojado

Ouroboros -Piso Mojado quoting Dafremen 081125
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New perception if fun
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