ClairE Happy birthday, Annie!!!

You are one of us. Go cigarettes and porn and killing Afghans!


I got one hour of sleep today, then drove my young brother to school in the rain in a car where I didn't know where the windshield wipers were.

Ugh. Thirty-three minutes more of sleep...

I_love_you, Annie.
bzzmel HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE!!! :) :) 020111
kelli crane Happy birthday John. Jan 12th 2002. I love you. If you need a shoulder or if you need a friend... I'll be here standing until the bitter end. 020112
feather pillow twin happy_birthday silent_storm
happy_birthday to sweet beautiful you
for you are full of life

happy_birthday everyday for we delight in ourselves, our bodies, in our freshness. we are dewey, wet in the morning. we glisten in the sun. we run our hands down our arms, our thighs, our bellies. we touch our lips. we touch lips with one another; we part them with our tongue. we are wild with pleasure. we are full of life.

picking a bed of fresh spring flowers to lie in. we run our fingertips over the velvet blossoms. we watch for brilliant flashes. full of life we are light; we run down the hillside, the countryside, the fields. we laugh and play. we are so vigorous.

the time is right. we prepare for living. we watch the moon for signs. rise and fall of temperatures, to dark and light, to the wind and rain and dryness, to the chances of our presently made decisions for you are full of life.
Phsyke What a great party
happy birthday to you
but aren't you an aries?
damn I guess its not true
so your birthday's in april
in october it's not
it was just an excuse
so that you could smoke pot
Dafremen Happy Birthday to ALL of my fellow Librans. (Although I haven't met a Libran yet who needed a REASON to smoke pot.) 021016
Moo Today is my friend's birthday. Happy birthday, Frank. 021021
cube minnesota_chris;
It's midnight here (EST) and I can wish you a happy birthday for April 9th.

Have a great day...
ClairE Happy birthday, Bobby. 031028
pipedream Happy Birthday, monolith!

*confetti and birthday sparkles fly everywhere*
celestias shadow cumpleanos feliz..... 031029
ClairE Zoe! 031113
ClairE To me! I'm 20 years old today! Two decades down, how many more to go... 031116
shivers daymen! sweet 16 :P enjoy urself 031116
no reason to me.

and plans are starting to suck already. stupid work. stupid living so far from school.
sirflaccid Happy Birthday Mother. 041229
falling_alone happy belated birthday to me. 050424
pubescent Id like to say HAPPY FUCKNG BIRTHDAY to the one i love the most in the world, and to know i care about her more then anything, and to know im allways here for you, PS: you have nice teeth 050523
stork daddy bob dylan 050524
pete Canada, have a great day! You turn 138 today! 050701
6/29 050701
pete oh, and bunny too (i unilaterially declared it her offical birthday, though the real one was likely 2 weeks ago). she is now a year old :) 050701
me Happy Early Birthday.

Have a good one.
sirflaccid Whoopdy Fucking Shit. 051017
neesh happy birthday Suicidal_Angel
happy birthday nmb
happy birthday Mahayana
and happy birthday neesh
olileauk tis my birthday in 3 days! it should be a happy one. 051219
Freak yay! its the big 21 for me. From here on out theres no reason to have another birthday 060313
sirflaccid . 060314
falling_alone one year ago i said the same i'll say today.
happy belated to me.
IGG happy belated birthday *blows a kiss*
have a drink on me. preferably absinthe.
anne-girl happy belated birthday to me.
woohoo :)
icy thinking of you... lost in memories.
love you still
ivyducktwilightseto Wonderful that I just saw this because it just happens to be



So happy mothafuckin birthday to me. Woopee. Clubs, cigarettes, porn, credit cards, moving out, hellz yeah.
superleni happy birthday ivyduck. hope you're not bruised. 060824
hsg "..waiting for the day they feel good Happy birthday.."
Staind_And_Souless Happy Birthday

Nine years older.

None wiser
Risen 12 years older

None wiser

But I whispered it anyway
crediblehulk Facebook got a little off topic recently. Then again... that's news to pretty much nobody.

A good indicator of how well someone knows you -- given that we live in the golden age of information management -- is that, instead of actually asking when your birthday is, and then writing it down, people will often just rely on their Facebook notifications.

So, on a whim, I gave myself a fake birthdate. I did it months in advance, predicting a flurry of pre-programmed, half-hearted digital candy raining down on my profile page, mostly from dim-wits who forgot a quintessential life lesson:

Believing nothing and trusting nobody applies on April Fool's Day, too. Probably even more so.

And a flurry there was. The casualties were... devastating. In one swift move, eighteen of my so-called friends were consumed by the Skyfacenetbook consciousness and were transformed into grotesque, augmented humanoids… similar to the Borg. After the "event", their raisons d'être became: a) sending out automated birthday greetings, b) proclaiming their own self-righteousness, and c) injecting their not-friends with nanobots that seek out and destroy, um... midichlorians?

Anyway, not to get off topic, but I think the point here is that in this day and age there’s just too much fucking information out there and nobody can remember any of it for longer than five minutes. Much less your birthday or mine. Shit, after I hit 25 I stopped caring about my OWN birthday. Quarter-life crisis? Or am I just an asshole? Should I be quoting Lee Camp here?
.flowerock waiting_for_the_day_they_feel_good ...

this is the first birthday I am zero bit excited about. I'm a little sad that that is the case.

trying to accept that I can't be anyone else but me and that maybe I'm not so bad.

I'll only be me for so long, I should embrace this and love it. I'm trying.

feeling inadequate and like I've already received more than I deserve anyway.

thankful for blather being a place I can say negative things without people jumping all over it telling me it's nonsense and expressing concern.

I'm ok in case someone is concerned. just having a bad day that feels like it never began or ended, a moment of eternal emotional_mud

I feel unattractive, uninteresting, incapable, I don't know how to communicate, I'm boring, I'm scared of change, I can't make decisions...

I'm too nosy. I'd rather know. but maybe I'd rather not. now I'm not sure that I know and the unknowing is crushing. who are they? and why?

I over think and I under appreciate myself.

not valuing myself is selfish, isn't it? confidence is a kindness, self love is a community service.
what's it to you?
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