eruthbe pda
makes me sick
in my mind a dog
giant snarling and rabbied eats
all the drunk makeout parties
who dirty up the line of sight
my eyes
see enough of
and music hurts my ears
after a while and pda
is fun when your the one
maybe pda is not bad
maybe music is bad
and the pleasure we get fromit is actually only a pacifire for lack of
MollyGoLightly my most blatant offense (the others are there, just not so obvious).

i like to jump up, wrap legs around, plant mouth on, stick nose in ear, scream about how beautiful and how long its been since how beautiful.

The Schleiffen Man a quick kiss on the lips... a smooch on the forehead or on the nape of the neck.... maybe a quick butt grab.... such are the ways of the Schleiffen Man 000724
unhinged always make me feel small and meaningless...i mean watching someone else's love from across the room...although the only moments i shared with my last ex were always in front of someone else...he never let us have a moment by ourselves...oh wait i'm lying. there was that time outside of ground zero and we were alone because kelly went back inside. but i think that was before we had kissed each other so we were just standing there. that was one of the only times he ever held me. but that isn't really pda is it? 001205
hypocrite Why she's left me. Too fucking proud to admit she could like a girl, so I punished her and draped my arms around her until she couldn't stand it. We haven't spoken sense. 001218
silentbob reminds me of how lonely i am and makes me sigh when i see it. makes me long to be doing it myself. and when i am i'm so happy its disgusting. 001218
Snakeyes I used to do it a lot...
& i used
to like it a lot too...
now its all gone & when i see it when i'm walking around
i can help but feel...
mildly jealous.
I no longer want it but i am
forever looking for it...
tazfab i was never a big fan of pdas
my ex said i was a pussy
i guess if he's ok to be seen with me, holding me, kissing me
then i have no problem with what other people think

the truth is that i can't walk with a woody, and even looking at him gives me one...
j_blue my ex was a pussy too. when we were together he would be totally shy in public.

i am pretty sure he didnt have your problem though, because his woodies (or lack thereof) was a primary source of my frustration.
stupidpunkgirl i hate holding hands around people you know, to me it's like a sign of ownership and "look what i've got". i hate seeing people with their toungues down other people's throats, and don't want others watch me kiss a boy. we forget how much we hate seeing it, we you are the one doing it. it's more special when no one else sees it anyways.... 001226
Syrope when im alone, but in good standing with at least one male, i think it's cute. i don't like when they look up just as i'm looking in that direction, and they think its gross that i'm looking. i wasn't ogling, and plus, they should expect to get looks. i do anyway...
yea, when im out with a guy i'm all into the pda thing, usually more than he is. that's each he i've had the experience with *shrug*
when i'm alone and having guy troubles, they make me jealous and sometimes a little irritated. when i'm out with friends and don't have a guy on the side, they don't seem to affect me at all
...i'm just a little bundle of contradictions
sad I have such happy dreams.
And then I awake and you vanish.
nomme faces hands feet
walking smiles
in every direction
randomly recent ! 040110
pipedream kills me, i think its the sweetest thing- its wanting to be close to someone and refusing to be embarassed about making that obvious..even when i won't be getting any public hand-holding i still feel glad for people who are; lucky for them. luckylucky. 040111
Eowithien Between two of my friends and me, its flickin' the bird.

To me alone...its everything that I want right now. So sad, so pathetic and probably very stupid of me actually. I hate the idea of people obsessing over guys, but I'm somewhat doing that by being obsessive over being alone.

I guess this wasn't exactly the place to blathe this, but oh well.
hyena these little twats need to learn proper repsect. i very much approve of my playmate having toys, and indeed have helped him procure them, but for them to attempt to crow about it in my presence is an inexcusable offense. there are two alphas. i am the other.

the youngling tonight will either know better or be hurt.
pipers still kills me! so sweet! 040227
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl he hugged me, where people could see.
but when people couldn't see, he kissed me
to beautiful music
and we held each other, lying on his bed.
its true, its all the sweeter when it's in private.

well what do you know?
today i got my first kiss.
pipey wow, how was it? was it as special as you'd imagined it to be? 040227
iNsEcUrE_GoTh_GiRl it was seriously amazing
better than i thought it would be.
i was glowing afterwards lol.
pipey lol that must've been mighty pretty :) 040310
FloydianSlip It's a little naughty and a little nice. There's a thrill in being knowning that others are watching. That makes it even more fun even if it is just a pat on the butt or an extended kiss. It's knowing that everyone's watching jealous because they want to be the ones having the public display of affection. Maybe they want to be in your shoes. It's the feeling of ha ha ha you can't have him...he's mine. 040810
Lila Pause I don't like it. I don't want people to interpret our kisses. I don't feel any need to clear up the confusion as to whether or not we're lovers, or just good friends. And I'm not going to show the world how much I love you. But I'll show you, and you alone, time and time again, in a multitude of ways. I'll play footsy with you underneath the table at Sizzler and then you'll follow me to the powder room where our "soul connection" will set off smoke detectors! But they never find out that it was us...
We leave before security arrives- onto the next four-walled receptacle for our secret affair/s.
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