Aimee He stood me in front of the mirror and asked me, "What do you see?" and I told him what I saw everyday when I woke up in the morning. The thin hair, the oily skin, the terrible nose, the lopsided smile, the skin that can't decide whether it's going to break out, and the body that could stand to lose 10-20lbs. He then looked at me and told me what he saw, he held my hand and stood behind me, his breath hot against my neck, and said, "I see a beautiful, independent creature. Someone who is afraid to show her tender side because she's been hurt, someone with stunningly beautiful eyes, adorable ears, and lips that are oh so kissable. I see someone who has worked their ass off for their accomplishments, and someone who cares far deeper about everyone around her than she's willing to admit. And more than anything, I see the girl I fell in love with in the woman in this mirror. I see someone who's so hurt by the world that she takes it all inside, and also someone so amazed by it that she weeps at it's beauty. That is what I see when I look at you"
I stood there and tried to take it, but I had to turn my head away because I was crying. If only I could see that too.
*Ziima* *tear* 010510
nocturnal this is definitely something I always wonder about. there have been countless times when it's all I think about. when he thinks of me, what kind of sensation takes him over? does it even take him over completely the same way as the thought of him consumes me? does it make him smile, or is it merely a fleeting thought that doesn't even slow him down? 010510
florescent light When I'm really into a guy
and I think about him
and I fantasize about him
and we're married with children in my head
even though we haven't even went on our first date -
He's never into me.
But if I don't care one way or another
and his name doesn't cross my thoughts
He's head over heels in love.
megan i wonder this a lot... does he see me the way everyone else does? he can't though, there's no possible way, because he would never stay with me this long if he saw me as that. i know how i see him though, he's perfect. he's an angel. somehow love blinds all senses, and the object of your love is everything you want to strive to be. i want to be perfect for him also, but i don't think it's ever possible. 030104
Syrope too loud, too brash, too silly, too flighty, not fulfilling my potential, shallow...
if only i could make myself look him in the eyes without the goofy grin that takes over my face when i realize he's looking back...
ClairE I can see him looking at me. I won't allow myself to pretend I don't know how he sees me. And when I answer this question to myself - I see my downs - and I see my ups and I see the love in his heart. I don't need to thought_experiment myself into his head. I can see the love in his eyes.

(I'll never really know but I know all the same. Don't you think?)
x lots of he's
the only consistent thing about them
is that they don't see me how i see me
niska ravishing.

i believe he isn't lying, otherwise, why does he stay?
girl_jane I'm not sure of that yet...

The way he sees me now is through a cold screen-pictures of pictures on a concrete painted floor.

He hasn't seen me when I wake up in the morning with my hair wild on one side and smushed flat on the other.

He hasn't seen me with my family-in the kitchen bugging my mom...

He hasn't seen me annoying the dog who still just rolls on his back for me to scratch his belly.

He hasn't seen me cry when I hit a mouse on the road...let alone a butterfly on my windshield.

He hasn't seen me when I get food stuck up my nose or lean forward to drink out of a straw only to almost stick it up my nostril...

He hasn't seen me trip on my own toes or run into the side of the doorway when I'm looking at something else.

He hasn't seen me without make-up or without clothes-

He hasn't seen me in a lot of ways...and I'm scared of what he'll think when he sees *me* because he has seen me vulnerable.
girl_jane hahahahaha....

After reading through that...I noticed I typed food stuck up my nose...


At least I know now he has seen me mix up my words...
HopeRecord Cute. 030426
no no not at all I'm so afraid that he just doesn't. 030427
knot meat well at least you want him to 030427
Bizzar Does he see someone who would give anything to grant his every wish? Does he see through me, inside, can he see what he means to me?

Or does he just see that girl that for some reason stuck around for these past 10 months? Does he stop at my skin, or does he peer deep within, and see the beautiful images I hold of him?
acidshank i wish i could read his mind and see what he thinks of me. i think its a good thing he thinks tho, cuz he talks, stops, waits, for me. all those things are so cute. i love him when i think of him, and when i see him. why cant the words i would like to say come out.
when i say nothing i hope he doesn't think im not interested. today was to stoned to think at all.
i cant get comfortable?
emmi "i'm afraid you settled on some things with me"
i was getting ready to go out to dinner with some friends, while he was slowly waking up from his afternoon nap (well, more like all-day-sunday nap).
"i wish you'd just look in the mirror"
he was lying on the bed and held his arm out, took my hand in his.
"how could i possibly have settled on you? you're a beautiful girl, you're smart, kind, sexy, you're everything i could ever want in a woman. i got incredibly lucky."
emmi other than that, he tends to see a lot of things i don't see- good AND bad.
i love his honesty...he doesn't sugar-coat anything and the things he loves about me and the way he loves me, they truly are believable.
and sometimes he'll notice me being my miserable self and he'll have the answer right at hand...he somehow knows what makes me hurt, even when i don't.
and then i's scary, being so close with someone. i suppose i should just accept that he's not going anywhere.
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