unhinged your whole life is choreographed isn't it? 070107
unhinged stand still
can't even nod your head to the beat
drink your designer whiskey
chuck taylors on your feet
trustifarians in dreaded cliques
won't even flash a smile my way
can't be bothered to open your mouth
for someone like me
head to the show
where you'll be sure to be seen
but we're all looking for the same thing
if you could leave your shit at home
maybe we could get some of this dirt clean
pay attention
someone's on stage trying to get you to move
and even when you do
you're looking over your shoulder
to see whose watching
bust out my pipe
in the corner of a dark bar
and now you smile
now i'm worth knowing
but i'm not trying to impress you
i just want to get high
when i go out at night
i leave home my lies
i came here for the music
i came here for the music
your eyes follow me across the room
lips set in a line
i'll bob my head
i'll shake my ass to keep time
if i like what i hear
i'll be sure to yell
you can stand still
letting the guys on stage
wonder what the hell
they're doing wrong
i don't care if the drugs i've been doing
make me look stupid to you
i came here for the music
egger i love you, unhinged. 070110
ever dumbening d'accord.
blather classic.
unhinged thanks. love you guys too. *widegrin*

i was listening to too much of the rapper atmosphere the other day. heh.
jane i love atmosphere.

see the junkies while they co-exist with the sobers, all the bugging of eyeballs, the shrugging of shoulders...
poet word!

fuck scenester_bitches
with their fancy phones updating their myspace pages from the back of the room
jane funny:
unhinged at least my friend is the doorman now so i can sneak in for free 080709
unhinged i know who you are
i've met you before

i'm not impressed

making a documentary about yourself
before you're famous
is just a little pretentious
dontcha think?
big fish in a little pond
not impressed
not even a little bit
ergo It took me a couple of years, but
I now understand this word.
I was pronouncing it ce nes ter
and thought it a variation of
sinister. A bit slow on the uptake
I guess.
unhinged (oh, and that whole thing about hanging all over me in front of your girlfriend cause you were super drunk cause it was your anniversary...yeah. i'm not buying it. does anyone else see the dramatic_irony of that? anyone? or is that just the way things go in this town?

i need a new scene. stat.)
unhinged so i am not just exaggerating or being irrational or anything like that

a fellow skite can back me up

there was a sea of empty faces
sitting in plastic chairs
silently watching
a fucking new orleans style brass band
really guys?

(but then the blather party invaded
and supported my co_worker
the dance area was rather full)
no reason i think every large-enough city comes with scenester_bitches

styx snakes_dressed_as_women 121023
unhinged i bought a tshirt today that says dont feed the hipsters

i am going to wear it to the neighborhood the techie hipsters gentrified and get drunk on tequila and see what happens.

(hipsters are lippy here. one decided to get smart with a crackhead. said crackhead got kicked off the bus because of the altercation that ensued. sc started throwing rocks at the bus window. he cracked at least two windows before the bus driver drove off. now any grown adult with any sense would not antagonize, get lippy with, or otherwise provoke someone visibly fucked up on drugs. fine line between tough guy and stupid. fine line between trendy and mindless. shopping at urban doesnt automatically make you cool. neither does riding a fixie. the messenger bag you bike your groceries in...also just overpriced status garbage for you to waste your six figure salary on to perpetuate consumerism. good job with that.)
flowerock thy walk by all day from various countries, male and female alike. i ve seen people with the don t feed the hipsters hirts. i think they were hipsters though, maybe that s why they were ao thin! haha ok Im not that funny. 140821
unhinged consumerism, marketing, materialism isnt limited to america:

unhinged (someone who likes fashion isnt necessarily a hipster. hipsters base worth on brands, shop in certain places, do certain things, eat certain food, cause they think it makes them 'cooler' than everyone else.

being a mindless sheep that believes the internet version of cool doesnt make you anything good in my opinion. formulating your own likes and dislikes based on instinct is another story.

then again, bloggers are the only writers making money. and unethical creeps like mark zuckerburg are billionaires

flowerock it's the attitude and the way that people interact with an treat others different from them that tells the story I think, which is what I think you were saying too.
fasion is fine, originality and fitting in are fine too...

honestly I may have no idea what I am talking about, I feel very
removed from the "scene" these days. people are what they are, to me they re just either "real" or not real... sincerity is what I seek, and fairness in the the way one treats others. i do see though that these categories, trends? exist. I dom t know what to call some of them but they sure are obvious and easily grouped together.

Maybe i sometimes mistake the perception of vanity or self glorification for hipster/scenester bitch types


is right on point. sadly. not just sad but enraging and frustrating.
z the bitter taste of irony is a hugely overused spice that i associate with hipsters. because many of them seem to default to an ironic world-view, often, their self-presentation is always ironic. irony is delicate (for me). overused, it fail, becoming facile and unsubtle. that forced, sardonic quality comes across (to me) as cynical, and judgmental. i can enjoy irony very much, but only in reasonable doses. when it becomes the basis for an entire generation's aesthetic outlook, it becomes pathological. oh well. to each their own. 140822
(z) (then again, that generation has a lot to complain about. i get why irony is better than giving up or riotious indignation). 140822
unhinged he said 'come dont know the best new band out there right now? i thought you were a hipster...'

i scoffed 'oh no noooo. why did you think that?'

(who i am and who he thought i was; so shamefully different)
unhinged (i have withdrawn so far that i would rather stay home than be the


of shit like this anymore. i_i_w_i_i )
what's it to you?
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