jennifer I'm okay
and you're delightful

and the boys are at a party
another one of

Jerry bought whipped cream
(a saddle rash joke)
and I scored them some Viagra
so I think they'll have a fun time

but I wish
just once
I could be included in the fun
jennifer Countless long nights
While I stare at the wall
I ask myself over again...

How did I end up
In this little hell?
How - did it ever begin?

Oh, oh, oh oh oh helpess

Helpless to turn back the clock
That ticks on
With its cruel shiny face
It laughs while it watches
My every disgrace - I was
Born a sap - all the
Nurses laughed when they
Saw me the first time
They giggled and they said
"This poor little monster'd be
Better off dead."

Oh, oh, oh oh oh helpess

Helplessly trapped in a body
I'm sure -
Should have never been mine.
I bet that my real one's
Doing just fine - and I
Don't belong here, I
Don't belong here - I
Should be quite rich
With a big shiny car
A house with twelve rooms
I deserve to go far.

Oh, oh, oh oh oh helpess

Helplessly falling in love
But does love
Really last through the night?
To love - To honor -
To kick and to bite! and I
Don't belong here, I
Don't belong here
It's all a mistake
I was destined for greatness
A leader, a prophet -
They're just too blind to notice.

Where did this whole silly story begin?
It seems that my mind has gone -
I think that I've messed up a chapter or two.
Perhaps it is best if I'm frank!

Oh, oh, oh oh oh helpess -

Helplessly lost like that
poor chap who came
For an innocent dance.
He left with his brain smeared
All over his pants! cause he
Didn't belong here, he
Didn't belong here
He never should've left
That warm cage in a zoo!
His face was so ugly
What else could I do?
Can you - really blame me, I
Had to smash it.
He left me no choice,
he was just like the others.
I just had to kill him.
With my poor, dear, old

Oh, oh, oh oh oh helpess

Helplessly fucked in the ass
By a legion of forty ex-cons
That's what it feels like
When you walk all over me.
Don't belong here, I
Don't belong here
Your eyes burn right through me.
They fill me with fear.
I could've been at home
Watching football, and drinking beer.

Oh, oh, oh oh oh helpess, so Helpless.

(DE of OB)
Grendel Helpless in the face of the same impossibly pretty girl.
She stands on her toes to peer over my cubicle wall at me and makes my whole day with that smile of hers.

Who am i to deserve such.
does she know that the moment she passes my way all my concentration vanishes.

Oh, i am too old for this schoolboy silliness
kim i am so helpless to my emotions
they come over me
and i am gone
only to come back to
the mess that they left me
miniver People can make me feel so horrible, sometimes. And, I don't mean specific people and their specific actions toward me -- although, specific people can be horrible too -- but, just PEOPLE.

And we're not really horrible, or anything, I know. I don't think we are innately 'evil', nor innately 'good'. Frankly, I don't believe in the existence of 'evil' or 'good' by anything but our own (more or less) logically-derived moral systems. But, there are just so many of us! Too many for me, I think. I just seem to get tired, and sad, and empty. And I don't know if it's worse to think that other people are continuing about contentedly, regardless, or that they are just as worn out as me, regardless.

Maybe it's the 'regardless' part that weighs me down. But something sure is heavy! It's so hard to not be special! And I don't know why it seems necessary to be special. And I don't know why I can't stop. And I don't know why I shouldn't, or why I should ( or even why I've been put in this position in the first place).

But, I don't.

I sleep, sometimes, though. And sometimes little things make me happy -- as we all know it goes, I guess. Weather makes me happy. My view. My piano, my books, my big empty bed with two comforters and three pillows, and cosmology, and brilliant food, darjeeling tea, music, pretty words, smart, sad boys. Sometimes. Other times those same things seem just as heavy as the rest of the world, and I'll remember how many people there are to consume it all, and how I'm just another one of them.
thedunator You made me feel helpless. You made me feel useless. Why am I still in love with you? 010918
nod Jesse is anything but helpless 010918
thedunator Are you talking to me? 010923
chiocken Another attraction is the Helpless Robot, created by Norm White of the Ontario College of Art and Design. Completely unable to move itself, the robot can detect the presence of people near by and plead with them to move it into a certain position. The more the human gives in, the more strident its demands become until the person is faced with the choice of becoming its slave or ignoring its cries for help. 021121
User24 totally bloody useless. 031027
whitechocolatewalrus sometimes i am so depressed
so completely out of it
that time seems to stop
i don't think about anything
nothing at all

no apparent reason
no reason at all
sometimes i think
that i like it this way
that i deserve to be sad
i feel like i don't want
anyone at all
to even come near me
much less help me

these are the times
when i hate myself
for everything that i am
for everything
that i have become

i try so hard
to leave it all behind
to accept myself
to love myself

despite these efforts
nothingness always
sometimes it is
even comforting
to be this depressed
to know that others can't help me

up and down
like waves
in an ocean
vascillating between
dark and light
[maybe someone else
will understand]
pipers i does. 040123
superleni today's thought: if god is omniscient, it must be really depressed. wouldn't it have a massive case of, 'what can I do? the problem is too big,'? 050916
not kylie minouge helpless against the way of you
and im thinking about everything
Risen I am helpless to resist the daydreams.

Maybe because I know I'll never get the chance to have the kind of future I imagined, so now all I have is the worlds I weave in my head. Sometimes I rail against the injustice, and sometimes I feel like I deserve the pain. The punishment.

You are the little patch of blue which prisoners call the sky.

I imagine that there's a photojournalist back home looking after a cat or a dog. Maybe a sailor or similar on a tour of duty. You're happy and you don't even remember me. You don't want anything to do with me, and even if you did, I have nothing to offer anyone - not even my closest friends and family. That's the reality, and I accept it.

But I still have the daydreams. And when I deny them, I get real dreams instead, which are infinitely more vivid.

I am helpless. But I am also harmless, and I need you to know that. I am rational and respectful.
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