amy it's the luck of the irish! 991216
Q Irish Prayer

May your every road rise to meet you,
And the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine all days
Warmly on your wondrous face
And cast rainbows to fill your space.
May rains fall softly on your fields,
May they be filled with strawberries
And every kind of daylillies.
Until we meet again,
May god hold you in the palm of this hand.
Q yes, copr. 2000
(this is an adaptation of an original, in which the copyright, if there ever was one, expired long ago)
crabby someone say 'daylilies?!' nooooooooo, nononono 'tetraploid' 'diploid' AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! 000119
Q today you can get 'em all to cross. just gotta know what you're doin'. anyway, tetras always could cross with tetras and dips with dips. Ha!
Éire go brách
MollyGoLightly A dead woman forced me to buy "How the Irish Saved Civilization" for my mother. It was a Christmas gift. 000601
The Schleiffen Man being an irish descendant (therefore adding to my nordicness), i can say that the Irish saved cicilization by inventing whiskey.... this is what prevented an Irish world... muahahaha

if you don't like the joke, send all complaints to the brick wall behind me.
MollyGoLightly The Irish aren't nordic at all. (?) 000601
moonshine i want to work in a pub 000602
erin the psycho irish jipsy aaah to ga numblue. me seeeky nice ah poo poo man. poo poo makey me laugh. eeeh heeeh heh ha. 001005
erin the psuedo psycho jipsy eye, pooh pooh. me laddies. 001005
erin the psycho jipsy supreme pooh potatoes. me seeeky makey lickey lady. pooh poo potatoes! 001005
Megan The Irish were taken over by the goddamned British. I don't give a shit if you're in love with England or if London is cool, or if I'm prejudiced. You're damn right I'm prejudiced.... millions of people would be alive right now if back in the 400's some asshole pope(I'm Catholic, so shut up)hadn't "given" Ireland to a fucker English king with too much fat upstairs and not enough gray matter. 001210
fran My sister tells me,

"You think you're Michael Flatley or Ronan Keating or something, but you're not even Irish."

She doesn't like it when I claim to be Elvis.
Annie111 The Irish goddamned did save civilization.

The British might have hated the Irish, and treated them like shit. But when the Irish got to America, they treated the Blacks like shit.

it's a viscious cycle. hate does no-one any good, really.
whoknows some chic on a train told me i look irish. not that that matters. just thought id share it with ya 011127
ClairE My mother works in Woodlawn--that is in the North Bronx, which is typically Irish.

One year, when I was in high school, my mother "volunteered" me to help out at Vacation Bible School at my old Lutheran school.

I got to watch the littlest kids, and half of them spoke like they were straight off the boat. One girl, Grace, was enchanted with naming the colors of crayons before she passed them around to share, and I was enchanted by her voice.

"Yellow. Purple."

That Irish lilt.

And also scary large ladies who like to hug me
and women who smell like cigarettes
and dancing
and lots of drinking
pubs all up and down the street
and shamrocks and smiles
and poverty.

and a lot of nialls and siobhans and such.
nah....! blue_ice 011128
Cluanin Mythical, Mystical,Manorhamilton 020214
. . 020516
guy on shrooms isnt it lovely the way say toe balderdash within the community closely winter painstaking winston walls in the bastard to the bitches in the blue oyster cult stood beside her by start watching the flower but it was embarrased by its honesty 030119
blue star St. Patrick's Day sort of bothers me. It's completely commercialized and fake. I'm celebrating in my own little way today. 030317
Eowithien About St. Patrick's Day

1. very fake, all commercialized crap and leprechauns= not real idiot! theres no gold at the end of the freakin rainbow!

2. i'm not irish so why should I freaking care?! its like freakin national irish day! theres no russian day is there? didn't think so...

3. if i say anything bad about being irish in my town, i could seriously be shot, those people are so damned obsessive.
micky jo sometimes i worry i'll fall in love with an irish guy...
then i would be Micky McSomething
how awful would that suck?
stork daddy "i can drink and i'll get drunk, i can fight and i'll be slain, i can lay with another man's lass and still be welcome to my ain." 040206
shine i'm in love with everything irish, including the guys, and one in particular named cathal . . . yumm. i don't like the little irish kiosk they have set up in the mall at home. it's filled with "everything irish" which is a lie. to me "irish" is weather beaten little old men sitting in a pub that's 3 times older then them, people out in the streets willing to talk to you and show you a good time, it's anciant, mysterious and beautiful, it's a million different sensations in one second, it's happiness and freedom, it was the best two weeks of my entire life. 040207
The Proclaimers I'll tell you now
that grown men cry
and Irish girls are pretty.
myriadmoods Am I Irish? surely I am. REd hair, curly, in denial; a female who came from a paternal dynasty, and is told to ignore the truth, yet I know that my hair is auburn and I inherited it from my GG grandmother, REbecca Wells Gray Hind, who died with BLOOD dripping down her red wavy hair, the man who murdered who killed her with an axe and knife.He was hung for her deatrh, 1884, she is in my thoughts always, she was my grandmother for CHRIST SAKe! He hung, and he was lucky that the people in the county he lived in did not really hurt him, he murdered my GG grandmother, a widow 3 times, a mother of nine children. MAy God have mercy still on his frakin' soul. Rebecca Wells Gray Hind is in heaven, waiting to tell me"forgive". 050409
lou_la_belle when irish eyes are smiling...

you can be sure of something good
jordie effulgent 060517
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