Dafremen "When the man with two eyes becomes the protestants' sheep."

Last night I had the strangest dream that I've ever had. It was probably the shortest as well.
Let me start off by mentioning that I am not a person who dreams much in my sleeping hours. Those that I do have I rarely recall much of. Furthermore I have NEVER had a dream involving religious or political figures, to the best of my recollection.

I believe that I have a Creator, this is true, but organized religion has never appealed to my belief system and so I have never subscribed to its tenents or paid much attention to its participants.
I am a man of logic and of truth, a software engineer by trade. Although I do believe in the validity of hunches, I do so because experience has shown them to be correct more often than not in my case, again..applied logic based on observed probability.

That said, back to the dream:

I saw a card, a plastic card I think, credit card type. On it was writing and wavy lines like a postmark used to cancel a stamp.
I'm not sure about the writing, but I do recall the card's most prominent feature; 2 lithographic images of the pope. One was black and the other appeared white. They were positioned one over the other, and the card was facing me short end up.
I didn't see the card for long, when a voice spoke. I'm not sure if it was male or female, only that it was pleasant and seemed to be important, if that makes any sense.
The voice said what I believe were these words:

"When the man with two eyes becomes the protestants' sheep."

OR perhaps:

"When the man with two eyes IS the protestant's sheep."

or even

"When the man with two eyes becomes the protestant shiek."

(Mix and match those variations as you please, but the first seemed to go with what I felt next.)

Suddenly, upon hearing those words, I was very afraid of what that meant, even though I didn't understand what it meant.
Suddenly I was very afraid for us all, VERY afraid, as if something horrible would happen when this man became that. I didn't see, but felt George Bush when the word protestants' came out and I also felt as if the pope was dead. Perhaps this was because the pictures of him were of his younger days, perhaps this whole thing was a bit of radish coming back to f*ck with my mind and perhaps I should have forgotten the whole thing and gone back to sleep, but the fear and the cold sweat trickling down my back wouldn't let me.

Why was I afraid?

Why did Mr. Macho Mandilone beg my wife to hold me afterward?

I really don't know. The images weren't at all frightening, neither were the words or the voice, yet there I was at 2 in the morning, shaken and disturbed by the impressions that had been dropped into my mind like some apocolyptic bombshell. Spooked I was, like some Neanderthal, by the words that I heard, by what they were perhaps meant to say.

I sat awake, pondering the words (on the off chance that they were meaningful) and it was as I described the dream to the missus that I think the "man with two eyes" was revealed. See, the pope is John Paul the Second, which is almost always represented with Roman numerals...or two "I"s.

"The protestants' sheep"? I'm not sure, but my impression was that the protestants are the United States(which was founded by Protestants) or George W. Bush.

That's it, that was my dream. I told you folx that it was strange, and although I said that it was short, I never said that this description of it would be.

Let's hope that it was only indigestion and IF it was something more meaningful, let's hope that this blather has given it the respect that such a message would deserve.
unhinged don't go all nostradamus on me at a time when a lot of muslims in the middle east want to conquer the world in the name of islam 020102
Dafremen it was a dream chicklette...i gave it it's due. I wouldn't presume to go prophetic on anyone...I'm not big on the future when the present is so....present. 020108
silentbob he's the kinda guy who walks with his feet. 020108
david gilmour "just one man beneath the sky
just two ears just two eyes"
silent storm He has to eyes. So he thinks he can see. He says he sees me. Everything in my heart he claims to know.
He sees what he wants to see. And so, he is blind.
Casey He has two hands so that he may rip those eyes out when the feelings of guilt and remorse become to great. 020109
the clarifier or "too great" even. 020109
ClairE Every man I have ever loved has had two eyes.

I guess it's just a weakness of mine.
Mahayana ...
genetic mutation
of the freshwater predatory copepods having a median eye, of the genus (Cyclops)

[[[be aware of any mutation]]]
[[[it may be better than u]]]
Arwyn that's general principle under which most homosapiens are constructed. 020110
Dafremen Interestingly enough. Things are coming about that fit my impressions. I'm not sure what that means, but something is coming. The "War on Terror" is just setting the stage for the real story of the millenium. 030403
cube And just what do your instincts tell you might be coming, o' prolific one?
Dafremen see also: GREAT_EARTH_CHANGES 030409
ferret were you afraid of the words or how you felt directly after the words were spoken? i realize that what happens "when the man with two eyes/i's becomes the protestants' sheep" was never revealed, so i ask whether or not you were afraid of the words themselves, the feeling they gave you, or just a feeling directly after they were spoken, because i am wondering if the fear could have been from a "message" of another sort directly after the words were spoken, such as: "when the man with two eyes/i's becomes the protestants' sheep" (insert fear here) and the fear being what would happen. like, a mass panic or something 030812
... holyshit...hollyshit 030813
oldephebe their spears will be blunted, their chield shattered, the kingdom of man will come crumbling down, the rocks will return to their primordial state..the dust, the cosmic constitutents swirling in solar winds...

Daf - because man will not learn from his limp, oh disconsolate heart burning me up with ambition, the gods never look back to contemplate the error of their ways and so it is with man..arrogant avarice ridden man at the behest of exclusionary impulses...we will be broken upon the spires of our pride...
camille Dafremen,

Very thought provoking, I could feel your heart pounding and your heavy breathing between your words..

I've had a dream similar to the strong meaning but not about the pope. However in the same direction.

My dream included a hologram- a big screen balanced in the sky with no apparent apparatus to hold it. It was firm and floating there ...

On the screen a message was scrolling the alphabet characters in a different language unlike any I had ever seen before, yet I understood the message.

I purposed in my dream to remember everything that I was reading in my dream because of it's extreme importance...

when I awoke, I had awoken in a sweat with an overwhelming feeling of having just received a message of great importance for the world.

I had such of feeling of disappoint to the point of tears that I had tried so hard to remember what I had tried so hard not to forget....
It was there.....It is there (hard to explain) but it was not there for me to remember.

I wrote the details (there was more)of my dream,dated and saved it.

thank you Dafremen for sharing your dream,
dafremen If you care to share your dream, let me know. I think I know exactly what you mean about wanting not to forget anything.

see also: what_the_hands_of_man_hath_wrought
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