Wes! i am thinking about writing a book ... "fourteen male professionals" i will call it 991206
deb i've come so close to finishing
one of my 5 or 6, and
stupid stupid FUCKING computer

ATE! my words

ate them, and now i must retype

damn it all
loopy The gateway to someone elses world, I guess I'm stuck in someone elses world right now cause it only seems to be truly mine when I'm asleep. And when I'm awake I'd rather not be 991214
c-spandrea. pages and pages of someone elses dreams. 000227
sandi take comfort
no hurries, no wurries
Leon read, read, read, read. For mercy or for good:
READ, to be free
and out of ordinary,
read for salvation, in enevy and
search of new words-worlds await
for you a message: READ!
Tank conversations with god by neale donald walsch. it's really rather good madame... (just one of the many that i have found in my quest for inspiration...) 000815
orbst Tao
G_wiz13 the things i will never open. the things that will turn my individuality(weirdness, freakish behavior) into a mush of knowledge.eeeeewwwwwwww,save me. 010130
Mike my book is like my box,
i like them both...
both have 6 sides...
both an outside and an inside...
i can put my book in my box...

but i can't put my box in my book!
Kiely **~~a book is like a friend, except it doesnt bleed as much when you stab it~~** 010608
sim It would have been lovely,
last night,
to simply have you in the house.
Not engaged in witty conversation,
or nibbling on each other's ears
(though t'would have been delightful, it's true,)
But simply in the house somewhere,
or dozing,
or listening to music.
So that when I found an interesting passage in my melancholy book,
I could share it with you aloud
and then disappear again.
enriquecito wow. to have been there would have been nothing short of wondrous, my dear. for that is all i ever wanted: warmth, closeness, sharing, talkative bliss, as we both chase the same rainbows into the futile but beautiful sunsets. 010627
nnnn Lestat 020109
zenfishsticks people are books.

i have loved many in my lifetime. some have been set aside as i grew, though i can still look back and understand why i loved them. some have grown from pamphlets to novels, some have pages torn out.

you, my love, are a classic. a timeless wonder that i can pull off of a shelf in ten years and find new beauty in and love in the same way or in a different way...does it matter? i place my nose next to your spine and inhale you. i caress your pages. i place my inscription in you, my love.

belongs to rpm. today. forever.
CheapVodka if i get mine published...will y'all buy a copy? i'll sign it 020117
pineapple fun ! 020118
ellen cherry charles If people are books, most of my friends are comics, there's maybe one or two philosophy books, large classic tomes, and a huge photography book
i think at this second i would be an informative pamphlet.
how entertaining.
reitoei you can escape into a good book. and pretend youre a character in it. or at leats have something to take your mind away from the horrible plot of reality. i used to spend hours reading books. 2,3,4 books a day. steal a few words every chance i got.many hours of escape. 020310
thea i'm writing a book. it's about this boy who told his best friend he was gay because he trusted him, and the friend ditched him and told the school. the boy was cynically idealistic but after a few months of solid homophobia he's just cynical. he feels all crappy and lonely, and then this altruistic lesbian and her sidekick decide to help him. so they do, and after a while he's happier. and i think i'll make the friend apologize at the end, which is comfortably pat. yay. 020820
endless desire Read her like a book
She wont care as long as you are gentle
They all know everything about her
But not what the author ever meant to say.

Flipping through the pages
Skipping from beginning to the end
How she wishes they would read between the lines
And see just what she holds inside.

They judge her with the title
And the way the pages fray
But she holds so much within the bindings
That the words will never say.

One might say shes all too quite
Yet she screams now day and night
You will never hear her
Because you will never try.
book books are who i am
i am nothing without them
their bindings and pages
no one hurts you in books
no one yells at you
no one expects you to talk, then laugh when you can't
in books my mouth is not taped shut
in books i am not alone
i love them so much
they are like music. how it runs though your blood and you disolve in the sound and the beauty of it all. you lose yourself. sometimes i look up from my reading and i can't remember who i am anymore. i'm not me any more. there is nothing left of me. i could look in a mirror and all you'd see would be a floating book held by nothing.
maybe some day i'll dissaper.
into mountains of canada
into my music
my books
where no one talks
but everyone understands
and i am alone but happy
in my mountains
all free
and in the morning i'll wake up
and i'll my play my horn and my guitar to the sun and the hills will echo
and it'll be so beautiful that
i'll wake up
in my cage
and find
it was all a dream
just a horrible
taunting dream
that haunts me
all the time
and i am
alone again
lokkust the cookbook was so good i read it three times. 031206
jendricks oh books are my saving grace... i like immersing myself in othr peoples problems rather then facing my own... it works, most of the time. 060404
three words done_pasting book if_you_want 061005
hsg google_book_search

books knowledge read reading word words
phil Someone mentioned the idea of writing a book about all this.
Blather is a bit more spontaneous than reading a book.
After spending a lot of time here you get a memory of the experiences while reading and they repeat on one another.
Can anyone tell me what kind of book we could write?
gja Perhaps it could be like "If on a Winter's Night a Traveler" by Italo Calvino 071113
gja I should have explained further...
If you cant read Calvinos book for any reason try the wikipedia reference.
It is suitably vague - but perhaps more revealing than the author ever could have known.
LOST why do the Japanese read from back to front?
- because that way they feel they have progressed before they have even begun!

sometimes words can get lost, it might be better to do a spider diagram with words and pictures, like a map type thing? i'm bord of old school inventions
hsg quality more important than quantity. 071231
hsg the_goddess_and_the_alphabet

an interesting view on books
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