deadpilot I write poetry when no ones looking.
I unscrew light bulbs and shoot
squirrels when no ones looking,
but now a few words
about the Eiffel Tower:
The Eiffel Tower was built in 1976 by
the Chicago Horse Mafia. They made it
to look like it was built in 1889
to fool all the tourists
but the French hated them for it and
made the Statue of Liberty
completely out of assorted meats.
mmm wheat bread, not whole wheat but just wheat. its just one big conspiracy 010423
florescent light it's all been a conspiracy
one big lie.

since I work at a doctor's office, I thought I would check my height, and technically I am not 5'3. no, not even 5'2 and three fourths. not 5'2 and a half, I am 5'2 and one fourth. 5'2 and one fourth!!!!!
and this was without removing my sparkley sneakers
which, by the way, I painted my fingernails to match.
I don't feel any shorter.
I feel like I must defend my height.
I do not come up to people's necks- I mean, I look like a person of average height, maybe just one inch shorter.

i am not a shrimp
I am not a shrimp
I am not a shrimp
Jo BH Life is a conspiracy to the universe. 030516
thatonethere the way there's 8 hot dog buns in a pack and and only 6 hot dogs...there's gotta be something behind that 030801
User24 did you know:

- if you took everything on blather, and removed everything except "." and "-", you get morse code for
"hey man you have way too much time on your hands"
repeated the number of times listed at

- if you count every word in the english language, and divide by the number of letters in this sentence, plus 4, you get 42

- if you read every email that was sent to you in your life, you'd spend approximately 4 years reading penis enlargement adverts, 2 years reading how great the atkins diet is, and 313 years reading about wonderful pyramid schemes using ebooks and / or free websites

- if you add the numbers in my name, plus the position of the letters in my name in the alphabet, you get:

u + s + e + r +(2+4)
21 +19 +5 +17 +6 = 69

ok, I lied about all but the last one.
Dafremen And if you take the 10 digits that form the basis for all human mathematics and put them in their CORRECT sequential order(0123456789), create groups of first 4 digits(0123) then 3 digits(456) then 2 digits:(78) then the final digit (9).

Take these logically divided groups of the 10 digits that are the basis for all human-created "understanding" of the universe and add them together. You will not need to add 5 then subract two. You will not need to multiply by 12 then divide by the square root of 144. You will not need to rearrange their order or finagle the results. You will NOT have to adjust them in any way shape or form.

Just add them. That's all. The results may come out differently for each of you. For instance, some of you will add them up and see that there is something beyond our sight. Something that has a timer and a doorbell on it.

Some of you will see the delusions of a madman, the manifestation of an aberration through an aberrant mind. You will choose to ignore the fact that there is really nothing that mental aberrations could have done to create that mathematical reality. Instead you will search for what is wrong with the one whose dream revealed it. You will discredit the notion by attacking the source.

Then there are those of you who will add those numbers up and take the easy way out. You will repeat the mantra of your almighty math and science...coincidence, human manipulation, will say. You will cling to what you have placed as an integral part of the foundation of your beliefs and your way of being, the empirical lie.

There is no amount of wanting something to be that will create the reality of that simple mathematical equation. There is no amount of skeptical commentary that can hide the clinging of a man to his ignorance in the face of irrefutable facts presented to him in a straightforward manner. No, that man can only scream YOU'RE WRONG! Bullsh*t Bullsh*t Bullsh*t! Then laugh that flippant laugh of the social bully who would attempt to discredit without saying anything, because he has nothing to say. Ignorance breeds ignorance and the ignorant prefer the company of their own. Significantly increases the level of one's importance in a conversation. He can only laugh, for if he didn't laugh, he'd probably feel like crying. Watching one's god deflate with a hiss and a shudder can do that to a person.
misstree it's a big ol' flashing 23 with girlies dancing on top, i'll give you that... and i've been seeing signs of impending explosion for years, but remember that the more you look for 23, the more you'll find it... i say to you be careful as you continue on sharp-eyed and sharp-horned hunt... there are many types of creatures in the forest, and each has its own cry. 030812
Dafremen Why do we always value the differences? Is our conditioning to this machiavellian illusion so completely ingrained that we can't see what is in front our eyes?

It isn't the focusing on and valuing what makes us different that will save human society. It is the focusing on and valuing those things that we share in common. Eventually, focus on common ground leads to unity.
User24 that wasn't intended as a dig at you, dafremen, in case you thought it was. 030812
misstree because differences are easier to see.

because differences tell us what is deviant = dangerous.

because differences can be deceptive.

because differences are how we define ourselves within the subset of humans.
misstree because commonalities make the entire world painfully human to jaded eyes that need a scapegoat. 030812
Dafremen Bingo. Good, this might not be so ridiculously difficult after all. Thanks for the hope. 030812
misstree didn't know i had any laying about, but you're welcome 030813
ishutan This isn't in spite of the ways we've been treated, this isn't about the ways we've been mistreated, it's the truth behind the minds.

If only the fathers had known their sons, the way's they run wouldn't matter, but the distance of the paces and the hope of their futures...

Your streets, bathed in blood, the criminal intent of under-education... school was made to brain wash, with time, the entire population so that the world could be own3d through mass misinterpretation.
the calculations are incorrect though, the plan is backfiring... we aren't complacent like they want us.
They grab us by the balls, sex and music, the most lethal weapons in this secret war.
There are no rights and wrongs for them, only failed attempts and experiments...
We are not lab rats.
We've been lessened, dulled, placated, everyone seems to want to be the pretty boy, who has it all... what they don't realize is the pretty boy is only a mask, made with the intention that we would mimic, so they could gain control. they hold captive our dreams and futures, their money becomes our chains... and we are the dead magicians assistant.
Our only problem is that it has been working, too many of us are affected, infected with their malicious schooling... their viral programs, and those that are, like it that way.
People that write things like this have been made out as freaks and conspiracy theorists, I'm only trying to shed light on their plans.
I won't tell you what actions to take, or how to take them... I will only say action must be taken...
I won't speak like a visionary, saying we do this for our children, if we don't do something the future won't even matter.
I only ask you live for the now, breathe the air you've been given and fight for more.
I give you this in hopes of inspiration... amen.
smurfus rex Never ascribe to conspiracy what can be attributed to complacency. 181108
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