Dafremen We fed 6 people with 4 potatoes and a can of Lunch Meat. I think it was the missus that first said to me, "6 people can eat out of the same pot as 4." She was right, they can. And 7 people can eat out of the same pot as 6 and 8 out of the same pot as 7. The limit is the limit of our own necessity, isn't it?

We took the potatoes and diced them finely, then we diced the lunch meat as finely. Added Garlic powder, onion powder(I can't stand onions bleh!), a little parsley for color and then cooked the potatoes in a skillet until they were soft. We added paprika and the lunch meat, then when it was done, served up 6 portions. If there had been 7 people, we would have made 7 portions, 8 people...8 portions...but in any event, still just 4 potatoes and a can of lunch meat.

We all ate well, with more gusto, knowing that each of us had given up a little of what would have gone on each of our plates, in order to have another plate at our table. Simple living, is THIS the recipe for a broken society?

I'm not sure, but one thing I do know is this:

It's the recipe for a happy home.
Dafremen Well folx, I could hold on a little longer, (till 5 P.M.) but there's a lot to do and I can't let the PC keep me from getting out of here tomorrow at sunrise or so. Thank you all so much for allowing me to share this space with you, it's been a real treat each and every time. Since the first day that I accidentally stumbled across blather looking for a word that rhymed with orange, I have come to put it first in my daily routine, hell first last, all through the middle and up around the center even.

Thank you for indulging my little brain in it's merry wanderings. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and unthoughts alike. Thanks for the stupidity and the amazing displays of brilliance. Thanks for the long discussions, the impromptu parties and the petty bickering. I want to thank ALL of the people that took a stab at me for speaking your mind regardless of the consequences. I would like to thank all of the angst-ridden twits for giving me an outlet for my parental musings and for helping me to understand my own teenagers a little better. I want to thank my staunch supporters, you know who you are. The closet fans and detractors alike. Thank you all for making the time both entertaining AND worthwhile. I hope you enjoyed the show. I know I did.

Anyhow, that's just in case we can't get back to blather. See you folks in a few months(weeks?) otherwise.
simple_living Scene- A truck stop outside of Gallup, New Mexico

You know those bathroom stalls with the "creeping lock" syndrome?

The lock immediately pops open the second anyone so much as brushes against the door.

There I am with my drivers license out, crushing up a bit o Ritalin for the road, when in walks this big trucker.

I had one of THOSE stalls.

I quickly step in front of my shame, perhced there behind me on top of the diaper changing station, and spoke without thinking.

"Sorry, pal..diaper station maintenance I must have forgotten to put the sign up. Should only take a couple of minutes more if thats ok?[

The trucker was as surprised as I was to find the stall occupied.


He closes the door.

Pen tube out..INHALE...diaper station maintenance complete.

"All yours man, thanks for waiting."

"No problem, be safe."

"You too."

Hail to the truckers, on to Flagstaff...
simple_living Mary Jane,

Its been nice. You've been more than kind at times, but you've got too much baggage weighing us down.

I drag my ass when I'm with you. When you're away, I can get things done.

No Mary, don't think that I don't remember the good too, I do. The way you opened my eyes when it was time for me to see. I have seen thanks to you, now I do the right that I've seen with you.

I'll always remember what we had together, how you gave me a place to hide since I was 13. My gratitude to you, fond memories of our time together.

Good by precious Mary, goodbye.
simple_living Greetings from Mexico. Happy Late Thanksgiving. 011124
simple_living Today we proved we could do it. We sat on our ass for 3 hours and made 150 dollars. We put 75 dollars in the_fremgreen_box and kept the rest. I can't describe how free I feel today, how alive! We can do it, we can make it, I can support my family and NOT be a slave to someone elseīs dreams for the rest of my life. Thank you lord, for a chance to spend my days and nights with my wife and children. Thank you for a new life. I am humbled by the simplicity of lifeīs genius..and grateful for the chance to be so. 020406
Photophobe congratz man.
Good to know someone's dreams are coming true :)
simple_living Another one came true today.

The missus and I have been a legally sanctioned couple for 12 years today.

Happy anniversary bebita...I love you more today than I did back then. I thank my lucky stars every day when I wake up to the sight of your pretty little nostrils flaring in and out as you breath. Here's to us and 100 more years.

(If anyone's curious, our only wedding photo is online.)

see also: PICTURES_OF_BLATHERITES Dafremen entry
unhinged class til 3
practice til between 5 and 7
dinner at 7
pot at 8

that was the way of things for a month or so at the end. sometimes i just skipped the class/practice part
Dafremen Speaking of pot:

Once upon a time, I fucked up. When given the choice between sitting on some porch in the barrio waiting 3 hours for a coupla dime bags and saying "Aw fuck it! I'll have a beer instead" , drink the beer. Seriously. The missus honestly thought I was going to "the internet", but I thought she knew where I was going. She didn't and I didn't know, so I waited. Man, was she pissed..and worried. That was the worst much it worries her. She always imagines me in an accident when I'm away, or some other trouble. I can't keep putting her through this crap. Period. So, that's it. I've had it. No more for me. (This is starting to sound familiar..) No more wasting my life away on trips to dirty alleys and run down neighborhoods. It just sucks, that's all. It's not even an adventure anymore, just a chore..a drag that I could do without. Ok, Mary Jane..are you listening you persistently and consistently alluring bitch? We're through. That's IT. No more. No more calls, no more cards or letters, no more flowers and ESPECIALLY no more of your midnight "let's go to the bathroom and do it." Ok? You get that? I'm not answering the calls, I'm tossing the letters without opening them, the flowers are getting sent back and I'm very comfortable right here in bed with my warm-blooded woman, so go to the bathroom yourself. Good bye. No, and stop giving me those puppy dog eyes because it's not working. I do NOT still love you, now leave, please. It's time for a change. Thank you.
Dafremen She came back for a fling, but I sent her packing after a week or so. 030403
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