me? erk.
my mouse is squeaking
the one with wheels, not the one that runs on wheels.

have you gon schiz on me?

this is the backup mouse. the real one already died. if this one goes its gonna make a pain of blathing and minesweeper completely impossible ;)
deb dark haired mousy woman
orders nachos and sits down
pawing through her hair
to move it from her face
i hand her order to her and
she smiles thanks and looks at it
with reluctance in her eyes
i wander back to what i had been doing
and rustle cellophane with fries
while her bony fingers
pick through the cheese
with the hesitance
of a recovering anorexic
scrunching her nose a little
with each slow bite

i wonder, was she really hungry
or was she trying to prove
something to herself?
jennifer are you sure you don't mean Mark?

(Mark as in Mark and Rex... Rexy, you're so sexy!)
Zero73 The best laid plans of mice and men.. 000614
daxle modest 000614
moonshine hurry hurry, super scurry! 000726
sleepless The mechanical mouse organ stands in the corner of the room to this day. But it stopped working a long time ago. It smells musty, the ornamental details have been battered and knocked, the pipes are cobwebbed, and half the keys are missing.

The mechanical mouse organ had been a vision of Utopia in miniature. Mouse working with mouse, controlling all the elements of a complex machine in a state of smoothly driven perfection, in order to produce sweet harmonies and beautiful melodies that would calm the most furrowed brow.

But the mechanical mice gave up years ago. They'd been vying for the attentions of the humans, competing to play the best solos. They'd started fighting each other. The mice with the white keys formed themselves into a group vehemently opposed to the mice with the black keys, railing against everything they stood for. And neither group would play in harmony with the other. If the white notes started playing a delicately beautiful tune, the black noted mice would start jumping up and down on their keys violently, filling the air with rage and dissonance.

Mouse took against mouse. Big mice began eating smaller fellow mice. The favourite form of attack was to jump from one of the organ pipes and land on one of the mice on the keyboard, preferably while their innocent victim was concentrating hard on a particularly dextrous arpeggio. The attacking mouse would sink its teeth into the neck of its prey, pulling its head clean away from the body to the sound of tearing flesh and disintegrating fur. When they'd satiated their cannibalistic urges, the victors, drunk on the stench of mouse blood, would hoist themselves up to the top of the organ pipes and spit the bloody bones down into the long, dark shafts. The detritus of the violence being carried out in and around the mouse organ soon began to affect the booming sound of the magnificent machine itself - the chiming high notes and sonorous low notes became a wheezing mess of indistinct moans and groans.

Eventually, only one mouse remained. She'd never taken sides in the battle because, frankly, she was tone deaf and couldn't appreciate music. But she did turn the pages of the musical scores for her comrades. Now, she felt that the task of maintaining the music of the mouse organ had passed down to her.

She hopped gingerly on to the organ's keys, and walked to what she estimated to be the middle C. With a huge effort, she began pressing the key down. Finally, on the seventh or eighth press, a dull note rose out of the pipes. Thrilled, the mouse exerted more effort on the middle C, repeatedly striking the note and sending an ever increasing drone swirling into the air, blowing the dust from the organ's once gleaming and splendid surfaces. The mouse was now in an ecstasy of excitement, bouncing up and down on her one note, hypnotised by the magical sound that she alone was producing. She was in her own private world, and lost track of who she was, where she was, and of how long she'd been there.

With a deft and deathly leap, the cat leapt up behind the mouse and swiped his lethal paw into the belly of the tiny creature, immediately drawing blood.

As the mouse toppled to the floor beneath, the cat jumped down and started tearing into the body, whilst her last breaths rattled her minute frame.

The last sounds the mouse heard were the gentle waves of the echoing note descending and covering her like a veil.

The cat stood over its kill. He had never really liked that mechanical mouse organ. He'd never murdered anything in cold blood before, but the repeated sound of that one note echoing around his home for the past three days had finally driven him to distraction. He picked up the remnants of the mouse's body, leapt up to the top of the organ, and disposed of it down the longest of the very long pipes. Curling up, womb-like, on the top of the mechanical marvel of mousekind, the cat slept more peacefully than he had done for as long as he could remember.
yummychuckle there is a guy at my school that has the nickname "mouse". I used to like him...
He is my friend's friend's boyfriend's friend's friend.
so we went to the movies a couple times in the same group of people.
i also named my friend, erica's mouse. Her name is 'Bif' (bif naked.)
sEth I have a mouse. His name is Herb. My girlfriend named him. He poops a lot. He spills his food all over the place, and fills his water cup with bedding. Hes a dork. 011111
CheapVodka But sEth is soooooo...cute when he playz with Herb 011112
sEth I havent played with him in forever though. I changed his cage the other day, but before that, itd been weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks. 011112
CheapVodka tsk tsk 011112
sEth I dont like him anymore. I stopped liking him a few days after I got him. Now my brothers wife plays with him and takes care of him. 011112
sixfingers one night i dreamed i was a mouse .. i lived a lifetime as a mouse..

i could think just like a do now... except i was a mouse

i wanted to travel abroad (overseas)

but i couldn't because i didn'thave enough cardboard.
sixfingers moo? 021126
Death of a Rose I don't see mice anymore. I'm starting to worry that they were made of figments of my tv's diseased spewings.

hmmm....rearrange that thought and k.i.s.s. it stupid.
There's one that lives in the hollow of my skull
My boyfriend has a mouse in his room
He missed a day of school because the scratching kept him up all night.
It had big black eyes and brown fur.
I want a pet rat.
He said that's gross.
sphinxradio you call me this sometimes, in the same way that what-was-his-name called Lady "pidgeon" in Lady_and_the_Tramp.

someone else gave me this nickname, quite by chance. she didn't understand why i made such a strange, secret face in response.

mice are nihilistic, though, aren't they?
no reason i'm not deathly afraid of them or anything but still it's moments like these when i wish i didn't live alone 061013
andrew when it's a computer the plural is "mouses" 071007
what's it to you?
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