bethany another sunday night
and i aint got nobody
got some money
coz i just got paid
oh how i wish my car wasn't stolen
i'm in an awful rage

why do i feel 13 again
heh at least she doesn't drimk
misstree quiet self_reliance,
in these "lonely" moments,
the world comes into gritty focus.

it's not a problem
that i'm drinking alone,
it's a solution.
George when I drink alone I prefer to be by myself. 020422
poetic_onslaught im doing it again tonight. yesterday i started a little before noon and continued till mindnight. at least i wasnt drinking alone the night before last. i agree....when i drink by myself i usually prefer to b by myself.....depending on my mind state at the time. drinking doesnt always make me happy....but when it makes me mad....im happy i was able to get mad and let it out. 020422
jim_starks If i didn't drink alone, i'd have no one at all to drink with. 020423
Sailor Jupiter So she left me again to go bonk w/her boyfriend. I can't really hold that against her, but you'd think a best friend would try to help a depressed one. But she's dense and afraid of feelings so she flittered off and left me to nurse my bottle of gin. I drank alone before, but not to that extent. I met some guy from Canada on ICQ who thought he was a vampire that night. I like to read the history of that conversation b/c it got more and more wacky as the night went on. I only drink like that when she leaves me alone. But I guess I wasn't all alone b/c the Canada boy as drinking beer as we talked. Long distance drinking binges. 020423
Norm Drinking alone doesn't even seem wrong to me anymore, I've got a liqour cabinet and a beer fridge in my room. Whenever I can't sleep, coincidently everynight, I just smoke a joint, drink a glass of whiskey on the rocks and sleep like a baby. 020424
unhinged let me have these last
shreds of hope
staring at the bottom of the empty glass
seeing your face
is like seeing a ghost
things are so different now
but you're still the same
let me cling to the threads of hate
give me a reason to
because things have changed
shredded on hope
still black angry reminders
the more i speak
the more i know that this is just a lie
kill me my dear
with your self_absorbed lullaby
ivyducktwilightseto a couple of weeks ago I attempted to have a party, but nobody came. It was pretty lame. Eventually I got my friend to bring a case of miller lite over. He said he wanted to do something else so I bought ten beers off him before he left.
Sitting alone in my living room was pretty boring.. just tossin em back. The tv was broken so there was nothing to occupy my interest.
Once I was on my ninth beer another one of my friends shows up with five douchebags I purposely did not invite over. I woke up with my house smelling horribly of smoke and everything was trashed pretty bad. Fucking idiots....
rage so sick of being alone 060321
haiku_drinker here is a full glass.
now it is an empty glass.
surely i'm a drunk.
falling_alone i'd like to drink up your words
each and every one of them
when there is always something more precedent to do, and somehow it always turns out that i am left alone, while she will come and go never lingering over what i do. this screen begins to burn, how many hours can i sit and drink alone?
Ishutan Drinking alone is the bottom of the barrel.
Drinking alone is the spit in your eye.
Drinking alone is the lemon-juice on your paper cut.
Drinking alone is...
national hero every one of these sound like a Tom Waits song. (Thats no insult, by the way.) 060326
emmi it's either this or the emergency room. either this or calling him. either this or crying. either this or... dying? 060712
emmi i suppose tis an option 060712
Drop Dead Daisy 6th night in a row.

surely my liver will give up on me soon.
Ouroboros i hadn't planned on it, but i ended up- freshly showered, donned in new fisherman pants and a semi-clean shirt- sitting down at the sidewalk bar, ushered in by warm greetings and a thai band covering classic rock hits. i ordered a mojito (for $1.75), and as it was being made, i was gifted with a cold bottle of Beer Chang. So 1 mojito and 3/4 of a beer and 1 long rendition of Sunshine of Your Love later, i walked the half-block to my guest-house (run by german/thai husband and wife team), read my new william gibson book for a bit, and returned to my room, where i proceeded to have the most uncomfortable night's sleep of my life- not only was i drunk and alone, but the beer wasn't sitting well with the chinese dumplings i had eaten earlier in the evening for dinner, and my every bone ached liked the flu had descended. i swore to myself then, alone, in the dark, that i would not buy any more alcohol until January , when, if he keeps to his word, D will be coming out, and if he does, well, i know then that drinking willl be invovled in our travels. at least i wont be drinking alone. 061102
Ouroboros a half glass each evening i
have been here, in my childhood home.
red wine staining perfect round glass,
staining my teeth, loosening my bones.
unhinged has become an unfortunate habit of mine, since a majority of my friends live on the other side of town now. and/or when i call or text people i get no response. going to the bar alone especially sucks. 090501
ergo In the end days of my drinking I
never drank completely alone, but always with some good bud.
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